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These titles are provided as a service only, to assist local jurisdictions in identifying potentially useful learning resources. The responsibility for evaluation of these resources prior paraphrasing paragraph to selection rests with the local jurisdiction.

Many of the audio-visual resources are available through learning resource libraries. Somo print resources listed below are recommended for other high school English courses and may be obtained through the Learning Resources Distributing Centre (LRDC). Irwin Publishing Hansen, Rick, as told to Jim Taylor. Evaluation A daily lesson plan is similar in structure to a unit plan. Some unit plans may be in the form of plans for daily instruction. The daily lesson objectives explain the purpose of the lesson by stating what is to be accomplished. The methodology presents a step-by-step outline of the procedures the teacher will use to meet the objectives and how the learning resources are to be used. The assignment and evaluation have several purposes, such as to give students opportunities to apply the concepts, skills and attitudes, to allow the teacher to give individual help and to provide opportunities for the teacher and student to assess what has been learned. Infom students of the purpose of every lesson by writing the purpose or objectives on the chalkboard. Random selection of unprepared students may result in unnecessary stress for students who have difficulty reading orally. Provide opportunities for students to become comfortable in the environment and familiar with the teacher and classmates through activities that promote success, active involvement and interaction. A combination of individual, partner, small group and whole class activities may be included. Students will contribute assignments, tests, news articles, maps, etc. Arrange a specific shelf or file cabinet drawer for folder storage. Provide opportunities for students to become familiar with classmates through discussion. Organize students into pairs and provide opportunity for students to interview and introduce their partner to classmates.

Organize and have students complete a library scavenger hunt (see Writing, "Library Scavenger Hunt") to become familiar with the library and the library personnel early in the year.

Inform students that one purpose of this thematic unit is to learn more about themselves and that this will be accomplished, in part, by relating to each other, their families and characters and events in literature and media.

Provide opportunities for students to write a paragraph or make a list describing themselves. Have students make essay paper writing services a list of short-term and long-term personal goals. Encourage students to add the list to their portfolios and evaluate their goals throughout the year. Refer to Reading, "Reading Process", select and use pre-reading, active reading and post-reading activities in keeping with the lesson objectives, selections and abilities of students. Enhance paraphrasing paragraph student ability to increase comprehension while reading, viewing and listening through the use of a variety of activities and strategies.

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Introduce and have students apply strategies before, during or following activities throughout the term, e. Provide opportunities for students to explore the characters and events in the story by: - summarizing the behaviour of the characters - summarizing the physical characteristics of the characters - relating the behaviour of the characters to real life experiences 3D good essay writing website ThtmtA: Sttween You and Me - discussing the feelings of the characters throughout the events of the story and relating these feelings to real life experiences. U:e a variety of questions, such as the following to initiate thought and discussion about the feelings of the characters: - How did Crystal feel when she heard the women talking about her?

Have students brainstorm words cr phrases that describe Crystal, Bryan and Avery and complete a chart listing the descriptors. Have students role play a television talk show host, a journalist or a news broadcaster, select a character from the story to interview, and develop a set of questions designed to learn more about the character. Crystal paraphrasing paragraph was a waitress, Bryan was attending university to become a lawyer and Avery managed a restaurant. Have students explore through discussion which of the characters were happy, successful, tolerant, understanding, etc. Provide opportunities for students to examine the decision-making strategies used by the main character to come to his final decision. Provide opportunities for students to generate questions and answers about the characters and events in the story. Provide opportunities for students to identify and list personal goals. Encourage students to share with classmates selected goals only if they are comfortable with disclosure. Have students include their goals list in their portfolios. Provide opportunity for students to paraphrase the poem or write phrases describing feelings or images generated while listening to the poem. Develop a set of questions designed to assist students to express their feelings (see Speaking, "Developing Questions").

Have students read the poem "Circle", Your Voice and Mine 7, p. Assist students to determine the significance of the title by relating the title to the feelings expressed in the poem. Provide opportunities for students to share similar personal experiences through talk and writing.

Have students organize themselves into pairs or small groups. Distribute poetry collections or read aloud poetry selections. Have students select a poem to practise and read to classmates. Refer to Writing, "Writing Poetry" and complete various activities to enhance student enjoyment of poetry. Provide opportunities for students to write Cinauains based on feelings expressed and experiences shared during activities associated with selections from the student resource. Encourage students to relate the strategies to previous, personal experiences. Refer to "Close Up" and "Wide Angle" activities following the story (p.

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