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Writing the speech involves organizing the information. On occasion, have students evaluate each other to test listening skills and to provide constructive criticism using the "Sample Speech Evaluation Guide" which follows. Overuse or poorly timed peer evaluations may intimidate rather than encourage the student who is uncomfortable with oral presentations. As students gain confidence in their speech-making abilities, teachers may wish to time the speeches and to appoint someone to record the number of speech disfluencies (e. To develop organization skills and self-confidence further, students should be given many opportunities to present impromptu speeches. There was a definite opening, body and conclusion to the presentation.

Unfamiliar terms online essay helper are defined in the context of the speech.

DELIVERY The voice demonstrates control with few distractions. Unfamiliar terms are not explained in the context of the speech. The speaker puts the responsibility for understanding on the listener. The speaker generally maintains eye contact with the audience. Non-verbal behaviours tend to interfere with the message. The online essay helper speaker may shift unexpectedly from one point to another, but the message remains comprehensible. CONTENT The speaker seems to know the topic well and chooses details that help make the subject clear and interesting. The speaker is in control of the topic and hasfocussed the topic well, important ideas stand out. The speaker uses the right amount of detail (not too much, nor too little) to make the important ideas clear. Some ideas may be clear, while others may be fuzzy or may not seem to fit. Ideas seem very limited or seem to go off in several directions. It seems as if the speaker wrote just to get something down on paper. State the purpose of your message in one or two sentences, including any action you are seeking. Do you expect any negative reactions toward you, the persuader? Identify strategies to be used by divergent sides to persuade the audience to see it "their" way. State, in one sentence, the help with essays assignments chief purpose you felt the speaker had in mind. Evaluate the persuasive speech by checking the appropriate column for each of the following criteria. The first student, viewing the chart, gives directions orally to another who has only a blank sheet of paper. The second must reproduce the pattern by following the spoken directions. After students become familiar with the four drawings, they may create similar figures and continue with practice sessions. Using it as a guide, listeners must develop a detailed map from spoken directions heard only on the telephone. Have the teacher or a student volunteer tape-record the following set of directions. When the recording is played, student listeners fill in street names and important places. Afterward, they may compare their maps for accuracy and listen again to the tape-recording to double check the details. Voice on the online essay helper telephone: "The main highway along the top of the map is Blackstone Avenue. To reach Elmcrest Avenue where the concert is taking place, drive south along Elm Street for five blocks. You will see a high school on Green Street across fro,m a Mobil station. The concert is in an auditorium also used for sports events. The incomplete map given lists all street and avenue names on the bottom so listeners can spell each one correctly.

After students have listened to the directions once and have made and compared their maps, they may listen to the recorded voice again to double check their results for accuracy.

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For permission to reprint copyrighted material, grateful acknowledgement is made to Thomas G. Devine for excerpts from Listening Skills Schoolwide, National Council of Teachers of English, 1982, pp.

Students must be prepared to give and receive feedback appropriately. Feedback will include positive statements and constructive criticism. Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of strategies designed to provide an environment conducive to giving and receiving peer feedback. Students must recognize the purpose of the activity and must be aware of and sensitive to the feelings of others. Next time, wait until other people stop talking before you share your ideas. If your discussion gets off topic, write down the new topic for later reference and continue with the present topic.

If a student is not participating, ask students to contribute strategies designed to include everyone. If a paragraph does not focus clearly on the thesis statement, ask the student to suggest ways to adjust the writing to support the thesis statement. COMPARE STUDENT AND TEACHER FEEDBACK After completing a community partnership or other class activity, student and teacher evaluations may be compared.

IDENTIFY AND DEFINE THE FOCUS OF THE FEEDBACK Identify the focus of an evaluation and provide opportunities for students to obtain a thorough understanding of the focus. Provide practice for students to enhance their knowledge about thesis statements, facts and supporting details.

USE VARIOUS FEEDBACK, TECHNIQUES AND TOOLS (See "Evaluatior " in the preamble to this document, pp. It consists of a number of strategies each of which custome essay to some degree combines analysis and evaluation. CREATIVE THINKING The process of producing novel and insightful approaches and ideas.

CRITICAL THINKING is a process of analyzing and evaluating claims, conclusions, definitions, evidence, beliefs and actions. This process can involve the use of criteria to make judgments about the past, present and future. What distinguishes critical thinking from other thinking strategies is the purpose to which it is put, to evaluate the importance of an idea. CREATIVE THINKING emphasizes divergent thinking and the production of new and original ideas. We value its importance for producing new knowledge, innovations and artistic expressions.

Critical and creative thinking (judging and producing ideas) consist online essay helper of a number of strategies using various skills. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Distinguish between facts and opinions Determine the reliability of information Determine the accuracy of information Distinguish relevant from irrelevant information Detect bias, stereotyping, cliches and propaganda Identify assumptions Identify ambiguous statements Recognize inconsistencies in a line of reasoning Determine strength of an argument Consider and assess a variety of alternatives before forming an opinion or making a decision CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS Reassess ideas and approaches Identify new ways of doing things Combine the best from the old and the new Organize ideas in new ways Express thoughts and feelings in original ways 1 216 Proceu INQUIRY STRATEGIES online essay helper Inquiry strategies are used to locate and organize information about a question, a problem or an issue. TESTING students on a task that requires the ui 3 of the strategy to be taught The results are discussed with each student, emphasizing individual strategy deficiencies.

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