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The Essayist, order papers online however, proceeds on a different principle. Let us apply this principle to the question before us. It assumes that we are competent to pronounce an opi- nion on what it befits God to say. This surely is a very presumptuous view of the case. The divine Author of Scripture did not make the proof of the Inspiration of the Pentateuch to depend " on the idea which men might gather from the knowledge of it. Because Almighty God had visibly distinguished the Pentateuch d See Plato Cratyl. And when the Son of God Himself came down from heaven and proved His divine au- thority by the mighty works recorded in the Gospels, (which in course of time were received as true and divine histories by the Eoman Empire itself, which at first persecuted the Christians,) Jesus Christ openly acknowledged all the books of the Old Testament to be given by Inspiration of God, and He commanded all men, as they desire to be saved, to receive those books as divine. This is the method which God has adopted for as- suring mankind that the Old Testament is divinely inspired.

He has followed a similar method with regard to the New Testament.

Well, therefore, does the Church of England thus speak 1 : — "In the name of Holy Scripture we do understand those canonical Books of the Old and "New Testament, of whose authority was never any doubt in the Church. All the Books of the Xew Testament, as they are commonly received, we do re- ceive, and account them Canonical 111. He would have every man take the Bible into his hands as a common book, and test it by his own conscience, or feelings, and then pronounce judgment upon it. It has been put forth in how to write my paper Germany and in other countries of the world. He cannot stir a step in interpreting Scripture with- out having first settled it. If Holy Scripture is inspired, then its author is God : and then the Bible must be interpreted as a book written by a Being to whom all things are present, and who contemplates all things at once in the pano- ramic view of His own Omniscience. If the expositor has not first settled the question whether Scripture is divinely inspired, and if he handles it as he would " any other book," he will not be disposed to receive with humility such Christian precepts or doctrines, and such supernatural truths, as may be repugnant to his own reason, will, and appetites.

But he will measure them, as indeed the Essayist and his fellow-labourers how help writing a argumentative essay to write my paper how to write my paper do, by the standard of his own " inner consciousness. If, again, he is in doubt as to the Inspiration of the Bible, he will set aside every interpretation of its words which would not be applied to those words on the how to write my paper supposition that they were uttered by men unaided by the Holy Spirit, and were not dictated by God. For example, the words of t Essays and Keviews, pp.

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The teaching of " Essays and Eeviews" on this point has been thus summed up by a French critic, of sceptical opinions, in an article upon that volume in the Revue des deux Mondes for May, 1861, p.

Here are two meanings assigned in Scripture to the same text of Scripture. Will not every humble and devout reader of Scripture thankfully receive both? The Essayist himself has displayed some remarkable specimens of the disastrous consequences of his own theory, as we shall see hereafter 2. Indeed, the pre- sent Essay supplies abundant evidence of the un- soundness of that theory, which, while it professes to be conducive to the right understanding of Holy Scripture, would be utterly destructive of its true interpretation. The Essayist seems almost to forget, that moral and spiritual qualifications, as well as intellectual endow- ments, are necessary for the right interpretation of Holy Scripture. The Scriptures cannot be understood except through the illumination of the Holy Spirit who wrote them. But the Holy Spirit will not vouchsafe His divine light to those who ven- ture to treat the Scriptures as a common book. Spiri- tual blindness is the just retribution which they who handle Scripture with familiarity bring upon them- selves. He has acted on his own maxim, " Interpret the Scripture like any other book. Nahash the Ammo- nite said to the people of Jabesh-Gilead, " On this condition will I make a covenant with you, that I may thrust out all your right eyes e. As he loves his own intellectual and spiritual health and that of others committed to his care, let him be earnestly entreated to retrace his steps. Let him not deem it an unworthy thing to sit down as a scholar at the feet of Jesus Christ, and to hearken to that Divine Teacher, who delivers the Holy Scriptures to the world no t as a common book, but as the Word of the living God, who enabled His Apostles and Evan- gelists to see and to expound the meaning of the Old Testament, and who promises to give the Holy Spirit to those who meekly receive the Scriptures as the lively oracles of divine truth. The Essayist has no great veneration for the ancient Fathers of the Church, and yet he endeavours to enlist them in his service. In a manner which could hardly have been expected, and would have greatly surprised them. The question of the Inspiration of Scripture, he says, "was not deter- mined by the Fathers of the Church f. This must be the meaning of this sentence, or else it is wholly irrelevant to the place where it stands. Let us grant now — what is quite true — that no ancient Council ever met to determine the question of inspiration, and that no ancient Father has left a trea- tise on inspiration. It was because the ques- tion was settled, and because no one in Christendom had any doubt about it. Let him mention any ancient Interpreter, who ever said that "the inspiration of Scripture was a matter with which he had nothing to do," or how to write my paper who ever thought of interpreting the Bible " as a common book.

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