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Individual differences in growth rates and patterns may mitigate against any universal sequence or pacing. The following suggestions may be useful for designing a progression of writing assignments that will allow language experiences to build upon and reinforce each other. The art of sequencing also involves altering and adjusting the assignments to suit the individual needs and growth patterns of students. Students may require assistance in the basics of writing, such as grammar, syntax, development, coherence, organization, or punctuation.

Students may be concrete, rather than abstract thinkers.

Teachers are encouraged to use student personal language and experiences in iritial writing assignments. Using word processing programs may assist students to write.

Perhaps it is a favoured direction because it lends itself so well to a wide r ange of writing abilities, always beginning with where the students are at in the development process, and what they know best. In addition, the writing creative writing coursework experiences can readily be integrated into the thematic approach advocated. Thus, Memory Writing might include the following assignments: A: A DESCRIPTION OF A FAMILIAR PLACE This assignment is readily structured to adapt to the writing abilities of all students. The focus is on sensory detail and concrete experience. For example, have students explain the psychological reasons why the place attracts them. This assignment is effective in that the students can easily generate specific details due to their familiarity with the subject matter (a place they know well). They are required by the assignment to find a controlling idea auto paraphrasing (a unifying thesis) for the work which is the identification of the psychological reasons behind their attraction to their favourite place, and they aie forced to analyze as opposed to just describe. The process of analysis, however, is facilitated through the description itself and grows naturally from it. Thus, the student is forced to 150 Writing make certain observations and conclusions about observed data, but since the data is so familiar, he is able to work within the abstract framework with comparative ease. The work, entitled "Heavy Chevy", described the plush interior of the car as a private world which he used as an escape from the public, crowded world of home and school. The student then proceeded to explain that the car was something he owned rather than shared with others and that it became a quiet place to think about his goals and dreams. B: A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH M A Biographical Sketch" might be the next assignment in the sequence. NARRATIVE WRITING (Grades 8 through 12) Narrative writing encourages students to develop in the abstract domain.

Provide opportunities for students to apply critical and creative thinking strategies (see Process), such as brainstorming, semantic webbing and mind mapping to write my business paper expand their imaginative capabilities. PROBLEM ANALYSIS WRITING (Grades 1 1 through 1 2) The problem analysis assignment appears to take one step backward but actually takes a few forward. Begin by providing students with a simple problem-solving framework r, ,:ch as: UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM?

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DEVELOPING AND CARRYING OUT A PLAN 1 REVIEWING AND APPLYING RESULTS 121 8 Writing This type of analysis may appear sophisticated but students can usually comprehend it with relative ease when working with a online thesis help familiar topic, such as a personal dilemma. Students may write about their confusion over an issue such as which occupational course they should choose. They should discuss the advantages or disadvantages of two or more choices before them and then weigh the pros and cons of each to arrive at priorities.

Such writing is often required in the other courses students may be taking. RESEARCHING AND REPORTING (Grades 10 through 12) Gathering knowledge is prerequisite to many assignments based on writing and abstracting from new material. Students must learn to acquire information both from within and outside of themselves, even though it may be a difficult leap for them to rely on the information and thought processes of others. Structuring online thesis help an "I - Search" report as an integration assignment with these courses will be of great benefit to students. For example, they may simulate the experience of being handicapped (e. A more demanding assignment would request students to synthesize information from two or more sources outside of themselves and analyze, evaluate and report. PERSUASIVE WRITING (Grades 11 and 12) Persuasive writing requires sophistication in social perspective taking. Initial role playing and role switching activities such as the following will help to set a focus: Divide the class into groups of four. Begin the role playing by having each student role play their individual. Then, without warning, have students pass their cards to the right and assume the new role. Any writing assignment can be adapted to provide for student success.

Further ideas for structuring writing assignments can be found in: - Active Voice: A Writing Program Across the Curriculum. Gerald Camp, Regents of the University of California, Berkeley, 1982. Dodd, National Council of Teachers of English, 1987. Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter, Bryant Fillion.

Now jot down ideas from your past under each heading.

Decide which time from your past was the most memoraule. What would you like to convey to your reader about the topic? By thinking about your reasons for wanting to write about this particular topic, you will discover your purpose for writing and your main claim or thesis. List at random as many details (supporting evidence) as you can about your topic, using all of your senses to recall it: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. List thoughts and feelings that you had at the time or ones that occur to you now. List any descriptive words or phrases that come to mind.

Put a check mark beside the details that you want to include in your writing. Writing online thesis help Write (double spaced) the first draft of the assignment. Write freely, without worrying about grammar and spelling.

Try to follow some form of organization so that your reader can easily follow what you are saying.

For instance, a story (narrative) usually has a beginning, a middle and an end.

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