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According to Sandler (2009), grade inflation occurs when high grades are awarded for low achievement. The result of this practice is that the grades are no longer representative of student academic achievement in their courses.

Similarly, Ziomek and Svec (1997) define grade inflation as an increase in grades without a parallel increase in ability. Grades are meant to convey levels of academic achievement and national junior honor society essay help express them in terms that everyone understands. High school grades are especially vulnerable to inflation as teachers reward grades based on varying standards and purposes. There is no qualitative UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 156 data available for this question since it was not a topic that was raised in the qualitative interviews or focus groups. That is, it was their perception that their competence was not as great as their marks might suggest. However, the students who UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 157 completed the survey did not seem to have the same concern. The results from the quantitative survey are different from the results of the qualitative data in terms of how students view their marks. This difference could be accounted for, again, by the make-up of the students who participated in the qualitative research.

Perhaps, as suggested by Sadler (2009) some students are better able to judge their own work and the relative merits of that work. The students who participated in the qualitative interviews were, by their own admission successful in high school in terms of marks received, and they may have been better able to judge the quality of their own work and that is why they expressed concern that they were being rewarded for achievement that they felt they did not deserve. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 159 Student progress was also affected by their relative degree of awareness of the effects of their writing on readers. The students interviewed by Applebee reported that they had to conform to rather strict guidelines, and if they moved outside of those guidelines, they were corrected.

They also found that the comments they received generally did not tell them how they could improve their overall writing. The discussion will include a discussion of the qualitative data that also addressed feedback.

It was encouraging to find that the students perceived that the kinds of teacher feedback they received helped them improve as writers. These results are consistent with the results from earlier statements in this study regarding student confidence as writers, their UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 161 perception that their teachers cared about their improvement as writers, and, their perception that the teachers encouraged them to ask for help if they had any difficulties with their assignments. As Chaudron (1984) observed, if students are to develop as competent writers, they need instructor feedback that is designed to help them understand ways in which they might more effectively develop their ideas national junior honor society essay help and write for meaning. Instructor feedback on the mechanics of writing was less effective. Applebee (1984) found that the kinds of comments made by teachers often tended to focus on elements of writing that he referred to as form.

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He defined form as the mechanics of writing and distinguished these from the process of making meaning. In the qualitative data analyzed for this study, there were mixed results concerning the degree to which students found their teacher comments beneficial. In this study, students were prompted to remember the kinds of feedback they received on their papers from their English Language Arts teachers. The responses ranged from recollections of some students that they had received only directions for undertaking corrections in grammar, to observations from other students that they had been permitted to rewrite their papers on the basis of teacher comments. Nora said: I just found in my English classes that the comments and grades were unclear. Betty found that the comments she received from her teachers in high school tended to be the same as those that Nora had received: UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT In grade 12 all the comments were national junior honor society essay help vague.

Like if there is a paragraph, and the comment says write this in more depth, and how much depth I would ask myself, I would write it, and he would be like, still not in-depth enough, and I would ask how in-depth do you want it. I would have liked a comment like, at least if he had given me an example of what in-depth writing looked like, maybe that would have helped, but I just felt like all the comments were like on top of the cream or something.

Judy was dissatisfied with the instruction she received in Grade Twelve.

She felt that, at that stage, her teachers were no longer trying to teach her how to write. She would have liked some direction 165 in how to write a proper essay. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 166 Melissa, on the other hand, was very satisfied with national junior honor society essay help national junior honor society essay help her Grade 12 teacher. She found that: My teacher this semester is very organized.

She gives out rubrics that tell you what she wants you to do. She has very specific expectations and she makes sure that she tells you what those are.

We can also ask her for clarification if we have to. Similarly, Page observed that: my English teacher helped me a lot. He would help show me what I was doing wrong and how to improve it... Jack found that his teachers were helpful: My teachers would often give us sort of general comments but they were always open to us coming to them to ask to explain why we got this comment or what we could improve on or to fix this, that sort of thing. And I think that worked well because it was easier to figure out exactly what they meant rather than just sort of seeing something like sentence fragment written on our paper, and not being able to figure out quite what we did wrong. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 167 Jody commented generally on the kind of writing she did in high school, and the nature of comments she received from her English Language Arts teacher: Yes, we got rubrics but they were not strictly followed. As I said, the teachers were just happy if you handed in something and since most of the papers we did were just give your own opinion, there was nothing to get wrong.

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