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If the author of this selection were available to you, what questions would you ask or what comments paper writing company would you make to him or her?

What, if any, mental images did you form while you were reading this selection? Rate this selection by marking an X on the lines at the points that indicate your perceptions. Have students, invent words to correspond to the sounds in the cartoon (e. Remove the punctuation marks from the cartoon strip and have students replace the punctuation. Have students complete the cartoon using original dialogue of their own. Encourage students to share these with classmate: 5. Have students highlight and explain slang expressions.

Encourage students to present original or other jokes to the ciass. Invite the art teacher to class, or obtain art books from the library to assist students to sketch cartoon characters. Have students develop paper writing company original cartoon strips to share, 10.

Have students clip the same cartoon strip for ten days and make inferences about the cartoon characters based on their conversation, dress and gestures.

Students must be able to cite examples and details to support their insights into the chatacters. Developing technical language and gaining understanding of the specialized meanings of common words are examples of these demands as students move from one subject area to another and from school to the community. Encourage students to seif-ccllect vocabulary by following these steps: 1. Have students bring to class words which they believe the entire class should learn. Students are encouraged to choose words they hear or see in their own environment (e. Have students write their words on the chalkboard immediately help with writing college application essay upon entering the classroom. Each student will identify his or her words, where they were found and the reasons why the class should learn then.

By consensus the class narrows the list eliminating duplications and words that are known by the majority of class members and by keeping high frequency words or words they judge to be highly important.

Have individual students suggest meanings for the vocabulary terms remaining. Discuss the definitions as a class to clarify, refine or extend definitions.

During this process, students should record the words in their vocabulary journals, along with the definitions agreed upon in class. Step 2: Write the words on the grid, interlocking letters as often as possible, going across and down the page. Step 3 : Lay another sheet of paper over the grid and trace only those squares that contain letters. Or, with a felt tip marker, shade unused squares to form a ark background. Step 4 : Number the first square of each word in the upper left corner. Step 5 : Number the "clues" or definitions in the Sc.. CROSSWORD PUZZLE GRID 7 Rutting Strand: Reading Themes B and D I READING RATES Students with reading difficulties lack flexibility in their reading mba essay service rates and often display silent reading rates of approximately 200 w.

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Average readers process print at approximately 300 w,p. Occasionally a combination of the three strategies of skimming, scanning and intensive reading is required. SKIMMING The purpose of skimming is to obtain an impression or general overview of the content. SCANNING The purpose of scanning is to locate sped, c points or answers to questions. INTENSIVE READING The purpose of intensive reading is to master the reading content.

Various strategies can be taught (see Process, "SQ3R Strategy" and "Multipass: A Study-Read Strategy"). Teachers can prepare a study guide to help the students process the text.

Teaching the Learning Disabled Adolescent: Strategies and Methods. ERLC 8 155 Reading Strand: Reading Theme A USING ORAL READING TO ASSESS COMPREHENSION The main purpose of oral reading is to inform the audience. Some students experience difficulty reading orally to an audience of peers. To decrease this fear, teachers should schedule time to listen one-on-one to unprepared oral student readings.

Whether group ur individual oral reading activities are organized, a variety of questions may be addressed, such as the following. The following chart provides a guidelinefor estimating reading rates on narrative type reading materials. Have the student compiete a cloze exercise to help ascertain whether the material is at an independent, instructional or frustration level.

A flexible approach is advocated where emphasis is placed on paper writing company the miscues that interfere with the message or indicate an inability to decipher an unknown word. The following system maybe useful: BEHAVIOUR Reversal 1 saw (Sees saw tor was 7 John galloped. Substitution or mispronunciation pretty She wasa tovetygirl. Word supplied orally by teacher Give me a field of daffodils for bed. ORAL READING SAMPLE V The bay horse moved quickly to the inside of the track. Mud flew up from his hooves as he hit the Some horse soft, wet ground. Students must shift from seeing reading as a process of decoding print, to seeing reading as a process of determining meaning. All readers need to make use of the above four systems to ensure success at extracting meaning from context clues. Model a strategy for using instruction mediation, such as talking aloud to expose the thinking process.

Remember, the context refers to the words before the new word or the words after the new word.

Sometimes they are words in a different sentence close to the new word. Rather, encourage the students to read to the end of the sentence or passage. Use the selected vocabulary to determine the redundancy component requiring further reinforcement. Determining meaning from context clues is not always possible while reading in other subject areas, since the context may contain technical vocabularv and a heavy conceptual load. Teachers are encouraged to provide opportunities for students to select and apply appropriate strategies when determining word meanings using various materials.


Choose a reading passage of approximately 350 words.

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