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On what terms the Government and the Church should go on together, remained once more to be seen. The Sixth section of the " Toleration Act" preserved the temporalities of the Church from all Revolution form, invasion : and a Tudor subterfuge was thus Uniformity ar- again introduced, that ecclesiastical pro- perty and ecclesiastical duties need not be co-extensive. The temptation was great, no doubt, to accept all Englishmen as Churchmen VARIOUS THEORIES. It is impossible to regret that, at such a crisis as this to which we have now come, atten- Present crisis, tion should be earnestly called to the question, "What shall be the future relation between the State and the Church, between Politics and Eeligion, — must we not say, between Civilization and Christianity? Men who are termed " practical" are in the habit of thinking that they can go on without a theory.

They are forgetful, or un- aware, that a course of action always implies a prin- ciple, avowed or unavowed. The many will sometimes bear with action, while unprepared to admit its real basis. But conscience and act refuse to be for ever separate. Men speak out at length, and say that which their conduct has all along been some theory meaning. What is seen to be an hypo- mevitable - crisy, perishes at last. It is this which the present generation is witnessing, not only in our own country, but in all Europe. And now we seem to be met by two classes of thinkers — those who would abolish, and "Aboiition- 11 ism" and Secular those who would fundamentally remodel. Hitherto it has been roughly assumed by all parties among us, that Eeligion has chiefly to deal with the future world, and policy with the present, and that their mutual action and relation arises from those mixed questions, both ethical and social, which affect in different ways both the " life which now is and that which is to come. The most recent act, for example, of the American President, Mr. Are all the efforts of fifteen centuries to adapt Christianity to the nations of i need help writing a compare and contrast essay Europe, for instance, to be supposed to tend to no- thing?

Our primary concern is, at all events, with those who would make Eeligion a branch of Politics, and leave indeterminate all questions of a possible future. Comte in France and America conceive that they have worked out what The latter an J. English form of they term a " Positive Eeligion," from " Positivism. It is to this class of theories we have now to address ourselves. Few Churchmen, and indeed few thought - Aboiitionism ful politicians, can be supposed as yet to mediate danger, have sympathy with the plans of those who would abolish all National profession of Chris- tianity. Our immediate attention belongs to others, who would still retain a " National Church" in name, but in truth deliberately set aside all its supernatural claims, and gradually abate every portion of our Bible and Prayer-book, according as the level of popular feeling sinks lower and lower. The proposition is formally laid down and defended secularism, among us, — That a " National Church" is or the New Na- tionajism,— pro- as simply, " as properly, an organ of the posed in "the. For the Essayist, it will be seen, encourages freedom of indi- Latent irra. He would have men free to Secularism - reason themselves into a denial of their "traditional Christianity," and then acquiesce in i need help writing a compare and contrast essay the authoritative promulgation of a "generalized system" reflecting the views of the day. Essayist himself will acknowledge to be a true re- presentation of his entire drift and meaning. Outline of the u Essay on Nationalism" or 4 Broad Chris Man ity.

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Bungener defended the 4 former, or Multitudinist, idea.

The signs of the times, too, 4 among us, warn us that a broader basis of Eeligion is 1 demanded. The i masses, de facto, are recoiling from us and our narrow 4 traditions. This scepticism is the result of thought 4 and knowledge, not pride of reason or culpable hos- 4 tility. We shall find it impossible to maintain much 4 longer the necessity of faith in Christ.

If Scripture i seems to teach it, either Scripture is wrong, or we 4 interpret it wrongly.

Our Eevelation has never 4 reached a fourth part of the world we now are ac- 4 quainted with. We must not any longer say that 4 Christ came just in the fitness and " fulness of time. And the relative value 4 of doctrine and morals in the Apostolic age may be 4 judged by the compatibility even of a denial of the 4 Eesurrection with membership of the Christian body.

In 4 our sixth Article, the Protestant feeling of our nation 4 just satisfies itself, in a blind way, i need help writing a compare and contrast essay with an anti-Eoman 4 view. But extreme Scripturalism cannot be charged 4 on Art. The circu- lation of Scripture, excellent and divine as it is, (though with a human element,) has issued in a puzzle.

A National Church, true to Multitudinism, will leave us more and more free to judge the Bible. What the legal restraint amounts to, when all the Canons are considered, is hard to ima- gine. The Articles are flexible, and there is latitude of interpretation, — with many open ques- tions. Not that i need help writing a compare and contrast essay this state of things ought to last, in a Multitudinist Church. Subscription being abolished, the Articles them- selves might remain, (to gratify anti-Eoman feeling). Each one 4 of us when born into a Nation is born into a Spiritual 4 Society. The Gospel would be narrow and one- 4 sided, if it did not quicken Nationality, but only pro- 4 vided isolated 4 4 salvation," — a notion which unfits men 4 for this life. At least there should be no needless ob- 4 stacles to National Unity, even if it cannot be perfectly 4 secured.

All may verbally accept Scrip- 4 ture, in some sense.

Ideal methods of interpretation 4 may go far at last to unite all. What the speculation means as a whole, is 214 THE IDEA OF THE NATIONAL CHURCH. If that theory were accepted by us, and further acted out, it must involve (as will be seen) the rejection of the entire Christianity of the Bible, or the Church, ancient or modern. This is the point to be made clear, and not, of course, barely as- serted, by those who differ from "the Essayist. For 1,800 years our Eeligion has been in the position of an in- tellectual and moral superior, and could generally make terms, as such, with a decaying or uncouth civilization wherever it came. But the nineteenth century, it is said now, professes to be intellectually and morally in advance of us, — an alienation between the Church of the past, and the times we live in, is even boasted of. But the supernatural character hitherto attributed to OF BROAD, OR GENERALIZED CHRISTIANITY. For to say, you will accept as fche Ideal of the Bible, and hold yourself at liberty Multitudillism - afterwards to reject it piece-meal, seems simply, to most persons, unintelligible, if not absurd. We are not asking too much if, in the name of reason, we do our best to ascertain what educated men mean, when, with an air of superiority, they profess to believe in Christ, not only apart from the history and tradition of His followers, but apart from the record of His life and teaching in the four Gospels.

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