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Even after the post-test period, the respondents continued practising their writing skills enthusiastically on their own, using both types of software to assist them.

This observation concurred with findings that computer software helps students to learn according to individual speed, thus enjoying more autonomy as well as flexibility in carrying out their learning task (Volman, 2005). In this study, learners who utilized StyleWriter software became better writers compared to their counterparts who used Microsoft Word. The StyleWriter software gives useful feedback to the user to enable him to make changes based on the recommendations given, resulting in grammatical correctness, clarity, conciseness, and coherence. When students are able to leam from their mistakes, they will further improve their mastery of writing skills. Constructive and immediate feedback helps them to have a better understanding of grammar in writing and also enables them to get rid of poor writing habits (Lochtman, 2002). Students are able to reflect upon their errors and correct them when they can get an immediate response every time they write.

The StyleWriter software is programmed online research paper writer with an abundance of linguistic information. It allows the students to online research paper writer discover different sub-skills of writing, such as grammar, spelling, style, as well as punctuation. Moreover, the linguistic information in the programme is pre-arranged in an-easy-to-use mode.

Based on the results of this study, teachers should encourage the use of suitable software for improving writing skills online research paper writer in the English class. Studies on progress made by students using new interactive technology show that it is not enough just to rely on conventional teaching methods. Students who are exposed to learning the English Language via computer-based methods are in an advantageous position to fully develop their potential in the basic language skills, viz.

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How speech-feedback and word-prediction software can help students write. Computer-assisted Elementary Chinese Learning for American Students. Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author(s), with first publication rights granted to the journal. For me, grammar is okay but my difficulty is how to choose the appropriate word for a sentence. The study implies that the students need more coursework in academic writing to prepare them for their academic writing in their disciplines.

Keywords: second language socialization, academic literacy socialization, writing challenges 1. The following sections in this study tell this story and analyze what the findings mean for future studies in higher education in the Gulf countries and the USA. A scan of the literature reveals little or no significant research papers custom studies have been done to the population of students who are from the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia and I believe research on this their writing challenges will be important to educators and policymakers. In recent informal conversations with Emirati and Saudi students at U.

Universities, 1 learned that they experience challenges and struggles in their first year compared to the succeeding years of study as they may lack certain linguistic capital that is necessary to successfully function in their disciplines, particularly at the doctoral level. Some of these students got shocked and lost when they did not get support in their academic work from their classmates, instructors or friends. As a result of their linguistic barriers, they kept silent during discussions in class. As some studies have indicated, some international students view themselves as less competent and linguistically less experienced. The highly interactive and collaborative nature of post-secondary education in the US (i.

Stories of these challenges, which are still happening repeatedly on a daily basis for many international students, need to be told, documented, and analyzed. Clearly, these are only some of the motivating factors that persuade me to look further into this phenomenon. A scan of available literature reveals few or no recent.

This study becomes extremely important for retention programs and for educators and policymakers in the Gulf-region and elsewhere. These studies showed the significance of second language speaking and writing strategies, and scaffolding and peer feedback in new academic communities. They may lack informal, culturally appropriate, social use of the language in within the context of American college culture. As noted in this review, language difficulties cause problems to cascade. For instance, informal, casually made remarks, the use of slang and euphemisms, and a lack of English proficiency reduce socio-academic acclimatization, and international students often miss vital information. This theoretical consideration applies to the academic literacy socialization process of Emirati and Saudi students. In the study of academic literacy socialization, scholars examined the rhetorical and linguistic continuum in acquisition of academic Englishwriting skills (e. Based on the language socialization framework, some researchers examined literacy socialization in different situations.

Other researchers, such as Barton (1994) and Barton and Flamilton (1998) studied the development of the social view of literacy. Grounded in the Street and Fleath online research paper writer social views of literacy. Other researchers use the concept of literacy in its plural form to refer to a variety of knowledge and competencies (e.

Some researchers conducted ethnographic studies to understand the learners who have diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds that emphasize the social, cultural and political processes of their conflicting literacy experiences in U.

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