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Many students coming to university have trouble entering an environment in which they feel that no one cares what happens to them. In post-secondary institutions, there is no set curriculum for writing instruction and the same classes within a discipline will often have different goals and outcomes (Hansen, 2006). In addition, in making the transition from high school writing to first- year university or college UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 56 writing, students also need to learn how to write different forms of essays than they wrote in high school (Carroll, 2002). Instead of the narratives and expository prose that students often wrote in high school (Applebee, 1981), first- year students are now required to write academic essays that require critical analysis papers that are longer and more complex than what they had to write in high school (Carroll, 2002).

Beaufort goes on to say that need someone to write my essay in order for writers to be successful in different genres and discourse communities, they need not only to learn the appropriate writing strategies for each discipline, but also to understand the difference and leam the methods to write in each discipline. In addition, first-year students taking introductory courses could encounter as many as eight to ten different discourses.

In order to do so, students need to understand the expectations that instructors have of them.

First-year students UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 57 are expected to make decisions that they may never have had to make before. They need to learn to meet new people, get along with roommates, take care of banking, follow a budget, shop for food, do laundry, get themselves to class on time, be up to date on their coursework, and manage their time. While they may, at first, enjoy the freedom to make their own decisions, students soon learn that it is easy to get behind in their coursework if no one is monitoring them. In addition, many students are living away from home for the first time and miss their families and friends. The authors observed that in high school, teachers constantly remind students when assignments are due. In addition, the authors found that high schools require little writing, and often students are able to complete assignments the night before they are due.

Miller, Bender, and Schub also stress the need for students to be willing to change their expectations to match their new learning environment. He hypothesized that people are more willing to engage in tasks in which they feel confident and more likely to avoid those in which they do not.

Bandura also determined that self-efficacy beliefs determine the degree of effort individuals are willing to invest in an activity. It also has an effect on the length of time they will persevere if they run into difficulties. Individuals with a low sense of self-efficacy believe that situations are worse than they are. By contrast, individuals who have a high sense of self-efficacy are more likely to approach difficult tasks with confidence in their abilities. Because the type of writing the need someone to write my essay students in this study were expected to complete in university was perceived by the students to be different than the type of writing they had completed in high school, it was useful to investigate their respective senses of self-efficacy as writers.

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The change in the writing environment from high school to university seems to be an important aspect of the transition year experience.

The multiplicity of discourses in the first-year writing environment challenges that belief. Lea and Street found that: need someone to write my essay from a student point of view a dominant feature of academic literacy practices is the requirement to switch practices between one setting and another, to deploy a repertoire of linguistic practices appropriate to each setting and to handle social meanings and identities that each evoke, (p. The students found that there were a great number of differences in the interpretations and understanding of what constituted good writing within, and across, courses, subjects, and disciplines. Alsup and Bemard-Donals essay writing service online (2002) argued that there is no such thing as a seamless transition from high school to first-year university, and that there should not be. Students are at different points in their lives between high school and first-year university and their writing UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 60 reflects that. Students are introduced to academic writing in first-year university and are taught that that form is necessary to inquiry.

They are not usually required to do creative writing in university, not because university instructors do not value creative writing, but because there is an understanding that students will spend the majority of their working lives writing more nonfiction pieces. High school students, in contrast, are not limited by the argumentative essay, and write in a variety of genres such as stories, poems, and plays. They suggest that there is nothing wrong with students experimenting with different genres in high school.

The greater problem arises when high school teachers allow students to write with few demands or expectations. High school teachers can make creative writing rigorous if custom essays for sale they engage their students in thinking about their assignments. Students often have a difficult time adjusting to the types of writing they have to produce in university. They are used to writing in a variety of genres in high school using similar writing strategies in each (Applebee, 1981). This study attempted to discover the way in which students view the writing they are asked to produce in university. I wanted to determine if the college essay ideas help students in the study noted a difference in the tasks they were being asked to complete, the support they received, and the writing strategies they used.

If they did notice a difference, I wanted to discover what that difference was. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 61 Writing across the Curriculum Another factor that impacts high school students as they make the transition to first-year writing is the expectation that they will be able to complete assignments in multiple disciplines.

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