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Meaning and impact are created through selection, context and juxtaposition, as well as formal elements such as shape, colour, light, composition. The media, must, like humans, shape essay writers wanted raw sensory data into coherent representations of reality.

Theme C Medta Madness Resource 3 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES Individuals are influenced by other individuals and groups (group pressure). The mass media - television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books - also influence and inform individuals. Advertising is one field where propaganda is sometimes used. As well, individuals often use some of these techniaues in everyday conversation.

Some common propaganda techniques are as follows: 1. Card Stackina Presents the good or unique factors or presents the worst possible case. Glitterinq Generalities - Describes something in very favourable terms. NameCallina Uses negative words to describe or label someone or something. Testimonial Uses a well-known or respected person to say that the idea or product is good. Transfer Carries the authority or prestige of something respected over to something else in order to make it respected as well. Other techniques of persuasion using misleading arguments include the following: 1. Appeals to Emotion Uses information to arouse feelings. Either-or Limits choice to two or a few when there are many. Ethnocentricity Uses own culture to judge other cultures. Fuphemism Uses mild or indirect expression instead of one that is harsh or unpleasantly direct.

Jargon - Uses evidence that has nothing to do with the subject.

Uses statements and questions to lead to incorrect conclusions (the way it was said "context" leads elsewhere). Lifts statement out of entirety in order to suggest a different meaning. Distorts mba admission essay writing service or deceives by giving too simple a reason or explanation. Bases argument on weak stated or unstated assumptions. Statistical Fallacies - Singles out a particular contributory cause and treats it as if it were the only cause (or the only one worth mentioning). Inaccurate samples : size of sample, representativeness, the questions and the questioner. Short-term statistics : used to make long-term claims. Rates and total numbers : not distinguishing between the two. Averages : not distinguishing between median (the middle figure) and the mean (arithmetic average).

Gross statistics : confuses by equating total amounts with individual characteristics. Percents : uses percentages to prop up weak arguments. Stereotype - Uses over-simplified mental picture of a person, place, idea or event. Weak Generalizat i on - Presents generalization from singie example cr lack of evidence. English 16 addresses skills and attitudes required to obtain employment and complete basic tasks at the workplace, such as following and giving instructions. Teachers are encouraged to conference with other I. Social Studies 16, in particular, contains a thematic unit, "Careers - Your Employability" in which students examine and apply personal strengths mba admission essay writing service to potential employment opportunities. Colleague conferencing may ensure that strategies, skills and knowledge will complement and support student development across the curriculum. Work of Woik - Getting the Job STRANDS OF LANGUAGE The following language strands and related concepts and skills are addressed within this thematic unit. Viewing Concept: Appreciation and understanding of print and non-print messages require an understanding of purpose. Listening Concept: Listening is an active, not a passive process.

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Concept: Sensitivity to ideas, tone and purpose is an integral part of receiving a spoken communication.

Writing Concept: fhe ability to write clearly a manner appropriate t j the occasion, is an important life skill. TV learning resources listed below have been identified as potentially useful for English 16.

Except where designated, these titles have not mba admission essay writing service been evaluated by Alberta Education and their listr is not to be constt ued as an explicit or implied departmental approval for use. The responsibility for evaluation of thuse resources prior to selection rests with the local jurisdiction. PRINT RESOURCES Alberta Career Development and Employment. Special Education Services, Alberta Education, 1986. Words on Work- An Integrated Approach to Language and Work.

FILMS AND VIDEO CASSETTES (The tities listed may be available through provincial media -ervices, see p. A film showing how to look for part-time jobs, the correct posture during an interview and how to keep a job once hired.

It covers the importance of a positive attitude, promptness, honeo y, and good customer relations. Telephone Talk: How To Use The Telephone (video, 1986). This video discusses the importance of using effective telephone skills and promoting good customer mba admission essay writing service service on the telephone. Provide opportunities for students to brainstorm characteristics o in "Ideal Job". Encourage stuaents to be realistic and discard characteristics that are unrealistic, e. Refer to Ftesource 1 : The Ideai Job and have students complete the activities. Ask students the question: "What do you need to know before you make a decision about employment? Assist students to recognize that in order to make decisions about employment, one must know about themselves and the world of work.

Provide opportunities for students to begin an employment portfolio h w iich they will contribute a personal inventory, a fact sheet, samples of application forms, a resume, a list of references, etc. Instil in students that an employment portfolio is designed to contain vaiuable information for present and future use. Have students update their portfolios on a regular basis throughout English 16, 26 and 36.

Encourage students wiio have completed work experience situations or who have had employment experience to share their views about the "Best Job I have Ever Had". Have students list the tasks they completed at the worksite. Provide opportunities for students to question each other about employment experiences. Encourage students to use a variety of questioning techniques. Have students identify community resources where employment information may be located. Have students selec: and research a job of personal interest. Provide opportunities for each student to write a short report on a job of interest that may be close to their "ideal job". Have studants share the information in brief oral presentations. Have students select two or three of the most interesting jobs and apply a decision-making strategy to identify the job that may be the most suitable. Provide opportunities for students to share their decision, decision-making strategy, supporting data and the resources used to gather information. Read the following and ask students to respond briefly in writing. The dancer spun onto the stage, leapt irto position anu glanced out at the eager audience. Ask students to indicate oy raising their hands whether they used "he" or "she" when describing the docto and "he" or "she" when describing the dancer.

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