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The child looks at the copy to be imitated, then follows his own stroke carefully with his eyes, keeping the form of the letter he is imitating in the forefront of his attention. The very fact that he is conversant with the meaning of the word, but not with its form, facilitates this. The real point in hav- ing him write words which are significant to him lies in the fact that when he has finished he has a product which inevit- ably is associated with a meaningful sound-image in his mind, and therefore, by that association, becomes fast woven into the warp of his mental life. At this stage the control of the writing lies in the eyes. Obviously the child cannot know the feel of writing a word until he has had considerable practice in forming it. The first step towards perfect automatism is taken when the muscle-sense becomes so educated that it will of itself govern the movements which produce the desired result.

At first, he can keep in mind the visual image of only a stroke at a time. With practice, several strokes or letters can be imaged clearly together and the child grows less dependent upon the copy. The increase in the accuracy of the control of the muscle- sense and the less dependence upon visual control result in greater freedom in the use of the eyes for other purposes. The eyes, freed from overseeing each tiny bit of each letter, can attend to the general appearance of the writing, e. As the muscle-sense increases in effectiveness, rhjrthm be- gins to appear in the writing. This means that the child be- gins to make strokes at equal intervals of time. The appearance of rhythm in writing marks an important advance towards ease and rapidity. The practised writer writes without thought of either form or movement, and is conscious of neither the act nor its results. The control exer- cised by eye and muscle-sense, which was at first painfully conscious, continually obtruding itself into the thought of the writer, has passed wholly under the guidance of the spinal nerve centres. This reduction of a conscious process to an automatic action is the end at which the teaching of writing must aim. Many people never manage to pass the conscious visual control stage, and are hampered through life by the inability to write otherwise than laboriously and haltingly.

Further, please write my essay for me thinking while writing is for them almost an impos- sibility.

Others reach the conscious muscle-sense control stage, and enjoy a little more freedom of thought and speed in transcribing it. No system of teaching writing which aims at less than this can be justified. We may thus distinguish three stages in the develop- ment of the writing habit according to the main control of can i pay someone to write my essay the movement, whether visual, muscle-sense, or entirely automatic. Even with the practised writer the eyes play an import- ant part in 48 (1) Keeping alignment. The please write my essay for me writer depends entirely upon muscle-sense and tactile sensations for the formation of the letters. Furthermore, since, when writing, we always look at the result, rather than the movement, there can be no association between the visual sensations and the control of the correct co-ordination of the movements involved in the- writing.

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It is plain that the control of this co-ordination is vested in the muscle-sense and not in the eye. In the automatic stage the writer exer- cises these controls without the least consciousness of doing so. The writing habit, as all other habits, can be acquired only by dint of hard work and constant practice. Intelligent practice is the answer please write my essay for me to all of them, and perhaps no topic needs more thorough discussion than this, if one may judge by the unintelligent and often posit- ively harmful methods of practice too often employed in schools to-day.

The child begins, and must begin his learning to write by the trial and error method. He sees the teacher produce a certain result from a certain movement. His own imitation of that movement is bound to be different in many points. He will make many unnecessary movements, for the intense nerv- ous energy with which he tackles the new problem will spread itself over his whole system, resulting in strained muscles, twitching face, tongue probably protruding from the corner of the mouth, pencil or crayon gripped with unnecessary vigor and the like. This diffusion of the nervous impulse over the entire body is inevitable, since the tracts over which it should flow to produce the proper movements, and nothing more, have not yet become closely associated. Each trial will partially eliminate some of the unnecessary movements, the nerve impulse gradually is confined to the proper tracts, 49 college application essay service until at last it will innervate only the muscles needed for the movements each to the proper degree. In this practice the teacher must exercise constant super- vision to aid in the elimination of these useless movements as speedily as possible. In this connection, the main point to remember is that the attention should always be directed to- wards the proper movement, not the useless one. The very fact that the attention is thus centred causes a diversion of the nerve impulse to the proper channels, and a corresponding inhibition of the improper movement. So the tyro when learning to drive a car or to ride a bicycle must always attend to where he wants to go.

To look at the ditch beside the road is to invite a spill. It please write my essay for me must show the right course, and ignore the wrong.

If practice is carried on until the movements become irregular, it is then positively injurious. Obviously, prac- tice may tend to establish wrong adjustments as well as right ones.

Practice thus producing habitual wrong adjustments is an actual impediment to progress. In teaching writing, long practice periods must be avoided, as otherwise the latter part of the practice will tend to establish habits of poor ad- justments and nullify the benefit derived from the initial por- tion of the practice period.

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