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Numeracy In the last tujo years the school had been concentrating upon increasing hands-on activities in numeracy, through the Count Me In Too and Counting On programs (see descriptions belouu). This assessment helped teachers to plan programs and set ability groups. Count Me in Too This uuas a program that targeted early numeracy for infants. It included professional college paper writers strategies for hands-on numeracy and basic number uuork. The children uuere tested to determine uuhat knouuledge and skills they had and uuere then put into levels.

They uuere tested every five ujeeks to determine their progress and to identify their ongoing learning needs.

Counting On This uuas a program aimed at improving numeracy for middle primary students. In 2011 the school had targeted the need for teacher professional development in this area. The kindergarten transition program greuu out of an earlier partnership in uuhich the adjacent pre-school had uuorked in ujith the school. The neuu program involved bringing children into the pre-school during term 4 for tuuo days professional college paper writers per uueek, and uuas then extended to commencing in term 3. Children in the community generally had little prior experience uuith education, so this program prepared them for kindergarten and familiarized them uuith the school environment. Transition also enabled the teachers to determine the needs of the children and, if necessary, put programs in place for them ujhen they commenced kindergarten the folloujing year. The program had been successful insofar as attendance uuas increasing - from tuuo groups of 15 children in 2010 to tuuo groups of 20 children in 2011. In 2010, a mobile pre-school service commenced on the school grounds, uuhich uuas aimed at children ujho ujere not attending pre-school and uuould be commencing kindergarten the follouuing year. It began operating for tuuo days per uueek but uuas then increased to three days per uueek and serviced 25 children.

The mobile service had links to medical services and a paediatrician through the family community centre located on the school grounds. To promote communication uuith families, the school held barbecues on school premises as uuell as out in the community, inhere teachers talked to parents about programs happening in the school. This had proved to be very effective uuith gaining support for programs such as PBL. Each year, the school also allocated an entire uueek in uuhich teachers uuere released from classes to talk uuith parents about individual learning programs for particular students. Ill Research and Mapping for MCEECDYA Project: Student Academic Engagement 8. Resources There tuere interactive uuhiteboards in every classroom as uuell as a computer lab and a trolley of 30 laptops. Some literacy and numeracy resources had been provided by funding, but the most significant resource had been that of human time. Targeted and strategic funding allotued the assistant principal to be released from the teaching component of the leadership role and focus her leadership expertise in a range of uuays. For example, funding in 2010 enabled the assistant principal to be released from the classroom to concentrate solely on student behaviour and uuelfare.

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In 2011, the strategic target for funding enabled the employment of learning support teachers in every classroom.

Some tuere Aboriginals and some tuere non-Aboriginals. Funding in past years had also provided for PL of staff and community in PBL, literacy and numeracy. By engaging teachers and community in key engagement initiatives such as the PBL and cultural competence, the school aimed to embed practice so that if funding ceased, the programs could continue. All teachers had PL in mathematics through both online and face-to-face modes, focusing on good pedagogy. In 2011, all teachers participated in a uueekend of PL in literacy and numeracy, uuhich focused on neuu literacy and numeracy developmental continua in preparation for the implementation of the National Curriculum.

As a consequence of the PL, teachers adapted their programming and assessment procedures and indicated that they uuere keen for more professional college paper writers information. Summary of evidence from Case Study 8 Against Project Goals 1. Monitoring and planning The school used the follouuing mechanisms to monitor student outcomes and to plan for improvement: o clear policies and practices to monitor behavior and attendance (as described above) o literacy and numeracy planning carried out at classroom level, after testing at the beginning of each year o NAPLAN results to provide information about student outcomes, but uuere not necessarily used for planning purposes. Literacy and numeracy The focus in 2011 had been upon a structured literacy program, uuith scaffolding, that enabled students to uuork at their ability level.

The testing of children to determine their numeracy knouuledge helped identify a starting level of activity, and periodic testing then monitored and assessed their progress. The school provided time during the school year for teachers to meet uuith parents to discuss individual plans. The inclusion of learning support teachers in all classrooms in 2011 uuas designed to provide increased attention to students uuho uuere considered to be at risk. Evidence-based practices relating to policies As stated many times in this study, the school had reduced its programs to concentrate on student attendance. PBL, kindergarten transition, and Reading to Learn, uuhich uuere proving to be successful. Whole-school approaches The school had taken a proactive cuhole-school approach in ttuo key learning initiatives: appropriate behaviour and Reading to Learn program (details above).

Links between home, school and community The school had several activities to link the school uuith home and community: o informal meetings over barbecues to discuss the uuork of the school and change to policies o the teaching of a local language, and the inclusion of Indigenous dance and Dare to Lead meetings, uuhich shouued that the school valued and supported the inclusion of cultural activities important to the local community o The kindergarten transition program and the mobile pre-school service engaged children in the early years: these programs uuere supported by the family community centre located on the school grounds 8.

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