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These rudiments or monads are the only things to which she gives birth directly. He regards them as probably of a distinct kind for each of the great divisions of the animal and vegetable kingdoms, and supposes that they are gradually de- veloped, but subject to material modifications from the action of external causes. Its nature is confessedly speculative and hypothetical.

The author expressly tells us in the preface that he wrote it off under " a kind of inspiration," and more than once refers to its deficiencies in proof from matter of fact. With regard to the primary principle of organised life the author de- clares it the object of his speculations to show how, by self-evolution of the elements into higher and manifold forms, they become finally organic, and in man attain to self-consciousness.

Man includes the "represen- tation of all lower forms, and these again are but man disintegrated.

From the aggregation of such cells the various organic structures are compounded, and this he seems to cheap essay writer service regard as a process constantly going on in nature. By the aggregation of such vesicles organised forms-arise, which by successive combinations of the more simple, produce ultimately the higher and more complex structures. C ess by which changes in the order of things have been brought about. It is within the limits of philo- sophical conjecture to speculate on the gradual ac- complishment of the great design of educing the existing order of the universe out of former condi- tions, in whatever degree of obscurity the precise modes of action may be enveloped by which it was effected. Ail ideas of To attempt to go back in imagination to an epoch a beginning. No analogy points to such a beginning of physical causes.

A creation, in the same vocabulary, implies orderly evolution. If we entertain any ideas beyond these, it can only be from sources of quite another kind. THE BEARING OF THE PRECEDING ARGUMENTS ON THE THEOLOGICAL VIEW OF CREATION. Prejudice It cannot be denied that any discussion of the against such specu- question of Creation, or any attempt to trace the lations on religious probable history of the origin of the physical world, grounds. Such impressions, however, appear to Arising from mis- me to take their rise in the same common species of conception, misconception of the relations in general between science and faith, which, in so many other instances, has resulted either in a lamentable antagonism and hostility, or in futile attempts to combine them in incongruous union, upon fallacious principles. The astronomer, the physi- ologist, or the geologist, for example, may be fully enlightened as to the extent to which some of the conclusions of his own science may clash with certain received articles of popular belief. Not always duly alive to the actual spread of intelligence, they cringe to the loud but ignorant zeal of the few, and become followers in the train of prejudice rather than its correctors and write my psychology research paper enlighteners.

They have too often yet to learn that, by continuing to insist on dogmas which the advance of knowledge ESSAY III. With any class of ideas of a different kind not referring to Nature, it has no concern.

The inference, indeed, from all physical truth which im- presses us with the idea of Omnipresent Mind, is one everywhere presenting itself, as much in every phe- nomenon at the present moment, and in our actual locality, as in the remotest points of distance in time or space.

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The physical evidence of Creation is uni- versal, but it does not indicate any one point as its commencement. In a word, the idea of a beginning of Nature in Belief in a beginning time is one which no physical philosophy can teach from other authority. It is an idea wholly online essay proofreading derived from other consi- derations. There are metaphysical arguments as to the impossibility of conceiving eternal matter, because (it is alleged) it must then be self-existent, and the like.

But, without entering upon them, it will suffice to observe, that all such reasonings are of very different degrees of force to different minds, and perhaps have little effect on the generality. In point of fact, by far the great majority have ob- tained their idea of " Creation," not from any such arguments, but from the prepossessions of early in- struction, by which that term, with a certain reli- gious meaning affixed to it, has from childhood been incessantly impressed on their ears and memory, though often but little deeper. As to any speculations of science on the earliest 446 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Nebular theory ac- cordant with the idea of design. Subsequent general arrange- ments of our globe indicative of design. If we could in imagination trace the supposed process through any antecedent stages in a similar way, it would in proportion afford a online essay proofreading similar extension of such re- flections. It suffices to allude to such hypotheses in connexion with the present subject, merely for the purpose of remarking, on the grounds now referred to, how entirely futile and irrational are those charges often brought against theories of this kind, that they have an irreligious tendency. When from such remote contemplations we descend to the comparatively more accessible inquiry into the changes which have taken place in our globe and its organised inhabitants, it is fully admitted that the ESSAY III.

But, when we speak more Views of origin of precisely of " Creation," in the sense of the com- life an d of J new species mencement of organic life and especially of the in relation to the same introduction of new forms of life, it becomes more ar s ument - necessary to examine the bearing of the theories of their origin on the cause and argument of religion, whether natural or revealed.

The evidence of palaeontology throughout such 448 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. The simplest contemplation of the facts incalculable periods of of ancient organic life shows that even those forms past time. In continuation of a forcible passage before quoted, Professor Owen goes on to observe, " To what natural laws and secondary causes the orderly suc- cession and progression of such organic phenomena may have been committed, we as yet are ignorant. But if without derogation of the Divine Power we may conceive the existence of such ministers, and ESSA? And, indeed, to approach still nearer to the idea Creative power con- of oriqination or production, we may find creative stantiy manifested. Those events may online essay proofreading perhaps appear preternaturally magnified G G 2 452 PHILOSOPHY OF CKEATION.

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