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And divines did not anticipate the philosophical specula- tions of a later date. But assuredly the divines of those days neither asserted the compre- hensibility, still less- the capability of being rationally proved, — nor alleged that comprehensibility or where can i buy research papers online capa- bility as conditions of the truth, — of religious mysteries. They did not hold that mysteries must have ceased to THEIR OBJECT need help with essay writing MAINLY IS TO LIMIT REASON. They seem, on the contrary, need help with essay writing to have drawn the line between reason and faith, prac- tically and substantially, although in language of very different aspect and approaching the subject from an entirely different side, pretty much where the philo- sophical defenders of the Christian faith at this very day would draw it. They treat it tenderly, but from argumenta- tive considerations.

But the whole drift of their reasoning is to put limits upon reason, although they research paper introduction help certainly draw those limits far too laxly. One might almost say, that the Essay, unintentionally and for want of suffi- cient discrimination, but really, represents the greater Christian defenders as yielding the precise points upon which they most insisted. It seems to imply, indeed, too strongly, that if we knew all the facts, we could judge, even with our present faculties. But then we cannot know all the facts, or more than the very least portion of them. And its main principle is, that reason must accordingly be content with being irrational,— that it is the height of reason to discern, that reason cannot judge, because it has not the principles on which to judge, but must expect to continue always in this world baffled by difficulties that it cannot solve, and compelled to accept as truths positions that it can Bb2 37-2 BISHOP STILLINGFLEET. And if we turn from Butler to other and inferior writers, who yet were among the leading writers of the Church side of the controversy, we find generally the same character in their speculations also. With some ex- ceptions certainly, and above others that of Tillotson, (and even he, here and there, largely qualifies his gene- rally over-strong statements), they are truly described in the words which Waterland uses of one of them, when he tells us " that the insufficiency of reason to be a guide in such matters," viz. Bishop Stillingfleet, "On Scripture Mysteries," from the Enchiridion Tlieologicum, vol. But it is mere cavilling to insist on a word, if the thing itself be granted.

The chief thing therefore to be done is, to shew that God may require from us the belief of such things which are incomprehensible by us.

Here we have something revealed, and that plainly enough, viz. Hath not God plainly revealed that there shall be a resurrection of the dead? And must we think it unreasonable to believe it, till we are able to comprehend all the changes need help with essay writing of the particles of matter from the Creation to the general Resurrection? But it is said, that there is no contradiction in this, but there is in the mystery of the Trinity and Incarnation. It is strange boldness in men to talk thus of monstrous contra- dictions in things above their reach.

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Will men never learn to distinguish between numbers and the nature of things? For let us examine some of those perfections which are most clearly revealed, and we shall find this true. I am apt to think (and I have some thoughtful men concurring with me) that there is no greater difficulty in the conception of the Trinity and Incarnation, than there is of need help with essay writing eternity. And it is far more reasonable to suppose it of an infinite and eternal Mind, which hath power and wisdom and goodness to give being to other things, than of dull, stupid, and senseless matter, which could never move itself, nor give being to anything besides.

Mansel in his sixth Bampton Lec- ture, however differing from that lecture, as of course is the case, in context and immediate purpose, in style of thought and terminology. Bishop Conybeare, (Bishop of Bristol 1750 — 1755), " On Mysteries," ib. Indeed, where we can frame no ideas we need help with essay writing can, strictly speaking, give no assent. For what is assent, but a perception, or at least a firm persuasion, that the extremes in a proposition do agree or disagree?

But where we have no manner of ideas of these extremes, we can have no such perception or persuasion. And thus, I conceive, we are suffi- ciently guarded against an objection sometimes made against us as contending for unintelligible doctrines. There is a vast difference between unintelligible and incomprehensible. It is plain, therefore, that a doctrine may be intelligible, and yet incomprehensible. Nay, I shall adventure to maintain, that there are several propositions of whose extremes we have ideas, but are yet incapable of discerning how far these extremes do agree or disagree. For since this agreement or disagreement is, in most cases, to be proved by the use of several intermediate ideas, we are incapable of discerning whether they do agree or disagree. In all such instances the propositions are in- telligible, and yet incomprehensible. Besides this, there are other things concerning which our ideas are indeterminate. The importance of the obser- vation will best appear by considering that in those reve- lations which God is pleased to make, He deals with us as men, and does not produce in us any new faculties different from what we had before. If the doctrines revealed are made up of such ideas as we are capable of receiving in the ordinary methods of knowledge, then the revelation is either a farther enforcement of such truths as might naturally be known, or a discovery of such truths as (for want of adequate ideas) could not naturally be known. But it hath happened in sonre instances, that the doctrines revealed are made up of such ideas as we are incapable of receiving in an ordinary way : such as the doctrines concerning the generation of the Son of God, the distinction between the Persons in the ever- blessed Trinity, and the like. The consequence will be, that every creature must be bounded in its capacity of knowledge. From hence it follows, that there must be an infinite number of truths actually comprehended by the self-existent Being, and yet incomprehensible by the most perfect creature : i.

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