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The Grimm Brothers are famous for having collected and rewritten German folktales, but many other collectors have made many professional college application essay writers other collections of tales. Folktales by "type" and "motif n Folktale scholars refer to folktale types and motifs. The standard, well-known stories occur in many versions from land to land, and the bits and pieces of storytelling ("types" an d "motifs") get traded around considerably. Stith Thompson, Motif Index of Folk Literature (revised and enlarged), Bloomington, Indiana, I. The Types of the Folktale: A Classification and Bibliography, Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia 1964, 1973.

High-interest themes for children include tales about animals that combine wonder and realism.

Have youi students select folk tales that follow a buy essay papers cheap theme of their own choosing.

Invite your students of Anglo-European descent, African descent, Asian descent, or Latin-American heritage to help me write essay find and "collect" folktales from their ethnic background, write them down and then tell or read them to the class, or act them out. Brief Description You can teach poetry to students at any grade level without making them dislike it. The use of student teams and tape recorders to increase appreciation of poetry can be an alternative to direct instruction of poetry by the teacher. Objective To use teams of students as an avenue to increase their appreciation of poetry without direct teaching by the classroom teacher. Ask your students of any grade or ability level to become actively involved in the study of poetry. Establish teams to select poetry that they think will be effective for oral presentation to a guest audience in the form of an audio tape. Establish teams of students to preview poems that have a variety of subject matter, moods, styles, lengths, and oral approaches.

Have each team develop a chart with columns and headings such as Author, Title, Source Book and Page, Length, Mood, and Possibilities for Oral Presentation.

Each team professional college application essay writers can review 40 or 50 poems, making a final selection of poems to be included in the tape of 50 to 60 minutes. Your role during all of the activities is to probe, ask questions, offer suggestions, and be a resource to the teams.

When the teams have completed their several investigations, followed by their final selections, the entire class meets to decide exactly what will go into the final tape. A student producer and student production team are selected to orchestrate the final recording. When the tape is finished, your class will enjoy sharing their work with other classes and other audiences. Extension Activities Your class might also want to develop a program guide for listeners, to accompany the final tape. The program guide might include any of the following: table of contents, lines from the poems, background information about the poets, and explanation of why these poems were selected. This tape and its accompanying program guide would make an excellent commemorative gift from your class to the school library. Observation Often, poetry is viewed by students as boring and dull. Objective To introduce students to the use of computers as a means of developing their communication skills within an authentic context. Procedure Explain to your students that the computer can be a powerful tool to increase their language, reading, and writing.

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Tell them that they will be given the opportunity to correspond with other students, whom they do not know, with the aid of the computer. The pals at the other school can then respond to the electronic messages addressed to them on the disk, write their own messages, and return the disk to your students. They key their messages into the computer, print them out, and mail or otherwise transfer paper copy. You and the other teacher work out a plan to mail student correspondence to one another every so often. Use the computer to introduce yourself to your Computer Pal. Choose a topic that you included in the first letter to your Computer Pal, and explain it more thoroughly to your new friend.

Choose a topic about your school or community to investigate, and write your findings to your Computer Pal.

Pick a topic that is interesting to both you and your Computer Pal.

Choose a topic we have discussed in our class and write about it to your Computer Pal. Use the computer for peer student writing activities beyond local school-district boundaries by arranging Computer Pals in other States and foreign countries as well. Use the computer for students interested in learning the foreign languages of their Computer Pals. Foreign-language learning software professional college application essay writers is available for purchase. Arrange communication exchange between students with handicaps such as impaired hearing and sight.

Objective To encourage student presentations to audiences with the help of visual aids after preparatory reading and writing activities have been undertaken. Procedure Tell your students that they are going to make presentations of information to an audience on a subject of their choice. They are to use visual aids as a way to illustrate their topic, the content of which they will derive by reading and writing to document their findings. Later, students can be encouraged to write and read booktalks which could be stored research papers custom on computer diskettes and audio tapes for peer reference. Picture Booktalks If your school is lacking in audiovisual equipment, construction paper can be a valuable substitute to prepare a picture about the book. The procedure allows students both to share their picture booktalks directly with each other and to display their artistry professional college application essay writers in their classroom or in the library area. The activity could be an individual or class project. Videotape Activities When your students videotape their booktalks, invite them to dress like the characters in their books. By playing the role of their characters, they can give first-person narratives. Your school could build a reference archive of all your "famous" (and not-so-famous) citizens talking about their favorite books. Displays Make bulletin boards, posters, and annotated bibliographies available to your students as a means to promote interest in reading books. Comments Whatever techniques you have to use to motivate student reading habits, your students need to be able to check books out and take them home. Public libraries are the best source, of course, but the people in professional college application essay writers your community would be delighted to donate books for student use.

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