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It is hardly worth while to spend our top rated essay writing services time in considering so gra- tuitous an hypothesis, for even the German rational- ists assure us that Baron Bunsen has done for Daniel very little except to add to the perplexity in which his history is involved.

If the objectors to the genuineness of Daniel paid essay writers are content to rake up again and endorse all the miserable mistakes and perversions of Porphyry and Collins, we are surely entitled to assert that they have entirely failed to make out their case, without writing a volume to confute a sentence. I shall merely remark with re- gard to the arguments, that they chiefly rest on two assertions : — 1.

That the language paid essay writers is not that of the time of Daniel, and that Greek words occur in Daniel, espe- cially in the names of the musical instruments g , which proves that its author lived loug after the time in which Daniel is placed according to the Bible. These are the two main grounds, and neither of them is capable of any satisfactory proof. The first pro- g With regard to the names of the musical instruments, the ob- jectors fail in two primary points.

Indeed, the supposition that Antiochus Epiphanes is intended in some parts of those prophecies of Daniel which are so confidently applied to him, is attended with insuperable difficulties, as any one who is disposed to enquire into this matter may learn from Bishop Chandler, especially pp. But if the paid essay writers fourth kingdom be the Eoman, (and what are good essay writing services what other will answer to its description? We may not be able to explain every part paid essay writers of these pro- phecies, but we know enough to shew that Antiochus Epiphanes could really fulfil only a very small part of them, and that those who attempt to apply the rest to him, involve themselves in inextricable contradic- tions. It is manifestly impossible to answer a general statement like that of Dr.

Williams, because we do not know how many of the prophecies he applies to Antio- chus Epiphanes, nor how he explains them. Modern philology, upon the whole, has rather tended to remove this ob- jection than to confirm it h. I have now before me two volumes in German, in one of which the author ap- pends a defence of the integrity of Zechariah to that of the genuineness of Daniel, viz. These hy- potheses being endless, it is of course impossible to refute them. If objections are raised against one, another is ready to take its place. And with regard to Daniel, it must be observed that while these hypo- help writing scholarship essays theses are as plentiful as blackberries, no one seems to advert to the utter improbability that a spurious book should be inserted into the canon of the Jewish Scriptures between the time of Antiochus Epiphanes and our Saviour, and that no suspicion of this ill dealing should ever arise till Porphyry denied the prophecies because they were clear, and declared that they must be historical narrative and not prediction.

The camel is swallowed, and the gnat very carefully strained out.

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Williams, and we have not found one which has the common merit of fairly representing paid essay writers the truth. An examination such as this must necessarily be imper- fect, but if it is shewn that the representations of the author are such, that no person who is unable to investigate thoroughly the questions of which he treats, can gain any just notion of the state of those questions, but, on the contrary, is certain to imbibe a most prejudiced and untrue view of them, the mis- chief which his statements can do will be diminished. To those who are competent to discuss these questions, I do not think that a single word of reply would be needed. There is not an objection brought forward with which they are not familiar, and the only thing which they can deem novel is the positive and arro- gant tone in which our acceptance is challenged for what most of them will believe to be by far the least probable interpretation of the passages to which allu- sion is made. To account for the inferiority of the style he tells us that we must remember that Arion was not a poet, but a ballet-master. Il8 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, It may perhaps be expected that a few words should be said about the remarks ou the Trinity and the doc- trines of St. Paul, but they appear so harmless from the superficial and sketchy manner in which they are delivered, and from their extreme weakness, that it would be unwise to give them importance by raising up serious objections to them.

Let a person take any one of these triads, and read the first chapter of St. There is nothing in this portion of the Essay to overthrow the truth of Scripture facts, and the view of the doctrines is not profound enough for the learned nor attractive enough for the simple reader. It may, therefore, safely be left to its native weakness. No attempt will be made to expose its imbecile weakness unless it is supported by fresh developments and new ar- guments. It will be left to take its place with other rather ambiguous endeavours to explain the Epistles of St.

Paul in a non-natural sense, such as that of Taylor on the Epistle to the Eomans. If there is any truth in the statements which have here been made against Dr. A large portion of this Essay having now been sub- jected to examination, it may be desirable, before we conclude our remarks, to recapitulate the results to which we have attained. That in describing the course of prophetical interpretation in England, the author has entirely mis- represented the whole case.

That he has specified three persons in particular as giving indirect testimony to his views, viz. Paley, and that in every case he has utterly mis- represented their testimony. Paley, he has misrepresented his selec- tion of one case only as a virtual abandonment of the 120 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, rest, while the author himself expressly obviates in the strongest possible terms any such inference from this selection. That in regard to the interpretation of Isaiah lii. If these charges against the Essayist are founded in truth, the least which can be claimed for them is this, that the Essayist is entirely disqualified as a guide of those who are unable to pursue such enquiries for themselves.

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