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Overall, half of the interviewees reported an impact in this area.

Crucial to the achievement of this outcome was the dissemination of EPD activities by the participating teacher - the sharing of new skills, knowledge, ideas and resources.

They have learnt quite a bit and find it easier to deal with certain essay help college things in the department now (Teacher, secondary, year 2 case-study data). Impact on the management and structures of the school As Table paper writing services for college students 12 sets out, the impact on the management and structures of the school was a commonly cited effect of EPD, reported in years 2 and 3 by more than two-fifths of mentors observing a wider-school impact. This overarching category included EPD teachers taking on further whole-school responsibilities and the development of new whole-school systems. In the 2003 survey, the effect of EPD on the management and paper writing services for college students structures of the school was mentioned slightly more often by mentors in primary schools.

As Part one showed, more primary teachers than their secondary counterparts held additional responsibilities in school, thus providing them with a possible means to effect change at whole-school level.

Analysis of the case-study interviews in the second and third years of the pilot revealed that when this effect was felt within the school, EPD teachers were reported to be more effectively performing leadership or subject coordinator roles, or taking them on for the first time.

Thus, as the following quotations exemplify, the EPD scheme gave participating teachers opportunities to enhance directly both academic and pastoral aspects of school life for their colleagues and their pupils. So the school has really benefited from that - being able to develop leadership from the middle (Coordinator, primary, year 3 case-study data). Changes specific to EPD teachers As Table 12 shows, paper writing services for college students despite the question specifically asking for the whole-school effects of EPD, one-third of the mentors reporting a wider-school outcome in year 2, and almost two-thirds in year 3 described changes specific to EPD teachers, suggesting that they felt that the impacts on the EPD teachers (i.

Effects in this area included the EPD teacher becoming a better classroom practitioner, enhancing their subject knowledge and skills, being more confident, motivated or committed to the teaching profession.

A consequence of these improvements was that the EPD teacher began to engage with whole-school issues, and to carve a role for themselves beyond their classroom or their department to the wider school. On the basis of the case-study data, this effect was observed particularly in those schools in which the teachers had had freedom of choice in selecting their EPD activities. Autonomy offered teachers an opportunity to reflect on and plan their career, and spot opportunities - often within their school - for their career development. The outcomes teachers derived from EPD activities increased confidence, improved practice and gave a clearer idea of their preferred career path, which then served as the vital step towards teachers becoming more active within the school and, beyond that, further impacts at a whole-school level.

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Part four will consider in more detail how effects transpose from the teacher to the school.

Impacts on professional development within the school More than one-quarter of mentors indicating a wider effect of the EPD scheme on the school in the year 2 and year 3 surveys, expressed the belief that it had impacted on professional development within the school. A small number of mentors in the survey sample also reported that other teachers within the school had accessed training provided for EPD teachers. In custom writing research papers conveying the impact of EPD on professional development in the school, case- study interviewees most frequently highlighted an increase in the profile of professional development for all staff in the school. Interviewees also described how seeing EPD teachers undertake a whole manner of development opportunities had raised awareness about the breadth of activities available to achieve professional development targets, beyond attending courses. Further, the focus through EPD on teachers early in their careers had led school management teams to recognise the issues faced by these teachers and to identify avenues to remedy these. People in Performance Management, instead of saying I want to find out about X, can I go on a course? In the case-study schools, there were examples where EPD had profoundly influenced the vision and provision of professional development within the order cheap essay online school. As a result, the school staff development budget had been devolved to all staff within the school - both teaching and support staff. In another example, the EPD scheme had led to an ethos where professional learning paper writing services for college students became embedded in the school. EPD fostered a high priority for, and sense of entitlement to, professional development amongst those teachers who had participated, such that as they moved into their fourth and fifth years of teaching, they proceeded to study for higher degrees or undertake research projects. Further, as these teachers became middle managers, they expected members of their department to pursue their own professional development, thus increasing standards of teaching and learning. For teacher survey respondents, this was the highest ranking outcome in paper writing services for college students 2004 from a list of 12.

Analysis of the case-study data revealed that impacts on pupils as a result of EPD were very widely recognised by interviewees. Indeed, eight out of ten second year teachers and nine out of ten third year teachers reported outcomes for pupils in both years 2 and 3 of the pilot.

Improvements in the relationship between teachers and their pupils were also cited and often were the result of improved pupil behaviour - through the implementation of classroom management strategies developed by teachers through their EPD activities. I am much more structured, the children know what I am doing.

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