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In each case, EPD teachers registered a stronger likelihood that they would remain in teaching.

The above findings show that EPD teachers - overall and irrespective of phase of school, year of teaching and LEA type - rated the likelihood of their remaining in teaching in five years more certainly than the comparative sample. However, how safely can we conclude from this that their access to the additional professional development opportunities made available through EPD had contributed to these more positive outlooks?

As stated earlier, in order to make any comparisons as accurate as possible, the schools from which the comparative sample was drawn were originally chosen to mirror those in the EPD survey sample. There were some differences in the actual characteristics of the teachers forming the EPD and comparative samples however, with the pay someone to write my term paper comparative sample comprising a greater proportion of secondary school teachers and second year teachers. However, multivariate analysis established that ratings showing a greater likelihood of remaining in teaching were independently associated with EPD, and were not the result of differences between the make-up of the EPD and comparative samples. Therefore, these findings do show that EPD has potential to impact on commitment to the profession. In the comparative sample, this can someone write my paper for me was followed by issues of personal finance (31 per cent), factors related to professional development (26 per cent) and issues relating to the level of professional support they received (23 per cent). In the EPD sample, the other most frequently cited factors influencing their decision were the fact they felt they had a good job and working conditions essay writing helper (25 per cent), issues of personal finance (24 per cent) and factors related to professional development (21 per cent).

The teachers in the comparative sample generally listed a larger number creative writing coursework ideas of negative factors (i. Specifically, they were significantly more likely to cite issues related to salary and personal finance, opportunities for professional development, lack of support from within and outside their school, and excessive bureaucracy and paperwork than EPD teachers. This may suggest that the positive effect of EPD extends to a generally enhanced perception of the teaching profession and less dissatisfaction on the part of teachers involved with the scheme in comparison with others at a similar stage in their careers. However, taken in isolation, it was uncertain whether the extent of the reported effects was attributable to the particular approach of EPD or was simply that ordinarily gained from professional development opportunities. Concluding comment Part two of this report has set out the effects for teachers, mentors, schools and the teaching profession as a result of involvement in EPD, and with much confidence, it is possible to testify to the substantial successes of the pay someone to write my term paper EPD scheme. Based on samples more than 1,100-strong in the second and third years of the pilot, three-quarters of the teachers felt that EPD had impacted on their professional practices and attitudes to a considerable degree. Principal among the outcomes they experienced was the effect on their teaching practice and focus on career and professional development.

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Furthermore, the benefit to pupils was a chief outcome: enhancements to their learning became the top-rated effect of EPD in the final year of the pilot. Lastly, the potential of EPD to aid retention in the teaching profession was underlined when EPD teachers expressed their conviction that they would remain in teaching in greater numbers than a control group of second and third year teachers outside the pilot areas. By distinguishing the key elements of EPD that were pivotal to its success, the experience of the pilot can contribute to thinking and future practices in professional development. The results of these analyses are presented in three sections: 3.

The analysis was conducted using the pre-selected outcomes from the teacher survey (as discussed in section 2.

This was particularly the case for second pay someone to write my term paper year teachers. In year 1 of the pilot, when the teacher survey sample comprised solely second year teachers, those with mentors gave higher ratings for the effects of EPD across all areas listed above. Then, in years 2 and 3, for second year teachers, mentoring was significantly correlated with the vast majority of these outcomes. For third year teachers, the effect of mentoring was positive, though there were fewer outcomes for which the association reached statistical significance. For example, in year 3 of the pilot, there were significant correlations between having a mentor and four of the 13 outcomes for third year teachers, whereas for second years, mentoring had linked with 1 1 outcomes. Mentoring brought most practical benefits to second year teachers in terms of its effect on their teaching practice, especially classroom management, as well as strengthening their commitment and professional development. For third years, mentoring was less influential in terms of its impact on teaching practice yet it continued to be significant in terms of how they related to teaching as a career: their commitment, their morale, their desire to continue to develop professionally. This is further corroborated by the responses of the case-study teachers who were interviewed as part of the research - these shall be considered in section 3. In order to verily the results, multivariate analyses were conducted in each year of the pilot using the teacher questionnaire data from that year. Perceptions of the extent of school support for professional development In the second and third year of the pilot, EPD teachers were asked to indicate on a five-point scale how far they felt that their school had supported their professional development over the past year. In both years, the majority felt that their school had 8 Numbers of participants without mentors were too low in most LEAs for the effects of mentoring to be reliably examined in a multivariate analysis, but whether participants had a mentor or not was included as a control factor in the model to ensure that significant results found in this analysis were not pay someone to write my term paper due to variation in levels of mentoring.

Year of teaching and involvement in specific EPD activities were also incorporated in the model as control factors.

In the multivariate analyses of both the year 2 and year 3 data, school support was significantly and independently associated with each of the 13 outcomes examined, with higher levels of perceived school support leading to stronger outcomes.

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