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No one ought to consider it a "strange and extraordinary phenomenon," but he ought to recognise in it a proof of the divine truth of Scripture. If we will follow his advice, our differences respecting the Interpretation of Scripture may, he says, be abated, and eventually disappear. He has discovered an excellent medicine which will cure the malady. He has found out a spiri- tual panacea, he has invented a soothing balm more potent than that " Nepenthes which the wife of Thon In Egypt gave to Jove-born Helena j.

In the meantime we must be permitted to say, with all due respect to the inventor of this new medi- cine, that here also we recognise a resemblance to the courtier at Holmedon. The Essayist complains that there is great reluctance among Christians to profit by recent re- searches of Biblical criticism.

Hence, in part, he would account for the differences which he deplores in the interpretation of Scripture. He says that the custom essays writing Elzevir edition of the Greek New Testament, published in the year 1624 T "has been invested with authority, and is made apiece de resistance against innovation 1 ". The Essayist of course is speaking of England when he uses this language. Tischendorf cannot be charged with bigoted adherence to the edition of 1624.

Tregelles, and others, have shewn themselves free from the trammels of a superstitions reverence for that edition.

We had even supposed that Professor Jowett himself had re- sisted the claims of the Textus Beceptus, and had adopted the text of Lachmann in his edition of four of the Epistles of St. Paul : and, as a learned writer has observed 11 , he seems to cling with great tenacity to that text, — which in very many instances is less cor- rect than that of the Textus Beceptus, — and to make it a " piece de resistance against innovation. Did it require " an effort of thought" to appreciate the true nature of the case? The Essayist next states his opinion on the du- ties of an Interpreter of Scripture. Lightfoot, in the " Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology," No. Armed cap-a-pie in this panoply of ignorance he is to set forth as knight-errant to do battle against all comers, for the truth of his own in- terpretations of Scripture. Cervantes himself could not have imagined a more portentous form of self-decep- tion than is displayed in this exegetical Quixotism.

It supposes that the first hearers of the words recorded in Scripture were fully conscious of their meaning. Surely a greater delusion than this never entered the mind of the chivalrous knight of La Mancha. But its meaning was afterwards explained, when paraphrasing in english the same Divine Speaker said, "Take, eat, this is My Body. Then it was, but not till then, that the true meaning "flashed before their eyes. He would have us place ourselves in the age of those who first heard or read the words of Holy Scripture. He would have us abandon our Christian privileges, and go back from the noonday splendour of the Gospel to the dim twi- light of the Law.

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How many degrees would the sun go down on our spiritual dial if the Essayist had his will! When it was rising on our horizon, he would send us to the antipodes. In reading the Old Testament, he would have us see with the eyes and hear with the ears of those who lived before the first Advent of Christ! And to take another example, when our Lord prophesied concerning St. John, " If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? But the Essayist tells us that his ideal interpreter of Scripture shall know "nothing of his- tory. All the after-thoughts of theology are nothing to him 6. He has no need to take down any pon- derous folios from his shelves. He need not invest any of his income in the purchase of a theological library. ISTo Chrysostoms or Augus- tines shall darken his doors. He will dwell a visionary aeon in the pure pleroma of his own imagination, and thence come forth as a spiritual emanation to create a world. He will read the pro- phecies of our Lord concerning the siege of Jerusalem without troubling himself about the evidence of their fulfilment.

When the Puritan Divines of the Westminster As- sembly had seated themselves comfortably in their arm-chairs, and held their little gilt-leaved Bibles with metal clasps in their hands, they imagined themselves wiser than all the Fathers who ever wrote, and than all the Councils which ever sat. Every one of that august body had more wisdom, in his own conceit, than if he had all the contents of the Bibliotheca Patrum Maxima in his mind. The Essayist seems to have earned a place in f Essay, p.

Indeed, we might almost say that his stock in trade is " to turn nil. Elijah himself could not refrain from irony when he saw the miserable infatuation to which the worship of Baal reduced its votaries 11. And the self- idolizing worship of the Essayist is scarcely less fanatical. In reading the history of Christendom we see the record of the successive attempts which have been made by the Evil One, who is the enemy of Scripture, to pervert or obscure the true meaning of Scripture. In page 361 the Essayist thus speaks : — " To avoid misconception, it may be remarked that.... If we need help in writing an essay are to treat Scripture as he would have us do, then we must allow that this assertion is true. With regard to Infant Baptism, even the theologi- ans of the Church of Eome have asserted this : Bel- larmine p , Gregory of Yalentia q , and Suarez r , and even Pope Innocent III. And the ancient Church with one consent applied to the sa- crament of Baptism 1 the words of our Blessed Lord, " Except a man be born again" — or, more correctly, " Whosoever paraphrasing in english is not born again" — "of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God and therefore the Church of England begins her office for the Public paraphrasing in english Baptism of Infants with re- hearsing those words of Holy Scripture.

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