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District coordinators are typically responsible for developing and implementing STC plans within their districts. School-site STC coordinators are responsible for sharing information about STC with teachers, encouraging teacher and student participation in STC activities, and overseeing implementation efforts at their school sites. In addition, they sometimes help recruit business partners willing to provide WBL opportunities and speak in classrooms or at career fairs.

Both district and school-site coordinators serve as conduits between schools and LP staff Changes in LP Composition and Organizational Structure Data gathered from the case study LPs suggest that the composition and organizational structures of these LPs have remained fairly stable over time, perhaps because a majority of these LPs existed prior to STC fimding and already had fairly well-established organizational sfructures and best rated essay writing service some collaborative working relationships in place. Despite relative stability, some changes in composition and structure have occurred.

Similar changes have occurred in non-case study LPs. In addition, some LPs have expanded or contracted their organizational structures. The LP has expanded membership on this committee to include representatives from the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, the San Francisco Labor Council, and San Francisco State University. It is important to note that not all LPs assume responsibilities within all 8 categories.

For example, not all LPs have opted to award mini-grants as a strategy for coordinating and supporting STC implementation. O ERIC 42 18 Promoting STC Most LPs have spent lord of the flies essay help significant amounts of time and money promoting STC in an effort to generate public awareness about and build support for STC efforts. Through newsletters, Web sites, promotional mailers, newspaper articles, special events and presentations (e. And, many LPs have worked hard to facilitate communication and collaboration between key partners.

Sometimes LP staff recruit employers themselves and sometimes they find one or more partners (e. Several LPs lord of the flies essay help have created learning collaboratives (i.

Most LPs see their role as liaison between partners as integral to the success of STC. In fact, several non-case study LP directors believe that many STC efforts would cease to exist without an intermediary agency (e. Some LPs report that the mini-grant approach has resulted in innovative implementation of STC.

For example, one LP used mini-grant funding to establish model regional career centers where students and adults can research careers during extended hours. There appears to be wide variation lord of the flies essay help in the processes LPs have used to award and administer STC mini-grants. While the mini-grant process has been informal in some LPs, it has been structured in others, requiring districts and schools to submit specific plans for implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and sustaining their proposed STC programs. Several non-case study LPs report modifying their mini-grant processes over time to address difficulties encountered.

For example, one non-case study LP stopped offering mini-grants directly to schools. They now distribute mini-grants only to districts as a way to encourage development of districtwide STC systems rather than sporadic implementation of STC at limited school sites.

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Another non-case study LP was unable to award mini-grants to some schools during the first year of its state implementation 43 19 grant due to problems with the mini-grant applications submitted by the schools. In subsequent years, the LP hired several consultants to help districts and schools prepare their STC mini-grant. Coordinating Specific STC Activities for Students Some LPs, including both partnerships that do and those that do not award mini-grants, have assumed direct responsibility for coordinating selected STC activities that serve students within their partnerships.

While the specific activities that these LPs organize and implement vary fi-om one LP to another, examples include purchasing career assessment software and other career- related materials for use in career centers, organizing regional or school-based career fairs and guest speaker programs, organizing and sponsoring regional field trips to work sites, coordinating annual job shadow events (i. Groundhog Job Shadow Day), and establishing internship programs. The STC activities coordinated by the LP can serve as models for the types of activities that could later be organized and implemented by expository essay help districts or schools.

Providing Professional Development and Technical Assistance Most, if not all LPs, have offered professional development opportunities to key stakeholders (primarily teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and employers) to deepen their understanding of STC and lord of the flies essay help to equip them with the specific knowledge and skills needed to implement various STC activities and efforts. In addition, many LP directors and their operational staff have made themselves available to assist schools as needed with implementation of specific STC activities and programs. They have responded to requests for information, materials, and general guidance. Oversight and Evaluation Activities LPs monitor STC implementation efforts across their LPs to ensure that key partners are fulfilling their responsibilities. Many also assume primary responsibility for fulfilling the various STC reporting requirements associated with their state or federal STC implementation grants. They gather and document the required information and submit reports to the State.

Additionally, a number of LPs, including help writing essays for college the 13 that conducted case studies, have either formally or informally evaluated their STC implementation efforts in an attempt to assess the impact of their work, identify best practices, and find ways to improve, refine, and sustain, their efforts over time. It is important to note that while many non-case study LPs praised the lAP for the support they did provide, some also reported lord of the flies essay help deficiencies in the support network, most notably the apparent lack of coordination among the three lAP agencies. In addition, some LPs believe that it would be helpful for these agencies to take an even more active role in promoting STC and encouraging participation by all stakeholders. In addition, several LPs reported that the CCCCO provided valuable information by keeping the LP apprised of postsecondary opportunities and grants.

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