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Many of my students have come to college with the hope that they can develop more successful study habits than they had in earlier school experiences.

Many of the students have been away from school for a long time, and many of them have been unsuccessful in earlier attempts at college. The familiar methods of response (assign a project, collect it, write comments on it, assign it a grade) have not proved particularly successful for a number of personal essay writing service my students. They usually welcome the alternatives described here because the alternatives provide a fresh start and because they invite the students themselves to be more active and reflective learners. You can answer each question in separate paragraphs or in the form of a single long paragraph. But plan on writing a full page in answer to my questions. Be ERIC - 268 - A Comprehensive Plan to Respond to Student Writing sure to complete your memo when you finish your first draft, and pro- vide your peer group members with copies. I urge you to save your memos since they may help you later in revising your papers and in preparing your portfolio. Which part of your paper is the most successful or best part? Were there ideas, examples, stories that are not in your draft that you considered including? How would it affect your draft if they were included? How would you describe the Ideal Reader for your paper? What three questions do you have for your peer group to consider as they read the draft and memo at home? What should I try to help you with as I comment on the draft? Find a quiet place to listen without interruptions. Try to listen to the comments as soon as possible after receiving your folder back.

Listen to the tape straight through without pausing. Listen again to the tape with your draft and memo in front of you. Pause the tape to write down notes of things you want to remember or discuss with me, either in my office or in your weekly letters. Jot your notes right on the draft, at the appropriate points in the text if possible. Listen carefully for positive comments — they will be there! I hope you will feel good about your draft and want to revise it. Freewrite for five minutes about your reactions — ideas that occur to you, ques- tions you might have for me, plans for revision. These notes will be helpful when you do revise or when you come to see me. Leave your tape set at the conclusion of my comments so that I can record the next set of comments when you hand in the tape again. Finally, revise your draft and personal essay writing service resubmit it for more comments. Only if you want your written work to earn you a higher grade! Most of us are very sensitive about our writing, however, and often anything less than total praise can be upsetting. Appendix C Early-Middle-Late Grading How do I grade student drafts? My comments will try to guide you toward making useful and effective revisions, and you may submit a revised version of any of your papers whenever you choose, as many times as you choose.

This draft has some solid and interesting O ERiC 296 A Comprehensive Plan to Respond to Student Writing ideas, but it could benefit from some revision and editing in or- der to prepare it for presentation.

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This draft probably needs some polishing and editing. They are designed to let you know how much more revising each paper needs.

The point of writing this letter is to help me better understand how I should read your portfolio.

How would the reader learn that from the port- folio? ERIC TEACHER RESPONSE AND ASSESSMENT How can you go about writing this letter?

The entire portfolio receives a grade, so this letter is as important as any of buy essay writing online the other three pieces you include in the port- folio. Remember that even in this letter, showing is more powerful than telling. Urbana, IL: National Coun- cil of Teachers of English. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.

Some readers could see the statement (in bold type in the source) as a liberating voice placing the assessment process in the hands of students. This accountability index is used to determine - 274 - 300 Why Use Portfolios? One Teachers Response whether a school is to be rewarded or sanctioned.

Consequently, schools are expected to reach certain quantifiable goals during every biennial assessment cycle, which consists of scores from both years. If a school fails to improve, it can receive sanctions from the state. This kind of high-stakes, large-scale assessment places a great deal of pressure on teachers, students, and parents to perform during those assessment years. As if this is not pres- sure enough, many schools, including mine, have enacted poli- cies that require portfolio completion for graduation. My depart- ment has enacted a policy of practice portfolios for students, but the stakes are not nearly as high, especially for the school, so the pressure is not as high.

So, yes, I can provide a sound rationale for using portfolios: I have to do it. But even if my department decided that portfolios at the twelfth grade were enough,! For me, the answer is a simple one: portfolios facilitate student growth in writing more than any other practice I have used over the last twenty-four years of teaching English. This growth is fostered through students learning to self-assess their writing, which requires that they learn the higher-level, metacognitive skill of reflection.

This portfolio self-assessment entails what Kathleen Yancey (1992) has described as a three- stage process: collection, reflection, and selection. Some teachers may ask why students cannot learn the same personal essay writing service top ten essay writing services self-assessment through the traditional practice of a teacher assigning a single writing project, encouraging development through the writing process (hopefully), and then collecting the assignment in order to evaluate it.

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