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To which topic can you bring the most actual experiences and concrete details? Consider outlining and writing rough drafts of two essays. High school senior Liz Abernathey says she wrote four essays on different topics paraphrasing sentence before coming up with one she liked. Rather than trying to fix it, I simply began again.

I wrote another essay a few days later, and a similar thing occurred. Although I only had a rough draft, I knew I had hit upon something good.

Note that the second example, while still just notes, seems to lend itself to more actual experiences and concrete details. Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. Jd sat at the keyboard in the school library, looking for inspiration. Finally, Jd started a search for "women scientists. The more Jd read about this brilliant, dynamic woman, the more Jd became inspired.

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced, and its impact on you.

Carlson told us that we would be making trips to the coral reef in ffmbergris Caye, and writing up our findings as a report once we got back to school. You could write a superb essay on the anxiety you have experienced as a teen (think cliche), or your struggle with depression, but think about your audience. How many times does an admissions officer want to read depressing topics? Readers want to know about who you are today, not about your early childhood. Unless it has significant relevance to who you are today, skip it. Unless your take on a popular topic is highly i need help with writing an essay original and highly personal, you run the risk of bor- ing your audience.

Showcase your uniqueness by steering clear of obvious top- ics and content. Large societal or political issues are usually not personal. Subjects such as i need help with writing coursework sample an essay world peace, September 11, and Columbine have been expounded upon by experts every day in the media, and you probably do not have a unique perspective (unless you were personally involved, or directly impacted).

Think specific and personal, rather than abstract and global. For example, did your team really win the state championship because of your leadership skills?

There is a great difference between advocating for yourself and sounding pompous. In this section, winning strategies for each section are examined. INTRODUCTION Exit essays differ from admissions essays in that they are scored by a teacher or adminis- trator from your school. This reader (or readers) will take time with your writing. In con- trast, anonymous admissions officers typically spend just two or three minutes reading each application essay. The best way to write a compelling introduction is to wait to write it until you have com- pleted the rough draft of the rest of your essay.

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Then, extract something from your writing to use as an opener. Your reader will relate to your subject if you engage their emotions and cause them to make a connection with you and your writing. Think about beginning with the way you felt i need help with writing an essay about something, rather than first describing or otherwise revealing that something. Your introduction needs to relate to the rest of your essay, but there can be a small i need help with writing an essay detail that makes the admissions officers wonder what you are up to. Are you writing about how your music i need help with writing an essay teacher has influenced you? You might begin by describing him playing his cello in a few detailed sentences. The reader will wonder who the mys- tery man is, and want to read on to find out. Admissions officers will have to keep reading to discover what you are writing about. Turn it into a question that does not have an obvious answer.

If you are writing about a travel experience, hunt down some statistics that might seem startling. Department of Transportation reported that during the month I was traveling, over 255,000 pieces of luggage were lost. Using your outline and notes, put down your thoughts in clear sentences that flow logically from one to another. Tell your story seamlessly, using transitions (see the list of transition words in Chapter 7, pages 90-9 1 ) to move from one point to the next. If you find weaknesses with your outline as you write, such as miss- ing details or a paragraph that would work better in another part of your essay, make adjust- ments.

Keep in mind though, there is plenty of time to refine your essay during the revi- sion and editing processes. Provide an obvious connection between your introduction and the body of your essay. For example, if you opened with a statistic (such as the introduction example about Valencia oranges), the next sentence must connect the numbers with your own experience.

Admissions directors and college counselors give this piece of advice often: do not use words specifically to show off your vocabulary, or to try to wow your reader.

There is an important difference between using just the right word to convey meaning, and using a bigger, longer word when a simpler one will do. Remember, you are supposed to sound like you, not a politician or chairman-of-the-board. By using words that are not in your normal vocabu- lary, you run the risk of using them incorrectly. Look at the following examples: To the point: I decided to keep it simple by packing only those things that I could carry in one suitcase.

Thesaurized: I determined to eschew obfuscation by packing only those things that I could transport in one valise. To the point: In high school, I took my first accounting class and began to help my mother with the accounting tasks of the business.

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