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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 232 In general, the students (12 of 14) in this study expressed disappointment that their high school teachers had not taught them to conduct research or to format their essays. They indicated that they thought that they should have been taught to write academic essays in high school when they would have had more time to concentrate on the process.

In high school, they felt they would have had time to learn the subtleties of the academic essay form, whereas in university the pace of the semester forced them to concentrate on nothing but the completion of assignments. The results from this study indicate that university-bound students believe that instruction in academic essay, formatting, the research process, and the use of evidence are all topics that should be part of the high school curriculum.

One of the other major differences that students found between high school and first-year university was the size of their classrooms. They indicated that they liked the large lecture theatres because of the anonymity that it provided. While the larger size obliged them to become more independent, it also allowed them to define themselves in new ways. They suggested that the long relationships that high school teachers had had with students and their families led the teachers to expected certain behaviours from students.

In arriving at the university, many students were relieved to find that their first-year instructors had no such expectations. It is still the case, of course, that many students will be challenged by the transition from the relatively small environment of high school to the larger UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 233 and more impersonal environment of university campuses. Nonetheless, it is interesting to have a different perspective on the question being expressed by the students in this study. E-Mail Preferred Method of Contacting Instructors In high school, students reported that they had been more likely to ask questions in class because the classes were smaller and teachers knew who they were. In first-year university, however, students said that they were reluctant to ask questions in the large lecture theatre classes because they did not want to ask obvious questions or questions that other students might think were not relevant. They also expressed a reluctance to go and see their instructors because they did not want their instructors to think that they did not understand the material. The students said that they generally professional grad school essay writers preferred to try to figure things out on their own or to ask friends or fellow classmates for assistance. Interestingly, however, the students also reported that they were comfortable in contacting instructors by email. Email appeared to provide a safe means of communication for those students who are reluctant to ask their instructors questions either in class or outside of class. The students reported that instructors seemed agreeable to email as a communication channel and that instructors generally responded to emails promptly. While the volume of email for instructors with large classes may, in some cases, make this strategy unworkable, it appeared to be effective for many of the students in this study. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT Overall Concluding Remarks and Recommendations In the qualitative component of this research in particular, the students who participated in this study were very forthcoming with their opinions about the writing environment they found in high school and the ways best website to buy research papers in which it differed from the writing environment in first-year university.

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Their comments were both thoughtful and well-informed, and many interesting insights were gleaned from the data.

In their discussion of high school English Language Arts classes, it became apparent that some of the students (6 professional grad school essay writers of 14) felt they had not learned as much about the process of essay-writing as they would have liked. They seemed frustrated that they had not been taught to format their essays, to use evidence, or cite references, and that they had not been held to a higher standard in high school The first- year students in this study had certain expectations of university life and university instructors. It appeared, however, they had not completely anticipated the effect that other outside influences (e. Nevertheless, students (10 of 14) did complain that they did not have enough time to complete assignments, they did not receive enough direct explicit instruction, and they did not always understand what was expected of them. Despite the perception that their instructors did not provide them with enough direction in terms of what their expectations were, the same students also reported that they did not go to their instructors for help when they experienced difficulty in completing assignments. Interestingly, despite the 234 concerns about the absence of direct instruction in first-year studies, students (12 of 14) also UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 235 reported that they enjoyed their independence and liked working without instructor interference. In fact, the majority of the students (12 of 14) in the study noted on a number of occasions that there was only so much their university instructors could do to help them and that they were the ones who needed to take charge of their respective learning paths. They noted, for example, that it is difficult to impress upon first-year students the importance of attending class when students know that no one is taking attendance. In many ways, the students were far more sympathetic to the lack of direct involvement on the part of university instructors professional grad school essay writers than they were to familiarity of the high school teachers.

On the other hand, the students (1 1 of 14) consistently reported frustration with the absence of clear indicators of expectations for writing assignments from university instructors. In short, they wanted instructors to tell them, with some degree of exactitude, what they need to do to get a good mark. In general, the seven students who felt their instructors were not providing clear direction were also the students who reported that they were not achieving the high marks they were used to getting in high school. Students (5 of 14) who were satisfied professional grad school essay writers with the instructor directions were generally performing well in their courses.

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