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Select a suspenseful short story that can be photocopied for each class member.

Present the story to the group and ask them to cover it with another sheet of paper. Have them cover the story paragraph by paragraph as they read. What is the evidence for your supposition about what will happen next? Lead the discussion through the story paragraph by paragraph to the end.

The major purpose is to foster interest in the story as well as to provide students with a technique to improve their own comprehension as they read independently. To use their best essay writer company expertise in speech to help them develop reading and writing skills.

To develop in young students an awareness of the types of narrative literature. Procedure Most young students have mastered the basic oral aspects of their native language by the time they enter school. Storytelling taps into this expertise and facilitates continued growth in reading and writing. Suggest that the storytellers write and illustrate their own text by using new colors and new animal characters.

Afterwards, have the students read the printed text independently or retell it orally, using illustrations. On Tuesday he ate through two pears, but he was still hungry....

Encourage them to compose their own oral or written versions of fables. Then your students can retell the tale while manipulating the flannel characters. Comments Storytelling builds background experience and helps students develop imagination and the ability to think inventively. You can capitalize even further on the power of storytelling by providing them with an opportunity to engage in the literature online essay help chat of storytelling with their other "frames of mind.

Storytelling, reading, and writing, belong to the literate frame of mind, and they need to be translated into other activities for students whose minds organize the world in different ways. Objective To motivate remedial writers to improve their writing through the rewriting of poetry. Procedure The students are given a poem, the structure and rhyme is outlined, then they are encouraged to write their own version. This activity allows students to write independently, but the patterns and structures, the idea, rhythm, and rhyme pattern into which they can insert their own ideas are all provided so that they are free to achieve a satisfying product.

They live by a haystack near a shack And flutter all around getting a snack. Shocker and Stocker are two electric eels Who shock killer sharks using their tails.

They live in a pirate ship, roaming all around And swim faster than the speed of sound. Students online essay help chat can extend their writing further by making individual or class books of their poems using the repetitive patterns in the poems.

Classic fairy tales from around the world come alive for students when they use them as stimuli for writing.

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To give students the opportunity to learn about the structure of a story, to identify problems, and to see how problems are solved. To provide a picture of other cultures and other people. Because children of all ages love fairy tales, they can serve as an excellent springboard for a writing activity. AVAILABLE 49 35 Reading Is about Literature Scrambled Poetry Brief Description Students improve and expand their sight vocabulary through the use of poetry.

Objective To learn to recognize instantly the words that make up a poem. Procedure Select a poem appropriate for the age, interests, and experiences of your students. Prepare a set of color-coded word cards for the poem: Each word is written on a separate card, and all the words of each stanza are written on cards of the same color.

The students arrange themselves with partners, and together they unscramble the stanza they have been given. Each set of partners unscrambles their stanza while referring to memory or a master copy of the poem which may be displayed in the room. During this process, students will use word recognition strategies, such as matching words, and by attending to sound-symbol associations while reading the words again and again to attain the flow of the language.

This lesson includes sight vocabulary practice in context with time on task, repetition, and high motivation. For additional repetition of vocabulary, the word cards for the poem can be mixed into a pile in random order and the students online essay help chat can quiz each other. For the final activity, give each student an envelope with a copy of the poem on the outside and with word cards inside.

The students take the envelopes home and share the process with their parents.

The following day, the students can add all new, known words to their word bank.

But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. But when the trees bow down their heads, The wind is passing by. Proceedings of the 1 2th Annual Reading Conference, Terre Haute, Indiana, June, 1982. Brief Description By using high-quality folk literature as a discussion online essay help chat tool in the home and the classroom, parents and teachers can motivate young children from an early age to want to read for their own personal enjoyment. Objective online essay help chat To instill in young children a desire to gain the necessary skills to explore stories of interest on their own by learning to read independently. Traditional literature includes all kinds of stories, riddles, fables, myths, and legends that derived originally from the oral tradition. Three excellent sources for your reference are The Read-Aloud Handbook (1989) by Jim Trelease, Classics to Read Aloud to Your Children (1984) by William F, Russell, and Reading for the Love of It (1986) by Michelle Landsberg. Folktales can be organized in many different ways for oral presentation to students.

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