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Since writers need different kinds of help at dif- ferent times, design this session about what you need most. If your plan is still sketchy, you might want to start by talking over the task as you see it or examining ideas you find interesting and want to in- clude. If your plan is more developed, you might jump right in by explaining your purpose and goals for this paper and zeroing in on key F)oints. But be careful not to let the blackboard become a straitjacket or to let your planning session turn into a rigid question-and-answer session. Although the goal is toexploreyour wholeplan,you may want tofocuson a special area. Remember that you, as the planner, professional essay writers review have to take charge of this session and make it to work for you. Collaborative planning gives you an exceptional windowonyourplanningpyocessthiatletsyoudiscover strategies that work well for you as well as decisions or strategies that may cause trouble. The best reflection comes when you can actually observe (not just re- member) what you and your supporter said and did. You may want to use a tape recorder (professional essay writers review placed unobtrusively) to make a tape of the entire planning session. Just turn it on and ignore it until you are done, as your private, silent scribe.

Listening to your tape after the session can help you give a name to some effective "thingsyou have always done without thinking about it. An Example of Collaborative professional essay writers review Planning When your students do collaborative planning, you might hear an exchange like this one between two college freshmen planning a paper. Tm gonna have to use a lot of examples to prove, to prove it to them that different writing styles exist, and I want my audience to be able to relate their own experiences tc this and maybe see how it affects them. Supporter: So, what kind of examples are you gotuia use?

Switching from high school writing to college writing. Some Benehts of Collaborative Planning One of the most effective ways to get ideas and to improve writing is for the writer to talk over the plan with a good listener.

You can explain to students that when they talk about their plan, four important things can happen.

You may even have breakthroughs to new ideas and see new connections. The Role of the Supporter Supporters play a critical role in making a col- laborative planning session work. Try to figure out how you can encourage your planner to build a better or more developed plan, especially in the key areas of the blackboard. But you will have to decide which of these Supporting stra tegies will help your planner most. Sec- ond, these expert plans are more elaborated and de- veloped with more links between different parts of the plan. These are good strategies, but a good plan includes more than ideas about the topic or "things to say" in the text. They also try to imagine their readers: Expert writers often ask themselves questions such as "What do my readers expect? How will they respond to my plan, to my ideas, or my presentation? For example, they talk about text conventions that might dramatize their key point. They come up with ideas that anticipate questions a reader might have. And they develop their own goals and plans by imag- ining what their reader already knows or thinks or expects.

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These are only four areas, but they can add up to a lot to keep in mind for a student writer who is planning a paper. And sometimes writers find it hard to tear thentsel ves away from just generating things to say (topic information). Whenever you come with an idea or think about the reader, or visualize the way your text might be organized, you have just posted another idea on one of these blackboards. Whenever you see a link between your purpose and audience or between a text convention and your key point, you have drawn a new linkbct ween those blackboards. Or use it to review your plan-as-it-now stands: Where is it elaborated and where does it seem skimpy or even blank?

Or when you are a supporter, listen with the blackboards in mind: What areas could you encourage the writer to elaborate on? The blackboard image is to remind you to consider a variety of important elements in your planning. When they first see the blackboards, some writers use them as a kind of outline-factually writing little notes to themselves in the different boxes. For most writers, however, the tiny space on the blackboards is a rather rigid straitjacket on their ideas, and they prefer the freedom of talking out ideas and taking notes in a more normal way. For example, decisions about what content to include are certainly influenced with the audience. And identification of audience influences conventions such as organization of the content. Figure 2 can i pay someone to write my essay lets you imagine that the topic informa- tion is the background you start with. On top of this topic information, you need to make decisions about your purpose and key point, your audience, and the text conventions you plan professional essay writers review to use. Once you have selected the topic information and determined the pur- pose and key point, the audience, and the text con- ventions, you begin to establish links between the blackboards, represented by the arrows on the figure. Following the figure are a list of the kf nds of ideas that writers can post on their own mental blackboards. Students determine which planning space to explore by clicking on a planning area and invoking a "planning assistant" that provides prompts and questions for planners to discuss and also allows them to record their responses. CoLLABORAnvii Planmnc: Concepis, Processes, and Assignments Students find it very helpful to learn about the r inds of information that they can post on their mental blackboards— regardless of how they represent it— as they take notes on their own paper or write at their computer workstation. Making Thinking Visible is a classroom research projectin which teachersand students usecollaborative planning as a window through which to view the processes of thinking and writing.

The primary objective for the project is ambitious but simple. By working together, we want to explore a new way of thinking about teaching writing that puts thinking processes in the forefront of instruction. If we can make thinking processes in writing visible in dra- matic and well-articulated ways, we can make them teachable. That is, we can reduce some of the mystery that surrounds effective writing in the minds of teachers and students.

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