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Especially, they have already learned basic academic writing skills and academic writing language in the previous years. Noticeably, it is suggested that HE institutions in general and lecturers in specific should adjust or modify the content of each section or change its structure to fit their real contexts.

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Journal of English language teaching of FBS Unimed, 2(2). Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author, with first publication rights granted to the journal. The study aims to analyze the positive effects of L2 writing proficiency on LI writing proficiency. Forty native Turkish-speaking university students participated in the study.

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While 20 of them attended a two-semester-L2 writing course, the other 20 students did not take any writing courses in L2.

At order cheap essay the end of the course, all of the students took an essay writing exam in LI. The exam scores prove that writing skill transfer from L2 to LI is possible in adult English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. Key words: Writing skills, transfer, first language, second language, acquisition, learning. INTRODUCTION First language (LI) acquisition is a process which differs from second language (L2) acquisition in many ways.

First language acquisition starts in early years and babies start to distinguish sounds, words and basic sentences in a very short time. However, in L2 acquisition, a learner is familiar with basic LI knowledge. First language has a great effect on second language. Transfer has long been studied in language literature. Almost all second language acquisition researches went in the single direction. However, many researches state that transfer can go in both directions. When the learner acquires a second language, some properties of LI are also transfered into L2.

Among those properties, language skills are the ones that are mostly studied since they are much easier to observe and evaluate. Compared to reading, speaking and listening, writing is a language skill that is more difficult to be observed and evaluated.

Thus, most researchers prefer not to study writing skills transfer. Authors agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.

When a writing task is given, in L2 writing, at first lower-level L2 writers are generally inclined to use their LI writing skills. However, Jones and Tetroe (1987) state that proficient L2 learners do not depend heavily on the LI to drive the writing process because they have a sufficient level of L2 automaticity and knowledge to think and plan in the L2. There are many studies on the effect of LI knowledge during L2 writing. While LI writing proficiency affects L2 in many ways, is L2 writing skills to LI writing skills transfer likely? This study searches if there are any positive effects of language transfer from the L2 to the LI in writing skills by focusing on two different adult Turkish speaking English learners.

One group of these students took L2 writing course for one semester, other group did not take any L2 writing courses. In the first part, LI and L2 tranfers are explained. In the second part, the possibility of writing skills transfer from L2 to LI is discussed in detail. And in the final part, the methodology and the findings are submitted. It is clear that L2 learners interact with LI skills while acquiring or learning L2. This hypothesis propose that those skills such as reading and writing can easily be transferred to L2. The linguistic threshold hypothesis claims order cheap essay that academic skills are heavily influenced by the transfer of LI skills (Cummins et al.

By this cross-linguistic transfer, the underlying proficiencies help learners to use previously acquired LI to acquire skills in L2. These skills generally include the language associated with written and oral forms of language (Cardenas-Hagan et al.

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