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For example, in year 3, a larger proportion of primary teachers (80 per cent) than their secondary colleagues (75 per cent) registered that EPD had considerably affected their practices overall. There were specific areas, too, where there were small but significant differences between the outcomes reported by primary and secondary teacher respondents. For example, 60 per cent of the primary teachers rated as considerable the impact of EPD on classroom management, compared with 54 per cent of the secondary teachers. Firstly, primary teachers were, quite logically, reporting higher impacts in those areas in which they more often focussed their professional development (i. Another explanation could be the degree of autonomy experienced by primary and secondary EPD teachers.

It will be shown in Part three of this report that the more control teachers had over their EPD choices, the greater the impact on their practice and attitudes.

And, compared with their secondary colleagues, primary teachers did, in fact, register significantly higher levels of involvement in selecting their EPD. The impact of EPD was examined further for variation by year of teaching (i.

Graduate Teaching Programme or overseas qualifications). Over the two years of the study that included both second and third year teachers (2003 and 2004), there were no consistent significant differences in the outcomes reported by the two groups. To sum up what has been gleaned from the questionnaire data, in the final year of the pilot, three-quarters of teacher respondents deemed that EPD had had a considerable effect on their professional practices overall. The EPD survey data have therefore shown the extent of impact and the main areas affected by EPD. We will now turn to the case-study data to exemplify the varied character of these impacts. The impacts for the school and pupils are discussed in section 2. Throughout the discussion, consideration is given to the interaction between effects. Such relationships are examined here by identifying the outcomes that appeared to online essay writing help precipitate or follow the emergence of effects on teaching practice and career development. Impact on teaching practice The impact on teaching practice was the most frequently reported main impact of EPD among case-study teachers. Analysis of their accounts showed this impact was experienced in a number of ways. On one level, through the pursuit of EPD, participants had gained confirmation that their existing teaching practice was appropriate and effective at a time when they were lacking confidence in their abilities as a new teacher. In other cases, EPD had stimulated reflection of their existing teaching repertoire and helped them identify areas for development. Then, there were numerous examples of teachers who believed that EPD had, undoubtedly, led to advancements in their classroom practices: through the various professional development activities they had undertaken, EPD teachers spoke of how they encountered new approaches, which were subsequently incorporated into their daily teaching. Impact on teaching practice: reflection on teaching practice I am developing the schemes for key stage 3 and that has made me think about looking at other sources, and think about different ways to teach a topic and I am bringing variety into my teaching (Teacher, secondary, year 2 case-study data).

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Impact on teaching practice Definitely with design and technology.

Part four will consider the professional development activities (e. It is interesting to note, however, that improved teaching practice also appeared to emerge from other effects derived from EPD participation.

For example, the testimonies of EPD teachers illustrated how acquiring new resources (e. Not only that, but these benefits were seen to radiate to other teaching staff (thus making this a school outcome) and to their pupils. Interviewees also spoke of having gained a deeper understanding of what constituted good practice and by questioning their existing values, their approach to teaching had developed and their reflection on their practice had deepened. Again, the case-study interview data allows us to consider the precise ways in which teachers experienced these career-related effects. Taking each in turn, interviewees explained that EPD had increased their awareness or that they had gained advice on career options in terms of the different paths they could potentially follow. Others felt they were in a better position to plan their careers now that they had identified their strengths and weaknesses. Some teachers were already decided on their chosen career path but it was the opportunities provided through EPD that allowed them to move forward and work towards their goals. And finally, in some instances, these goals had already been accomplished and teachers reported actual progression, in terms of promotion or taking on additional responsibilities. For example, the last teacher quoted below believed that the EPD-funded courses he had attended to support his role as subject coordinator had resulted in a promotion. So it gives you that time where you can do that rather than just teaching and just getting through your day-to-day teaching. It gives you time to focus on what you want to do (Teacher, primary, year 3 case-study data). Impact on career: opportunity to develop I have a firm idea about what I want to do and where I want to go. I certainly have ideas about where I want to go and what I want to do. I applied for jobs elsewhere as well and then they gave me the promotion here for next year. On a personal level then, EPD was found to assist teachers in their career planning and development. Benefits were also seen to materialise for the profession as a whole.

Survey and case-study data supported the notion that the scheme online essay writing help made a contribution to improving teacher retention, as levels of commitment were boosted by EPD participation (the impact of EPD on retention in the teaching profession is also considered in section 2. If teacher retention remains an ongoing concern, it is perhaps worth considering how the EPD scheme managed to generate higher levels of commitment amongst participating teachers. Interviewees who expressed a desire to remain in teaching frequently spoke of feeling online essay writing help valued because of the EPD scheme and this sense of importance and status made them more content in their working lives.

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