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These are among the most striking of the secular pre- dictions, if we may so call them, of the Bible.

Let the candid enquirer well consider these side by side with the assertions of this Essay, and he will then be enabled to form some judgment of the prejudice and one-sidedness against which the believer in the Bible has to contend. There is another subject also to which i need help doing a research paper we may here P Babylon — Isa. These are not the only pro- phecies, but sufficient as a basis for the enquiry. Newton in his " Dissertations on the Prophecies" will supply more, as well as the prophecies relating to Nineveh and other great powers. Mansel is reproved, because in his Bampton Lectures " recognised mistranslations and misreadings are alleged as arguments.

Mansel is so abundantly able to make answer for him- self, that it would be superfluous for any friend to answer for him. But these words are quoted to shew how very i need help doing a research paper prone we are to commit the very fault which we attribute to others.

Williams, both in his Essay, and in his " Eational Godliness," p.

Paul when he assured the Lycaonians that he and Barnabas were " men of like passions" with themselves. Is there a mistranslation more recognised than this, or can there be an argu- ment more entirely alien from the subject into con- nection with which it is dragged, than this quota- tion of Dr.

What argument can it afford against any theory of inspiration, that the apostles acknowledged to those who were about to worship them as gods, that they were mortals like themselves, subject to suffering, sickness, death?

Had the author taken counsel on the subject with a well-educated fifth-form boy he would, I am willing to believe, have cancelled this argument. Williams is not content to throw contempt on the great men of modern days, on Bishops Pearson and Butler, and on men of reputation in our own day, like Mr. Mansel, — he wings his shafts against the great men of ancient days also, and has especially selected Jerome for his mark. It does not appear very pro- 88 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, bable, after some fourteen centuries in which the name of Jerome has been held in high reverence, even by those who would demur to some of his opinions, that this eminent Father would sink into contempt even though assailed by one who was thoroughly conversant with his weakest points. But when the attack is so made as to shew the weak points of the assailant him- self, the effect becomes rather ludicrous than serious. It seems a pity for the reputation of the Essayist that when he selects a few crowning absurdities, as he imagines, from the term paper writing help whole works of this Father, he should flounder at every step in a manner which almost excites our compassion. One feels something like compassion for a man, who with the pages of an eminent expositor of Scripture before him, indulges in the littleness of picking out a single specimen of what appear to him to be absurdities, and then pro- duces it in a manner which evidently shews either that his acquaintance with the author is very slight, or that he is unwilling his readers should know any- thing more than the bare assertion which, quoted by itself, sounds strange to our ears. But when the nineteenth century begins to depreciate the fourth and fifth centuries in theology, it would be well that the matter should be stated quite fairly.

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It occurs in a private letter to Nepotianus, and is simply a case of etymological trifling. Throughout these valuable remains of ancient exegesis, Jerome compares the Hebrew text and that of the LXX, and points out the difference of the inter- pretations to which they naturally lead.

He occa- sionally gives his opinion on other interpretations, and gives his reasons for rejecting or accepting them. Often two different interpretations help writing term paper are found in the commentary on the same passage, and the sagacity of the reader must be exercised in judging between them. While he gives one of these interpretations, he uses the language which fits that interpretation, whether it expresses his own sentiments or not.

What are we therefore to think of the fairness of a person who picks out and isolates a single sentence from the middle of a mystical interpretation, and then presents it to his readers as a specimen of the exegesis of Jerome? If he only meant that the simple fact that such a statement could ever enter into any mystical interpretation at all, is a proof that exegesis was at a very low ebb, and that Jerome was not much above his contemporaries, then his proof would be worth nothing, and he would only exhibit pro tanto his own incompetence to measure the intellectual power of the age. But when it is shewn to be a part of a great interpretation, which is immediately followed by the words "But the sense according to the LXX is entirely different," what shall we say of such a quotation? Williams has given a true interpretation of the words he has quoted?

Any competent Hebrew and Latin scholar, on reading these words, " De Chal- daeis nullus ambigit quin Daemones sonent," would be directed by the words Chaldcei and sonent to a order a paper paro- nomasia or play on words between the Hebrew name for the Chaldaeans and the word for Demons 1 ". The unlearned would understand from the account in the Essay that Jerome meant to lay down as a rule of interpretation, that wherever Chaldeans are men- tioned, Demons are intended, whereas all that Jerome does say is i need help doing a research paper this, viz. Q2 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, mologically speaking. He immediately adds that the sense is entirely different according to the LXX. I invite all those who have the requisite acquirements to study this portion of Jerome, and to test the ac- count which I have given of his meaning with the utmost severity.

I now ask, i need help doing a research paper if this account be true, can any reader trust the author of this Essay for a faithful portrait of one of the Fathers s? But this is by no means all the retribution due from the author of the Essay to the memory of this eminent Father.

So far from being anxious to interpret Scripture thus mystically, and to make out the Chaldeans to be Demons, Jerome actually reproves Origen for this very fault on more occasion than one. Any person i need help doing a research paper who desires to judge more fairly of Jerome, after this paltry attack of Dr.

Williams, may consult, among other passages, his commentary on Isaiah xiii. He will there see how carefully he rejects the spiritual interpretation of Eusebius, who was not a person commonly run away with by his imagination, and cleaves to the simple historical view of the passage, and how he repudiates the allegorizing spirit of Origen.

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