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Also mirroring EPD teachers, sciences were the most 15 PART ONE common subject specialism 6 of the secondary comparative sample. A similar proportion of the comparative and EPD teacher survey respondents held extra roles in school (71 per cent and 74 per cent respectively).

As was the case in the EPD teacher sample, third year teachers and primary teachers in the comparative sample most often cited additional duties. Analysis was undertaken using MAXQDA, a software package to assist qualitative data analysis. EPD survey data To aid comparability over the course of the study, open-ended questionnaire items were coded by the same researcher each year, using coding frames developed in the first year of the evaluation and research paper writing service cheap only modified as necessary to include newly emerging themes in subsequent years. The results were computer entered, and analysed by the project statistician using SPSS. This allowed the research team to examine firstly the perceptions of all EPD teachers and then all mentors regardless of their phase of school. For the third year of the evaluation, there were just two instrument types (a teacher questionnaire and a mentor questionnaire) so frequencies for the entire EPD teacher sample then mentor sample could be produced without the need to merge instruments.

Following the production of basic frequencies, in each year of the evaluation, the teacher and mentor data were then disaggregated by LEA and by school type (primary, secondary, special) to establish whether the LEA approach or phase of school affected their experience and views of the EPD scheme.

In years 2 and 3 of the study, teacher responses were also analysed according to their year of teaching (second or third year). These techniques were employed to identify the factors leading to outcomes from EPD for teachers and retention in the teaching profession (Part three), and impacts for mentors (Parts two and three). Comparative survey data As far as possible, the coding frames and analysis procedures used in the analysis of the EPD survey data were used for the comparative questionnaires in order to facilitate comparability. Part Two Part Three Part Four What teachers and schools gained from Early Professional Development The outcomes of EPD for teachers early in their careers, for schools, for mentors and for the teaching profession Achieving outcomes from Early Professional Development The factors found to be instrumental in attaining outcomes for second and third year teachers Effective practices in Early Professional Development A discussion of the above factors influential in generating outcomes for teachers, setting out the elements found to research paper writing service cheap work well and any associated issues Conclusion Appendices 1. A cost-effectiveness analysis of the EPD scheme in the 12 pilot LEAs 2. Characteristics of the EPD and comparative samples 4. Teachers were asked to rate the extent of the overall impact of EPD on their professional practices on a scale of 1 (no effect) to 6 (great effect). Teachers were given a list of pre-selected outcomes and required to rate on a similar six-point scale the extent to which EPD had affected their attitudes and practices in these areas.

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The mentor questionnaires contained the same list of outcomes, and mentors were asked to rate the extent to which EPD had affected their mentees in these areas. And in the first two annual questionnaires only - 3. Teachers were also asked whether or not the EPD experienced during that school year had had any impact on them. If they answered negatively, they were invited to explain the reasons why EPD had had no outcomes for them. The responses to these three survey items as well as the accounts of the case-study teachers are presented below in the following two sections. Furthermore, as the scheme became embedded, the levels of reported impact rose year-on-year and the benefits became more widespread throughout the teacher sample. Thus, the data established that the impact of EPD for participating teachers was substantial and rising, with over three-quarters of teacher survey respondents avowing that EPD had a considerable effect on their professional practices in last year of the pilot. This section explores the ways in which they perceived they had benefited from the EPD scheme and also discusses variations in the effects derived, depending upon the characteristics of the teacher (e. None the less, the substantial proportion of teacher survey respondents highlighting a constituent of the EPD scheme as a main impact in years 1 and 2 indicates that many saw one of its principal strengths as being the distinct approach that english essay writing help it offered to professional development.

The range of impacts derived from EPD This section establishes the areas in which EPD was perceived to have had the greatest effects for participating teachers over the course of the pilot.

This closed question allows us to consider the responses of the whole teacher survey sample over a range of given areas. The percentages of teacher survey respondents registering that EPD had had a considerable effect on them in each area (a rating of 4, 5 or 6 out of 6) are review of essay writing services given in Table 9.

This open question gave teacher survey respondents the opportunity to answer freely, if not at length (space restrictions in the design of research paper writing service cheap the questionnaire meant that only two lines were available for responses). Table 10 presents the percentage of teacher respondents who nominated each impact the first two years of the pilot. Therefore, the percentages shown below are calculated from the number of teachers who had responded affinnatively to this initial enquiry. As can be seen from Table 9, for all outcomes, the proportion of teachers registering that EPD had had a considerable impact rose markedly over the three years of the pilot. Turning now to the open-ended question, where teachers were free to nominate what they regarded as the main impact of EPD, Table 10 shows that the outcome most commonly cited was the discovery of new teaching practices.

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