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As our eye is incapable of comprehending at one view the whole creation, it was necessary to form classes, and it was most natural to distin- THE CREATIVE WEEK. The sun and stars enter into this picture of nature as soon as they can With equal truth and acuteness this natural philo- sopher places the creatures of air and water in one class With joy and wonder I approach the rich description Behold the most ancient philosophy of the history of man. Why, therefore, did he not interweave them into his account? Why, as if in contempt and despite of them, did he sym- bolically compress the origin of the world into the smallest portion of time? Evidently because he was desirous of obliterating them as fables Moses leaves every one at liberty to frame epochs as he pleases. To obviate these follies, he represents his picture in the readiest cycle of a terrestrial revolution. God did His own perfect work in His own perfect way, and His very rest was but a passing onward to still higher manifestations of His boundless bounty and love. In this, says the Fourth Commandment, quoting, though without reference, the familiar religious paper writers online lesson, " Be ye followers of God. For more than half a century the Mosaic record of creation has been invested with a peculiar interest. Like the regiment in a great war which goes first into action, or like the outlying rock in a long ridge which has to sustain the full shock of the yet unbroken billow, this portal of the Scriptures, from its being the portal, and from the presumed facilities of successful attack supplied by the young science of geology, has been pre-eminently exposed to the polemic of modern scepticism. Now we are surely entitled to ask any critic of " Mosaic Cosmogony" in tvhat character he proposes to THE CREATIVE WEEK. A man may be a Christian or he may be an unbeliever, but he cannot be anything between. There are certain problems which cannot be dealt with piecemeal. The afflatus was not mesmeric, but moral and spiritual : it was rather comparable to thermal currents than to the rigid circumscription need help with paper of mathematically defined zones. But it is one thing to make frank and full allowance for the human element in the Scriptures, and quite another to forget or explain away the co- presence of the divine. Does he believe, or not believe, in the resurrection of our Lord from the dead? These are the plain questions to which, from any censor of the Scriptures, we are entitled, in limine, to exact 1 St.

If the reply be, "I do not accept the supernatural : I do not believe that Christ is risen," — we know what and whom we have to contend with.

A divine reality in the religion bespeaks and implies a divine element in its records. He who professes to hold that the reve- lation is supernatural, yet argues as if the Bible were merely human, confutes himself.

Every mind dis- ciplined in the valuation of evidence must see that the choice is, Neither or Both.

Tremblers on the verge of the dark and terrible valley which parts the land of the living from the untried hereafter take this Hand of human tenderness yet godlike strength, or they totter into the gloom without prop or stay.

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They who look their last on the beloved dead listen to this Voice of soothing and peace, else death is no uplifting of everlasting doors and no enfolding in Everlasting Arms, but an enemy as appalling to the reason as to the senses, the usher to a charnel-house where high- est faculties and noblest feelings cheap essay services lie crushed with the THE CREATIVE WEEK. The revelation refuses to be sundered from its records. In the human past, as in palaeontology, there are only two ways of it, the creed of Lucretius or the creed of St.

Paul, — the " self-evolving powers" of a blind, improvident, unpitying nature, or the unfolding plan of an All- foreseeing Deity. The later gift does not destroy or displace, though it transfigures and elevates what goes before. How different the capacity of grief, which mea- sures that of love, in an ordinary child of five, from what it is in his brother or sister three or four times the age! Strength pioneer to love, love culminating in wisdom — such therefore the sequence alike in the animal series and in the individual human need help with paper life. What if this also be the key to the " biography" of n Compare the procession of types in the foetal brain. The cerebral period, if we may ven- ture so to designate that commencing approximately a. Its achieve- ment has been the apocalypse of the universe. The pre-Christian period, again, was the childhood of our race. Palestine, had as yet entered prevailingly into the temper and doings of mankind.

Force unleavened by love is the complexion of histoiy, till the Son of God appears to change it. If so, it is plain need help with paper that Christian religion, in the historical evolution of humanity, is the analogue and equivalent of the mammalian bond in nature. Those accepting the analogy, and weighing what it imports, will perhaps cease to doubt whence comes this barjtism, from heaven or of men. Thus much at least is certain, that man is the ripe result, and flower, of an immensely ancient terrestrial time. To the impression so often generated by the survey of sidereal space must be opposed the correc- tive ministered by the quasi-infinitude of past dura- tion.

He who built the heavens on such a scale as seemed to preclude the expenditure, even by the Almighty, of minute solicitude on the earth, has gar- nished it throughout the ages with such profusion of living forms as seemed to leave no time, even to the Eternal, for the plenishing and embellishing of the heavens. The buried strata have their burden of meaning as well as the rolling worlds. What is there in a million cen- turies of animal warfare, were all the universe its stage, to take rank in the regards of God with the struggles of His intellectual offspring towards light, towards goodness, towards Himself?

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