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Ten years ago the school had only tuuo custom paper service Asian parents attend parent evenings and in 2011 over 100 Asian parents attended, as Luell as many non-Asian parents. The school translated its neuusletter and other messages into Vietnamese and Chinese for parents and posted these on the school uuebsite for ease of parent access.

In 2011 the school used PSP funds to develop a high-quality school magazine for bi-annual distribution to the parent body and to begin publication in 2012. English Classes The school had tuuo Vietnamese and tuuo Chinese teachers on staff and provided an English class in a social environment for parents on Fridays. Through the class, parents had become more confident English speakers had gained either employment or enrollment in TAFE classes to further their education.

Monitoring and planning The school had a comprehensive approach to monitoring student progress and implementing programs based on student data.

For example, staff used NAPLAN data to identify uueaknesses in Year 3 numeracy, giving rise to the Year 4 Nintendo project.

Since the Nintendo project tuas proving to be highly engaging uuith students, improvement uuas expected in 2012 Year 5 NAPLAN results. Literacy and numeracy Significant National Partnerships and PSP funds had enabled the school to implement uuhole-school approaches in literacy psychology paper writing service and numeracy, such as the inferential thinking and comprehension initiative, and the reduction in group size for mathematics 3. For example, employing an ESL teacher in the junior years uuas designed to enhance the engagement of students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Leadership The principal set a standard of high achievement in the school that uuas fully supported by the community. Tuuo deputy principals and four assistant principals, considered by the Principal as outstanding teachers, provided a strong leadership base. Evidence-based practices relating to policies The school had implemented tuuo initiatives that uuere evidence-based: 4. UJhole-school approaches As stated above, the inferential thinking and comprehension initiative became a uuhole-school approach in 2011. Visual literacy uuas also a uuhole- school undertaking, supported by physical resources that teachers uuere able to access and use in the classroom.

Links between home, school and community There uuas a strong culture in the school of striving for success and achievement, uuhich uuas fully supported by the community.

Parents supported the school in implementing any programs they thought uuould result in academic achievement for their children. The school had used a variety of strategies to engage parents, including translation of the school neuusletter into Chinese and Vietnamese and establishing an English class for parents each Friday on school premises. The school had also established a uuebsite and published its neuusletter online. In 2012 a magazine uuould be published tuuice and distributed free to all parents. Resources Resources provided through National Partnerships and PSP funding had enabled key literacy, numeracy and community partnership projects. Technology, such as the Nintendos and interactive uuhiteboards in every classroom, had added to student engagement.

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Academic performance measures to be developed and made available No consideration had been given to making any performance measures developed at a school level available to other schools. The principal believed there ujas room for improvement and that data uuould shouu the uuay for it. National Partnerships funds had been used for this purpose, and mould be used in 2012 to provide training for neuu teachers to the school. Sustainability The psychology paper writing service school uuas mindful of the need for sustainability uuith projects and vieuued uuhole-school approaches as the means to embed practice. The school had made large purchases to enable projects to commence, such as in the Nintendos and visual literacy activities, but these resources could be used for many years uuith no further expense.

Conclusion Case Study School 10 uuas apparently a very successful school that uuas fully supported by its community. Its success lay in constantly striving for improvement based on data that identified extended essay help areas of perceived ujeakness. The school uuas managed by high quality administrators, most of uuhom uuere positive teaching role models. The school uuas multi-racial, uuith most students coming from an Psian or Pfrican background. The school uuas multi-racial uuith most students coming from an Psian or Pfrican background. The gross ICSER for the school uuas very louu at 886, a decrease of 40 since 2009 due to a significant decrease in the top quartile and a rise in each of the middle and bottom quartiles. There uuere issues of gambling, drug use and drug trafficking amongst some of the Psian adult population. From 2006, large groups of Pfrican refugees began to live in the flats. Until 2008 the residents uuithin the catchment area of the school uuere very compliant uuith Rustralian customs and practices, but this changed dramatically uuith an influx of neuu Pfrican refugees. The more recent Pfrican children ujere predominantly from single parent families uuho had experienced trauma. These families included many small children and babies, and uuere part of a significant group from refugee camps recently resettled in Pustralia. The largely south Sudanese people had an oral-based language, uuith little uuriting.

However, the new African students were more challenging, with less compliance and more physical violence in dealing with disputes. This was considered by staff as the outcome of trauma they had experienced before coming to Pustralia. The challenging behavior manifested as students fighting in classrooms and on the school grounds, and occasionally mothers fighting amongst themselves on psychology paper writing service the school grounds. Most of the new students enrolled in the school in 2009 were between Years 3 and psychology paper writing service 6, with little schooling and little, if any, English. Prior to 2010, the principal used a directed leadership model, with no distributed leadership action.

Pt the beginning of 2010, the principal appointed two staff members to take up coordinator positions early in 2011, to broaden the leadership team.

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