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McKEACHIE Professor of Psychology University of Michigan We Americans are terribly provincial on our views of psychology. As contrasted with the pre- World War II period when every psychologist read German and French and knew that familiarity with European journals was essential to being an effective scholar in Psychology, we have now come to read only our own journals, (if any), and to purchase only American books. Our provincialism has had the potentially good consequence of establishing a single language in psychology, English, but it should not excuse Americans from our lack of knowledge of other languages and does not excuse lack of familiarity with scholarly contribu- tions in English not written by Americans. Thus, I want to represent strongly to my fellow countrymen that they will be missing an important contribution to the understanding of teaching and learning if they miss this book written by British and Swedish psychologists. It would not be fair to the authors if this foreword were to attempt to i need help writing an argumentative essay summarize all of the rich conceptualization found in this volume. Nonetheless, it is important for Americans to realize what this book contains. The authors deal with problems of learning in real educational settings. They bring to bear on these problems both a sophisticated methodology and theoretical positions fully informed by modern cognitive psychology. Their approach offers ways of looking at the phenomena of learning that complement American studies. Unlike many edited books, this book has a focus — research on student learning in higher education. Also, unlike most writing in this area, it Involves learning in two different cultures. The common focus of the research methodology and conceptual framework provides insights which ring true not only for Great Britain and Sweden but for North America and other countries i need help writing an argumentative essay as well. In fact, both those concerned about applications of cognitive psychology to education and those concerned about basic understanding of cognition will find useful and interesting Ideas in these chapters.

Essentially this is a sort of hard nosed phenomenology in which intensive interviews of learners are systematically collected and analyzed. These may thin be followed by experiments testing the understanding gained from Interviews. Moreover, the book is written in a Vlii FOREWORD readable and interesting style that holds the attention both of the expert and of the university teacher who is not an expert in cognitive science. Modern cognitive psychology has stimulated university teachers to give greater attention to the importance of understanding and meaning as contrasted with recognition and reproduction as a goal of learning and higher education. This book gives us not only a great deal of research evidence with respect to the ways in which students achieve understand- ing but also has clear implications for methods of teaching and testing which help students find meaning — meaning which can be retrieved and used as a basis for further learning and problem solving.

Faculty members uniformly think of their courses as contributing to the development of thinking that is more analytic or critical.

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Yet in practice we often teach in ways that direct our students to rote memorization, and then blame the students for the fact that they have not achieved our objectives.

I have often said in lectures that professors frequently confuse difficulty of a test with high standards of educational value, and that it is easy to make a test difficult without making it a more effective measure of achievement. This book has helped me to see what I was fuzzily describ- ing. Higher education, on the other hand, is generally concerned with introducing conceptions of knowledge involving greater understanding and analytic ability. This finding illustrates the value of the methods used by these authors.

What the authors do is to illustrate ways in which learning occurs and how learning h been facilitated by teachers.

Readers are then left to work out for themselves how the insights may be applied to their own situations. In short, the range and depth of the book represent a i major contribution to our understanding of university teaching and learm g.

Preface The scope of this book is both broad and narrow. It is about learning, and contains ideas of fundamental importance to all those who are interested in how people learn. The book has a narrow focus insofar as it presents the results of research from a series of i need help writing an argumentative essay related studies into the way students learn in higher education. Its claim to generality, however, stems from the radical nature of both the research methodology and the emerging conceptual frameworks.

It provides a way of understanding student learning which has very direct implications for teachers and Students in schools as well as colleges and universities, and also for psychologists interested in the phenomenon of human learning in its own right. The similarities in the types of learning demanded of students attending universities and colleges in different countries make the findings of this research relevant across most educational systems. Or at least the effects of any major differences in the systems can be readily inferred from the variety of educational situations described by the twelve authors. Their experiences cover both Swedish and British Universities and polytechnics, and both conventional institutions and the Open University with its emphasis on distance learning. The main teaching methods — lectures, tutorials, practical work and comments on returned assignments — will be found throughout tertiary education — and in a modified form across the lenior essay correction service classes of secondary education or high schools.

The i need help writing an argumentative essay theme of this book is thus of relevance and potential interest to educators in different countries and of different age groups — although it applies most directly to teaching and learning in higher education. The evidence presented in the book derives mainly from interviews. Thus there is little in the way of complex statistics which would be Off-putting to readers who are not familiar with social science research.

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