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The decision to discontinue the EPD scheme after the three years of the pilot was made at the end of its second year. Following this, the purpose of the research altered slightly for the third year to focus more on drawing out the lessons of the EPD experience in order to contribute to thinking on professional development in the wider context.

Data collection took place in the summer terms of 2002, 2003 and 2004. This allowed participants in the research to reflect upon their experience of EPD across the full academic year (for those from the EPD pilot areas) or any professional development received during that school year (for those in the comparative non-EPD sample). Further details of each phase of data collection are presented below.

To this end, in the first year of the pilot, three schools from each of the 12 LEAs were selected to form persuasive essay helper a case-study sample of 36 schools.

In choosing the case-study sample, the criteria for selection was to ensure that the case studies were illustrative of the characteristics of the schools participating in the EPD scheme overall, in terms of: type of management (community, voluntary aided, etc. Visits were made to the 36 selected schools in the first year of the pilot. Then, in year 2, return visits were made to 33 of the original 36 schools and first visits made to three new schools that replaced those withdrawing from the case-study sample.

In the third and final year of the pilot, reflecting the change in the emphasis of the research towards drawing out the lessons of EPD to inform thinking at large on professional development, the criteria for the case studies was changed.

The case- study sample was then re-selected on the basis of their EPD practices as stated in the questionnaires completed by their teachers in the second year of the pilot. Ten of the original case-study schools remained part of the sample and were visited again in this third year, and 26 new schools were chosen. Case-study interviewees Interviews in the case-study schools were conducted with the following. Over the course of the evaluation, interviews were carried out with 555 people involved with the EPD scheme. Table 1 presents a breakdown of EPD interviewees according to their role. Following this, Table 2 sets out the number of second and third year teachers interviewed in the case-study primary, secondary and special schools. This involved attendance at ten full-day courses and six twilight sessions attended by EPD teachers.

Of these 16 professional development sessions, 13 had been staged specifically for EPD teachers and three were courses that were open to all teachers. Notes were made during the observations and handouts collected, but the researcher played no direct part in events.

The EPD questionnaire survey In order to persuasive essay helper canvass the views of a large number of participants in the EPD scheme, a postal cheap law essay writing service questionnaire survey was conducted, the target of which was EPD teachers and their mentors.

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The EPD survey sample The EPD questionnaire survey was longitudinal. In the first year of the pilot, the survey concentrated on second year teachers and their mentors only. This cohort of second year teachers was then followed through into year 2 of the pilot and surveyed as third year teachers. In addition, in year 2, a new cohort of second year teachers was picked up and surveyed.

For year 3, these second year teachers were online paper writing services tracked through into their third year of teaching, and another new cohort of second year teachers was included. Table 4 illustrates the progression of the cohorts during the evaluation. The target set for each cohort comprised 1,600 teachers and mentors, as shown in Table 5. Therefore, when selecting schools from which to take the teachers and mentors for the survey sample, the original rationale was to include roughly equivalent numbers of schools per LEA. The 12 pilot authorities very kindly provided details of all participating EPD teachers and their mentors.

From this, it was calculated that the required sample sizes persuasive essay helper could be reached by including a target of 29 primaries and ten secondaries per LEA. As five authorities did not contain the required number of schools, the shortfall was made up by oversampling in the larger LEAs. In years 2 and 3, when new cohorts of second year teachers were added to the sample, they were taken from the same schools as the third year teachers, wherever possible. The design of the EPD questionnaires For years 1 and 2 of the evaluation, four survey instruments were devised: primary teacher questionnaire, secondary teacher, primary persuasive essay helper mentor and secondary mentor. Each instrument was eight pages in length, and the primary versions differed from the secondary versions by only one question - an item on year group taught.

In the third year of the pilot, primary and secondary versions of the teacher questionnaire persuasive essay helper were amalgamated and shortened to four pages. Similarly, the primary and secondary mentor questionnaires were merged and shortened. In their responses, teacher and mentors were asked to focus upon EPD in that academic year. In the June and July of each year, reminder letters and faxes were sent, and telephone calls made, to non-respondents.

Appendix 2 presents details of the response rates for all three years of the pilot broken down by the instrument type used.

The characteristics of the EPD survey respondents EPD teacher survey respondents The characteristics of the EPD teacher survey respondents for all three years of the pilot are presented in Table 6. In years 2 and 3, both second and third year teachers and mentors were included.

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