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Metacognitive experience in writing is seen to include emotional experience and cognitive experience. The cognitive experience helps students during order essay online cheap the process of writing monitor and redirect their efforts through self-questioning. In an interesting study about writing strategies of Chinese EFL students, Wenyu and Yang (2008) investigated the relations among writing strategies, writing proficiency and writing scores.

It was found that there were significant differences in the use of strategies between students who were studying English as their main major order essay online cheap and students from other majors.

They concluded by suggesting some pedagogical implications to help Chinese EFL student writers even those with diverse writing ability improve their writing skills. Twenty four of them were taking a content and pedagogy course while the rest of them were following an ESL methodology course with one of the two researchers who was the instructor of both courses at the time of collecting the data. All these students were either in their third or fourth year in the elementary teachers program in the Faculty of Education order essay online cheap in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). These students hope to become English teachers in public schools after their graduation.

Their language proficiency was determined by their scores in the IELTS exam. The majority of them fell in the five-band score while a few of them scored 5. The first instrument included two writing prompts similar to writing tasks used in standardized writing tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL exams.

Both prompts were translated into Arabic to make sure that all participants understand the intent of each topic. Those two topics were expected to be controversial and generate more ideas from students. Will modern technology, such as the Internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?

The second instrument included a questionnaire regarding the strategies used by students to write the three essays (L2 direct essay, LI and translated essays). The questionnaire for the first and second essays were identical as they were intended to elicit information for research question 2 which sought to investigate if there are any significant differences between the use of strategies in LI and L2 writing. The strategy questionnaire for the translated essay included some additional items. Each of the first two questionnaires included 11 items while the third one included 13 items. Each questionnaire was constructed in a five point Likart scale descending from 5 (always) to 1 (never). Only 25 students responded to these questions as 11 of them were absent on that day. The scale was adjusted to assess those features of writing that emphasized the form 176 www. It included eleven items of five point Likart scale descending from 5 (excellent performance) to l(poor performance). During two of the classes of each group, students were given a list of two different topics and instructed to write three essays not exceeding a page for each composition. They were asked to write an essay directly in English and to write the second essay in Arabic and then translate it into English.

Direction was given to students to organize their essay by including an introduction, one or two body paragraphs and a conclusion.

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Time limit (30-40 minutes for each essay) was observed by reminding the students about the allotted time prior to the start of each session. In order to control for order effect, the students were divided into two groups and each group started to write a different essay from the other group. Students were also not permitted to use any tools, such as dictionaries to eliminate the effect of any other variables. After each composition, students were given the relevant questionnaire to elicit the strategies they used. At the end, each student was asked to answer the follow-up questions regarding their opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of direct and translated compositions. The first rater was an ESL faculty member who has been heavily involved in teaching ESL writing. The second rater was an experienced high school competent ESL teacher. Initially, a meeting was conducted to give them a thorough idea about the purpose and the nature of the study. Then, a workshop was conducted to discuss the rubrics and show them how to mark each paragraph.

Later, a calibration session was conducted to make sure that the two raters were consistent in their evaluation and they have understood and inteipreted the rubrics in the same way.

They marked all the scripts together on the same table and they sometimes stopped to discuss any discrepancy and reach an agreement. Finally, the inter-rater reliability value was calculated to guarantee an acceptable agreement. An inter-rater reliability analysis using the Kappa was performed to determine consistency between the two raters for the direct writing essay in English. The inter-rater reliability for the two raters was found to be Kappa. As stated in the literature, this value is an indicator of a good inter-rater reliability (Landis, 1977). Also, the inter-raters reliability value for the translated essay (. The average grades for both raters were input into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS 18. Similarly, the data collected by the strategy questionnaires for order essay online cheap the direct and the LI essay were input into the SPSS program to obtain descriptive statistics and independent sample t-tests. The qualitative data collected by the follow-up questions were categorized into themes or recurrent patterns.

The frequencies and percentages for each recurrent pattern were calculated. The data collected about the used strategies for writing the translated essay were put into a order essay online cheap table and the frequencies and percentages for each item were also calculated. All results in table 1 demonstrate statistically significant differences between the direct and translated essays. All the significant differences are in favor of the direct essay. These results clearly reveal that students performed better when they wrote their essays directly in English. One of the interpretations for having all these interesting and statistically significant results is that those students have always been asked to write their assignments in English and they have very limited chances to translate into Arabic.

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