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The example below shows how LEARNING FROM LECTURES 95 students can respond in markedly different ways to the same lecture extract. It can be seen from the above example that the two students mba essay service are each experiencing the relevance of the lecture content in different ways. The first student is thinking about the lecture content in terms of assessment, in relation to an essay that he had done and whether or not he had included the particular point being made by the lecturer. The second student is thinking more about the meaning of the content, and what the implication might be of what the lecturer is saying. This second student seems to be thinking about the lecture content in terms of his own understanding of it and the meaning it has for him. He is therefore experiencing the relevance of the content intrinsically, whilst the experience of the first student, whose thoughts are directed towards assessment, is by contrast extrinsic. Thus the student is thinking about the next piece of work she has to do. In both this and the earlier example, where the student was thinking about an essay he had recently completed, the students have a specific extrinsic demand in mind and consider how they have tackled or might tackle the task set. In other cases, the students seem to have no particular demand in mind, nor are they thinking about the content in a way meaningful to themselves. Here the student seems only to think or recognize that what was being said might potentially be useful or relevant, the experience is much more general in nature. The sole reason, apparently, for writing something down is because the lecturer has written it on the board and it must therefore be important.

And it is important, one must presume, as something students may subsequently be assessed or examined on. As just described, an extrinsic experience of relevance, with its emphasis on external demands is, of course, reminiscent of the descriptions given in earlier chapters of a surface approach. Moreover, as we shall see, an intrinsic experience of relevance is qualitatively very similar if not precisely the same as a deep approach. These similarities will be further discussed at the end of the chapter. The student thus seems to be thinking more about the meaning of what was being said, and how it relates to his own understanding and framework of thinking. The student is drawing upon his existing knowledge and fitting this new information into his own framework. He is therefore experiencing the relevance of the content intrinsically. Here again the student seems to be relating the content to her own framework of thinking and experience in a way that is personally meaningful. In both examples the students actively relate the content to their own understanding in a specific way.

In some cases, however, the students are more passive. They appear to acknowledge that the material has some sort of relevance to their understanding, but they do not go further and actively think this through. For these home economics students, the predominant concern was with assessment demands and how these could be met rather than with what might be learnt from the course. For the human science students, on the other hand, the research methods course was more generally accepted as being an important and relevant subject: they were able to recognize the significance of it to themselves and to what they were doing. Of the five human science students studied in depth, three were predominantly intrinsic in their experience, and the whole group of five had a relatively high average level of intrinsic experience.

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LEARNING FROM LECTURES 99 98 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING (ii) The teaching and learning context Of the three groups of students taking the research methods course, the home economics students, as we have already noted, were the only group not from the Department of Human Sciences. Their perceptions of the teaching and learning context were mba essay service as a consequence distinctly different from the other students on the course, and displayed substantially less certainty about the relevance of the course to themselves.

It was, however, the norm rather than the exception for home economics students to take courses outside their own department and to cope with unfamiliar subjects the relevance of which they could not always see. The findings seemed to bear this out, for the home economics students with the highest levels of extrinsic experience of relevance mba essay service were also those who obtained the highest grades on the course.

This finding is all the more striking because it is at odds with the pattern for the study as a whole: generally speaking, the students who were predominantly intrinsic in their experience achieved the highest grades. The context of the applied physics and energy course was also quite interesting. Amongst the students there was, on the one hand, a feeling of uncertainty about the usefulness and specific relevance of the course, and on the other a high acceptance of the general relevance and interest in the energy component — rather than the physics component — of the course, together with a belief that the course was not so important from an extrinsic, assessment, perspective. These last two factors may have counter-balanced any negative effects of the first. An alternative interpretation is that there were other factors, beyond those associated with the teaching and learning context, which were strong enough to overcome any negative effects of uncertainty and so help to sustain the high degree of intrinsic experience characteristic of this course.

Here again the home economics students, who professed to have a poor knowledge of research methods, were a distinctive sub-group. As the course progressed, however, this obviously changed, since the high incidence of extrinsic experiences recorded in the early stages of the course declined as the course progressed. Other students, such as the final year microbiology students and the human science students taking the research methods course, were obviously more familiar with their subject and their recall statements reflected comparatively greater degrees of intrinsic experience. Again the first-year applied physics and energy students were interesting because they had an unusually high perception of their background knowledge, and they displayed an unusually high level of intrinsic experiences despite the doubts they mba essay service expressed about the usefulness and specific relevance of the course. One student, for example, commented that he could not altogether see how the course fitted in with his other courses. However, he felt very familiar with the course content and to a large extent experienced its relevance intrinsically. Moreover, it was on the apparently more familiar material of the physics component of the course that the highest levels of intrinsic experience were recorded, in spite of the fact that it was the energy component of the course that was perceived as the more relevant one. Students who experienced the relevance of the lecture content vicariously seemed to do so essentially in one of two different ways.

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