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However, the focused professional learning and collegial teamwork to improve teacher pedagogy, along with the mandated culture within the school, eased most of this resistance.

Fluid Groupings Based on Data Throughout the school there was an established need help writing research paper culture of fluid groupings based on data. This fluidity could be in four-week cycles, or in slightly longer cycles with older students. However, the framework remained the same: pre-testing, explicit teaching, formative feedback, post-testing, consideration of the data, regrouping of students according to the data. These flexible groupings allowed for individual needs to be catered for. LUith their individualized learning needs met, students were more comfortable with their learning environment and more engaged with their learning. This enhanced the development of a whole-school culture. Cross-Curricular Teams The structure of the need help with writing a research paper team teaching for a particular unit of work was partly dependant on the student grouping and the team decision on the appropriate pedagogy for the learning.

This could take the form of team teaching (with two or three teachers, a lead teacher and a support teacher) or small-group teaching (with one teacher per group). Fin outcome of the explicit teaching focus through data-informed grouping, combined with the use of integrated curriculum to provide authenticity to the learning product, was the development of cross- curricular teams - especially in secondary school, where the challenge to engage students was greatest. Improved Student Learning Through ICT The learning and teaching structures within the school required a secure and comprehensive digital data management system that was accessible to all staff.

Various data forms were collected and considered in this data feedback culture, including need help with writing a research paper video and audio data. Parallel to providing this data access, ICT was used to open the horizons of the students, need help with writing a research paper who had limited opportunities for travel to capital cities around Australia. Focus on Real-World Integrated Curriculum The purpose of teams need help with writing a research paper was to develop, wherever possible, reai-world learning products to better engage primary and secondary students in their learning. This focus on the real world was made possible through ICT products, such as student newsletters, Studies of Society and Environment research projects planning international connections, Solar Car challenges, Business UUeek, and a Careers Expo. Social Networking Because the school was in such an isolated community, the intention was to draw on the social networking potential of ICT to build collaborative partnerships with other schools, students and curricula. Social networking functions provided opportunities for both staff and students.

Staff used it to maintain professional networks, and students to follow through with their online teaching and learning and curriculum initiatives. Innovative and Tailored Learning Opportunities The team structure within the school allowed great flexibility in teaching and learning (including time tabling), such that wherever possible curriculum was integrated across at least three learning areas. For example, in some primary school classes students rotated through a suite of targeted tasks that accommodated different learning styles, including ICT-supported activities.

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Distance from other schools was not seen as a limiting factor in developing learning partnerships, with opportunities for collaborative and engaging activities with other schools enabled through Skype, video- conferencing, email and chat lines.

Another example of tailoring of learning opportunities through ICT opportunities was the Future Pathways unit run for Year 46 10 students, in uuhich they considered the alignment of their aspirations, academic record, interests, and opportunities available uuithin the community. Whole-School PL There uuas a strong emphasis in the school on collegial PL - for example to ensure that all staff had the necessary skills and confidence to participate in the complex digital data storage underpinning the feedback culture uuithin the school. The ICT PL for staff uuas predominantly done onsite, uuith team and individual help targeted to the specific needs of the various teams. Leaders in the ICT and assessment portfolios uuithin the school had opportunities for more specialised PL at system and district seminars. Online support uuas a critical element of the uuhole-school program for teachers. Retention of Senior Students Providing curriculum and specialist teaching for the small number of students uuho remained at the school for Year 11 uuas a challenge uuithin the staffing formula.

Extended English and Mathematics and Science for Year 11 ujere built into current staffing resources, but resources for teaching any other subjects at Year 11 level uuere limited. Houuever, access to real-time online teaching through ICT provided students uuith a range of subjects at the appropriate level. Pnd the neuu Trade and Training Centre used technology appropriate to training for Certificate III and IV in several trades. Summary of Evidence from Case Study 1 Against Project Goals 1. Monitoring and planning The school used the follouuing data sources for monitoring and planning: o attendance, retention and destination data o school performance report for 2010 o NPPLPN Years 3. Literacy and numeracy P senior leadership position for a full time literacy pedagogy leader uuas created to co-ordinate a uuhole of school literacy culture. Leadership roles to support management at uuhole-school level included portfolio positions for student engagement, special needs, high level needs, and behaviour management. Responsibilities uuithin these portfolio positions included managing a uuhole- school, evidence-based approach, and mentoring staff in appropriate case management approaches. PL and performance management strategies ensured ongoing critical reflection on identification, management and monitoing strategies on a uuhole-school basis. R distributed leadership model, uuith a clearly articulated focus on student learning and uuelfare, uuas established. Students mere encouraged to take responsibility for decisions about their learning pathuuays. Whole-school approaches The uuhole-school focus on developing a best-practice literacy culture ujas articulated in the School Plan and uuithin a feedback culture.

The uuhole-community approach to learning mas acknomledged as the vehicle through mhich this outcome could be achieved, providing the basis for embedding the School Plan uuithin the broader needs of the community. The school and community learning culture provided feedback for teaching and learning from: o teacher to teacher o teacher to student o student to student o student to teacher o parent to school 7.

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