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Provide students with background information about integration of black children in schools in the United States (i. Have students discuss the appropriateness of the title of the story in light of the ages of John and Audrey. Provide opportunities for students to summarize the feelings of John, Mrs. Hawkins, a white student, a parent of a white student, the principal of the school. Have students develop questions they would use to interview their character about desegregation of schools, their feelings, the feelings of their peers, etc. Introduce the story by having students locate Czechoslovakia, Germany, Terezin, Prague and Be. America, etc), the recent events in East Germany, the release of Nelson Mandela, or the recent election in Nicaragua in which a dictatorship was overthrown. Teachers are encouraged to select and develop activities in keeping with the abilities, needs and interests of students, and the learning objectives of the course.

Conferencing pay you to write my essay with the social studies teacher will prove useful. Select appropriate activities from "Close Up" and "Wide Angle" (p. Provide opportunities for students to discuss the influence Terezin had on the children and support their comments with details from the story. Initiate discussion about the children at Terezin by asking students questions, such as: - Why did the children draw pictures and write poetry? Have students write a letter as a child in Terezin during WWII to a child in Canada. Have students individually or in small groups develop a set of questions to ask one of the 100 children who survived Terezin. Have students hand in an edited and polished copy for evaluation purposes. Provide opportunities for students to discuss persecution of the Jews in relation to tolerance and understanding of others. Assist students to realize that although the treatment of the Jewish people by the Nazis during WWII is an extreme case, intolerance of any kind is persecution and, if not stopped, may lead to similar situations. Have students write a journal entry relating to their feelings about the children of Terezin. Have students write to, or invite to class, a representative of a human rights organization, such cs Amnesty International, Alberta Human Rights Commission, United Nations, etc. Provide opportunities for students in small groups to gather and share information about human injustices in the world today and changes that are taking place in some countries to increase human rights and justice: e.

Provide opportunities for students to complete a variety of one-, two- and three-paragraph reports in preparation for a six- to eight-paragraph report based on independent research. Refer to the Writing and Speaking strands sections for additional information. Provide opportunities for students to generate and organize information, ideas and feelings through prewriting activities such as brainstorming, discussing, reading, questioning, researching, viewing, etc. Provide opportunities for students to write a report based on a topic they have researched. Assist students to select a topic and provide assistance throughout this activity. Assist students to select a topic using: - current news articles and related issues - other subjects (e. Provide opportunities for students to review the resources in th j library through a variety of activities. Teacher are encouraged to post the major classification list that follows in the English class as a reminder.

Have students bring to class their notebooks from other courses. Reinforce student understanding of the influence of individuals on the community and the influence of the community on individuals through a novel study, by viewing a film, or through a combination pay you to write my essay of both. Provide opportunities for students to develop and apply strategies designed to aid comprehension, such as outlining, story grids and semantic webs.

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When pay you to write my essay using a combination of reading and viewing activities, teachers are encouraged to read two or three chapters with students, view the movie or film to cover the next two or three chapters, return to the print for another four chapters, etc.

A combination of viewing and reading will enhance student interest and comprehension. People of all ages view, read and listen to mass media products and relate to media in unique ways. The madia thematic unit at the Grade 10 level focusses on television, newspapers, magazines and advertising. Media thematic units at the Grade 1 1 and 12 levels will expand upon pay you to write my essay the Grade 10 material and include new areas of media study.

Media literacy skills will enable students to recognize the effects of print and non- print media on their own lives and the lives of others.

Opportunities will be provided for students to learn media literacy skills by develooing media products individually or in small groups. STRANDS OF LANGUAGE The following strands and related concepts and skills are addressed throughout this thematic unit. Reading Concept: Reading, viewing and listening are processes that demand active involvement of the individual. Viewing Concept: Appreciation and understanding of print and non-print messages require an understanding of purpose. Concept: Elements in and structi of the image strongly influence the total effect of the communication.

Concept: The viewer, listener and reader must evaluate the apparent reality created in media products. Concept: Visual communication is similar in many ways to verbal forms of communication.

Listening Concept: Critical listening, viewing and reading involves an assessment of the validity of the message presented.

The learning resources listed below have been identified as potentially useful for English 16. Except where designated, these titles have not been evaluated by Alberta Education and their listing is not to be construed as an explicit or implicit departmental approval for use.

These titles are provided as a service only, to assist local jurisdictions in identifying potentially useful learning resources. The responsibility for evaluation of these resources prior to selection rests with the local jurisdiction. Don Mills: Addison-Wesley Publishers Limited, 1989. The Association for Media Literacy, 40 McArthur St. Have students brainstorm examples of mass media and record these on an overhead or chalkboard. Provide opportunity tor students to categorize their suggestions into print and non- print media, list specific examples and determine audience and purpose of the media product. Assist students to recognize that one of the main purposes of the mass media is to sell products. Encourage students to view a fiction television program and make notes on the commercials. Encourage students to view a non-fiction television program and make notes of the commercials, using a similar format as the strategy used above. Provide opportunities for students individually or in groups to compare, relate and draw conclusions or inferences about the audience of the program, the consumer and the nature of the advertisement. Provide opportunities for students to compare advertising and the gender of the intended audience and consumer in a variety of media products, such as radio programs or stations, magazines and newspapers. Provide opportunities for students to analyze through discussion in small groups a variety of television commercials using the key concepts of media literacy. Refer to Resource 2, resources listed on pages 59-60 and the viewing and listening learning objectives (pp.

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