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For each introduction, write A for acceptable and U for unacceptable. For each one you label U for unacceptable, explain in a complete sentence its shortcomings. The very famous English novelist, Charles Dickens, who wrote over fifteen full-length novels, not to mention other shorter works too numerous to mention, and who was also deeply involved in theatrical productions in London, wrote David Copperfield , his most autobiographical novel, in the years 1 849 to 1 850. If you have read one novel by Charles Dickens, chances are it is David Copperfield. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 5: Extra Help. Enrichment Do one or order custom papers both of the following activities.

To experience effective openings, read the following introductory paragraphs from essays written by English students. Then try writing a similar sort of introduction for an essay based on an idea from a prewriting exercise you did in this section. Inside My Locker School lockers are generally thought to contain principally outdoor wearing apparel, books and other classroom supplies, and various sundries such as lunches, gym clothes, and so on. True, these things can be found in many lockers, but they only come and go. The real, permanent, residents of a school locker - as all students know - are crumpled bits of paper that were probably once parts of assignments, disgusting smells that may order custom papers or may not be coming from that old lunch bag at the back of the shelf, and - on the floor - boot juice. The Art of Walking Have you ever watched people walking? Having devoted years of my life to the study of the process of human locomotion commonly called walking, I have classified walkers into three broad types: strutters (showoffus magnitudinus), slouchers (stoopus horribilis), and striders (locomotia fasta maximi). Section 5: The Essay 67 Writing an Essay Every English teacher believes that the essay is a genre created in 1500 by the French writer and thinker Michel de Montaigne.

Every English student knows, however, that essays were really invented by a sadistic English teacher who loved watching students sweat. You might first wish to check manuals or instruction booklets for operating common household appliances.

Then take a simple object - a pen, cup, stapler, book, safety pin - and write a short technical manual, complete with illustrations, explaining the design, function, and operation of the object.

SUB Thesis: the main point a writer wants to make 3. The video talks about writing a persuasive essay in particular, but gives valuable advice for essays of all sorts. The first half of the film will expand your knowledge of persuasive techniques and discusses fact and opinion. The last half of the video is about limiting your topic, controlling the tone, and using a thesis (the main point the author wishes to make). The part discussing the body of an essay includes directions for developing an essay, and finally discusses how to write a good conclusion. Viewing the video will give you a good overview of how to go about writing an essay. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 5: Enrichment.

These aspects of the process of writing have lead you to the writing of introductory paragraphs and an examination of writing as a recursive process.

Section 5 Assignment: The Essay Review the Evaluation information found in the introductory pages of this module. Leave a wide left margin and number all of your pages. Select a topic of interest to you and support your ideas with reference to your own experiences and observations.

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Try a new technique or stick with one you know works for you. Your assignment will be marked especially for thought and detail and writing skills as well as for the effectiveness of your opening paragraph. Section 2 looked at you from the point of view of your personal identity. Section 3 expanded this process of self-examination to include your cultural identity. Section 4 looked at presenting yourself in functional writing and talk.

Finally, Section 5 dealt with expressing yourself in the genre known as the essay. You looked at introductory paragraphs and prewriting strategies. Sometimes the speaker can be identified with the poet, sometimes not. In the eyes of most of my friends, that makes me strange! If I liked country and western, I could talk about it with lots of people. Even if I liked to listen to modern groups, I could fit in. How did order custom papers I, a normal, average person, get to be different? Maybe the fact that my older brother actually took up the violin influenced me. If he had been able to teach me a few basic chords on the guitar, I might have been more popular and asked to more parties. My dreams help guide me when decisions must be made. Has she chosen interesting ideas and made them concrete by giving examples? When I was in elementary school I used to write a lot. My order custom papers family liked to hear my stories, and regularly the pages were posted on the fridge door. Then I liked to draw pictures to go with them, too. Her suggestions to add images or to be more detailed helped my writing, but it was also work! Would you be interested in hearing more about how this individual reacts when people make suggestions? That seems to say pretty clearly which is more important, the phone or something else. Sure long distance costs a lot, but it gets results - as the commercial says. I see nearly every show that comes out, especially when my favourite stars are in it. In the third column you could have listed characteristics that were physical, order custom papers mental, moral, and so on. It sometimes seems that the musical instrument is a part of my arm. The five purposes as described in Activity 1 are as follows.

You might want to write to communicate details about yourself. Enrichment There are no suggested answers for this activity. If you expect to go out this evening, this room had better get cleaned up. I remembered a magazine article Lonnie and I had read, which said Be gay!

Let the boys see your eyes sparkle , let them hear laughter in your voice! My eyebrows were drawn together with tension, I must look scared and ugly. Here was someone who had suffered the same defeat as I had - I saw that - but she was full of energy and self-respect. She finally chooses the role of the ordinary young teenager. White, seems to be talking about a boy he knew when he was younger, b. Soon the reader recognizes that he is really referring to himself as a youngster. You may have noticed that when people see a newborn baby, they often remark about the resemblance (often imaginary) to another relative. On rereading your description do you find it convincing and realistic? Is it consistent in tone and content with the rest of the essay? This could be a good time to remind yourself that individuality is an important part of who you are. This world would be a very dull place if each person were a clone of every other person.

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