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SAVILIAN PROFESSOR OF GEOMETRY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. THE three following essays, though somewhat connected in subject, are yet each distinct and com- plete in themselves, having been originally composed at different times and with separate objects. Hence there will probably be found in some parts repetitions : but on the whole it appeared preferable to allow these to remain, rather than by omissions and altera- tions to render less complete and continuous the argument of each essay in itself. And the few topics which belong to them in common will, in most cases, be found treated under somewhat different aspects, according as the particular argument in each instance required.

Yet the frequent reproduction of the same original confusion of language and thought, in otherwise able and law school essay editing service PREFACE. Many of these topics, it will be evident at first sight, are coextensive with those so elaborately and profoundly treated in Dr. With respect to the author write my paper for me fast of the " Essay on the Plurality of Worlds," while it would be absurd to pre- tend ignorance of his real eminence, I have through- out felt it would at the same time be improper to refer to his opinions, otherwise than as those sustained by the masked character under which, doubtless for the greater freedom of such discussion, he has thought fit to veil academical dignity.

The controversy itself, as to the question of inha- bited worlds, appears to me of comparatively little moment : it is rather for the sake of more general considerations involved, that I have been led to enter into the discussion, and, in some measure, to hold the balance between the two disputants. The collateral questions introduced into the Second Essay have also an immediate bearing on the sub- ject of the Third.

In those controversial discussions, it cannot but be matter of regret that so acrimonious a tone, little suited to eliciting the truth, should have been adopted by some of the writers. Page Induction something beyond mere Observation 3 Belief in a peculiar inductive Principle - - - 7 fjssary : Analysis up to simpler Elements - - 13 Relations of inductive and deducthre Methods : no a priori Proofs of physical Truth : Examples - - 19 Conclusion : Harmony of Reason and Nature 35 H. Tendency towards Unity of Principle in all Branches of nee ---------40 Distinctions of Sciences not essential, but provisional - 44 Alleged Exceptions unfounded - - - -. Page Physiology not founded on final Causes, but Unity of Com- position ---------73 Case of Man : no real Exception : his Superiority moral, not physical --------74 Conclusion : Unity of Science Reflexion of Unity of Nature 78 in THE UNIFORMITY OF NATURE.

Hindrances to Science : false Analogies and Dogmas - 82 The Philosophy of Conjecture ----- 89 Broad Principles of Analogy ----- 94 Uniformity of Nature the Essence of Induction - - 98 No Limits to inductive Inquiry - - - - 106 Interruptions of Order apparent, not real - - - 107 Conclusion : Inference of Supreme Reason - - -112 iv.

Ideas of "final Causes" require Enlargement - - 133 Not Utility, but Order, the Proof of Intelligence - - 135 Confused Ideas of the Argument 145 Supposed Limits of Nature 150 CONTENTS. THE ARGUMENT CONSIDERED IN A PHYSICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL POINT OF VIEW.

Introductory Remarks - - - - - -171 Statement of the Question in Relation to the Progress of Science --------- 179 Connexion with the past History of the Universe : nebular Theory 184 Sidereal Nebulae : their probable Nature, Motions, and Distances - - 190 Bearing on Question of Inhabitants - 198 The fixed Stars : binary Systems 200 Nebulous Portions of Solar System - 203 Present Condition of Solar System : Sun, Moon, Planets, Comets 208 Probable Evolution of Life, past, present, or future - 229 ii THE law school essay editing service ARGUMENT CONSIDERED IN A THEOLOGICAL POINT OP VIEW.

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Opposing Views as to inhabited Worlds : each taken up on theological online custom essays Grounds 236 Paradoxes and retrograde Spirit of the exclusive View - 237 CONTENTS. Page Relation of the Question to Man 242 Appeal to final Causes 252 Bearing of the Argument on Natural cheapest paper writing service Theology - - 265 Alleged religious Difficulties of Plurality of Worlds. INTRODUCTION : Nature of the proposed Inquiry - - 315. Question of Progression - - - - - - 321 Law of Succession of Forms not yet made out - - 331 Principle of Continuity 335 Apparent Breaks in the Series not real : Objections con- sidered - - - 339 View of the Evidence 348 Immutable Laws equally observed in organic and inorganic Changes 354 CONTENTS. Page Earlier and limited Views of comparative Physiology - 363 Higher Principle of Unity of Composition... GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS ARISING OUT OP THE PRECEDING EVIDENCE.

Argument for Permanence of Species from Permanence of Natural Laws, unfounded 412 Argument from " Want of Experience" of Transmutation fallacious 415 Physical Causes of Origination of Species - - - 422 Recapitulation : Transmutation not proved, but a probable Conjecture subordinate to more general Laws as yet unknown - -- - - " " 425 Opposite Views of sudden Production of Life irrational and inconsistent - - - -- - -429 Principle of orderly Evolution by some natural Causes - 434 An absolute Beginning beyond physical Argument CONTENTS. THE BEARING OF THE PRECEDING ARGUMENTS ON THE THEOLOGICAL VIEW OP CREATION. Page Common Misconception on the Subject - 440 Influence of Bigotry and Prejudice - 442 Theological Tendency of physical Theories of creative Processes. THE characteristic nature, genius, and grounds of introduc- the inductive philosophy have been much discussed marks, of late years, and under considerable varieties of view, by different parties. Whilst some have carried out their view of its principles into metaphysical abstractions often hardly intelligible, others have sought to narrow them to the results of mere sen- B 2 4 INDUCTIVE PRINCIPLE. Such views, carried out in some instances to speculations of a kind still more re- mote and hardly comprehensible, law school essay editing service have been adopted by many at the present day : while, on the other hand, the " positive philosophy " is characterised by a tendency to the contrary extreme of discarding all reference to those higher intellectual principles, reducing all science to the naked results of obser- vation and calculation, and all idea of causation to that of mere invariable sequence of phenomena. In looking more precisely to the meaning of the Meaning of the terra term experience, if we understand it literally as the expe- rience. The slightest consideration, however, will show B 3 6 INDUCTIVE PRINCIPLE. Thus every induction is seen essentially to involve a certain amount of hypothesis, a certain assumption of more than the bare facts themselves seem strictly to warrant. If the individual facts be thus connected, or of the right sort) a comparatively small number of them will be convincing, when in other cases the most laborious accumulation will be fruitless and unsatisfactory, as wanting in a real connection of analogy. When, however, that essen- tial condition is secured, it then infallibly happens (as has been well said) that a " vague and local idea....

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