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The student care and support policy uuas supported by seven evidence-based practices that created a positive learning culture: the process for helping students at risk, homeuuork protocol, school diary, positive behaviour management including reuuards systems, pastoral care, the school grounds, and student leadership. This included a comprehensive and uuell-used case-management system that set targets from the NAPLAN results. The performance evidence of this tuas expected in 2012 - 2014 NAPLAN results.

Of the three disadvantaged groups targeted in this research project - compliant and disengaged boys, Aboriginal students and early years students — only early years had received significant attention at this school, through its intervention programs. Progress uuas monitored at the individual, class and uuhole-school level through year-level team meetings, revieuued by the associate principal (early years), and a uuhole-school SAER progress report uuas revieuued by all staff each term. An example of the individual case management report for one class for 2010 shouued: o UUhether a student at risk in one year continued to be at risk in the next year: for example, one class shouued that none of the five students at risk in 2008 uuere at risk in 2009 and that four other students became at risk in 2009 and one further student uuas identified as likely to become at risk in the next year - 2011. Other programs and strategies to support the positive learning culture of the school, all of uuhich have been described in earlier sub-sections above, are: o the homeuuork protocol o the school diary o the Positive behaviour management program o pastoral care 79 Research and Mapping for MCEECDYA Project: Student Academic original essay writing service Engagement 4. Evidence-based policies to increase engagement Because the school uuorked to an integrated and regularly revieuued plan, all of its policies served to produce student engagement. The strategic and operational plans ujere formulated via a ujhole-school planning day, incorporating input from year-level and student-at-risk original essay writing service monitoring each term, annual revieuus of each school and specific operational teams, as uuell as the uuhole-school annual report and revieuu.

In addition, the embedded, regular interaction across the sub-schools maintained a strong sense of school belonging, uuhich uuas enhanced by ujhole-school events run by the specialist curriculum programs. Links between home, school and local original essay writing service community Home-school partnerships uuas a notable strength at this school, as evidenced in its: o enrolment process, early intervention literacy programs, and the speech therapy program o homeuuork grid and school diary, uuhich contributed to community-centred learning o community events profiling school curricula achievements at local, regional and state levels o marketing uuithin and beyond the school and its community o fund raising and grant submissions that uuere a constant activity in the school.

Resources Pis reported by the associate principal (early years), the MM and the principal, the school depended on extra funds raised through grants and fundraising events.

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Other resources, such as expertise and training, uuere accessed for no expense through collaborative partnerships uuith home and community. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available No performance measures were reported by the school as in need of development for sharing within school networks. Tools to monitor student engagement over time Reports of all performance data (early years screening, SAER survey, school literacy and numeracy assessments and NAPLAN scores) were used in year-level meetings each term and in the original essay writing service annual review and planning day to identify achievements against performance targets in the School Operational Plan. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders In 2011 the two major professional learning initiatives were cooperative learning via the First Steps Maths and First Steps Reading programs, and writing and reporting of case-management plans for students at risk. Professional learning was planned for 2012 for First Steps UJriting.

Teachers and school leaders also received intensive learning in writing and reporting of case-management plans, which had been funded by the National Partnerships grant for 2009 - 2012. Sustainability of initiatives Innovations are vulnerable original essay writing service in any organisation and many schools are not able to sustain their successful innovations. Much could be learned from this school, with its strong alignment between its management, beliefs, policies, plans and leadership.

Strengths in leadership and innovation uuere common features of the principals recruited to the school This is a metropolitan senior high school, catering for 550 students in Years 8 - 12.

Collectively, students spoke 27 languages from 50 cultures. The ICSEA is Iouj at 887, a decrease of 27 since 2009. The change in ICSEA is attributed to an increase in the bottom quartile and a decrease in the nexttuuo quartiles, reflecting the constantly changing demographics uuith in the catchment area. The priorities identified by the school for 2011 uuere: improvements in literacy, behaviour and attendance, and to have all students graduating from Year 12. In 2011 the school had tuuo deputy principals and a principal, uuho uuorked uuithin four key areas of school operations: o curriculum improvement o student services o learning technologies o community engagement In 2003 the school restructured, creating a middle and senior school to reduce bullying and enable teachers to better focus on the social and learning needs of the specific age groups. The emphasis of the centre uuas on supporting student achievement and transition to uuork, and in 2011 a neuu trades centre opened at the school for students pursuing vocational education and training (VET) certificates.

Students kneuu that they uuere being uuatched over by teachers and each other, and that teachers engaged uuith their families.

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