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I then made minor changes to the coding guide 77 5 Case study: Architecture evolution at Costco as appropriate: adjusting boundaries between coding units, clarifying descriptions of categories in the coding frame, and so on. The coding frame that appears in appendix B is the final version, which I used for the main analysis. Another outcome of the pilot phase was the definition of context units to define the scope of the context to be considered when coding a given unit. In the case of content analysis 1,1 defined a context unit to consist of the paragraphs immediately surrounding a coding unit.

In the case of content analysis 2,1 defined the context unit to encompass the entirety of the source material, since occurrences a single coding unit could be spread throughout the data, as explained in section 5.

I carried out the coding for content analysis 1 and content analysis 2 on separate occasions—again treating them as two distinct content analyses even though they are part of a single case study. I conducted two passes of coding: one pass to identify the codes, and a second to permit evaluation of reliability. Once the two passes had been completed, I reconciled the results. For each discrepancy that existed between the initial coding and the recoding, I carefully examined the coding unit, the surrounding context, and the full descriptions of both categories (the one assigned in the initial coding and the one assigned in the recoding) in the coding guide, then chose whichever of the two was most appropriate. This final categorization served the basis for the subsequent interpretation of the results as well as (in the case of content analysis 2) the modeling phase. First, I constructed initial and target architectures, directly using the results of content analysis 2. Second, I specified a number of evolution operators relevant to the evolution, including several that had been specifically mentioned in the data.

Third, I specified the constraints that had been identified in content analysis 2. Finally, I specified evaluation functions for the evolution concerns that had been identified in the content analysis. Thus, the first step in constructing an evolution model in this case study was selecting a modeling language. By contrast, other modeling languages we have used, such as UML, aspire to a much broader set of purposes. Consequently, using such languages with our approach requires care to be taken in establishing explicit conventions for their use. The content analysis had produced all the significant architectural elements to be modeled and had further categorized them as components, connectors, systems, and so on. In addition, it had determined which of these elements appeared in the initial architecture, and which appeared in the target architecture. With this work done, constructing initial and target architectures in Acme was fairly straightforward.

Of course, the content analysis was not sufficient, on its own, to specify the initial and target architectures fully, ft defined and classified all the key elements. But because the interviews and architectural documentation were fairly high-level, they seldom descended to the level of ports and roles, for example. Although the coding guide included a category for ports and roles, most of the ports and roles in the system were never how can i pay someone to write my essay explicitly mentioned.

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Thus, while in casual conversation one might simply speak of a component A being connected to component B by a connector C, Acme requires the roles of connector C to be explicitly defined, and attached to ports on components A and B that are also explicitly defined.

All the major decisions—what the major components of the system were, how they should be connected, how the system as a whole was how can i pay someone to write my essay structured—had already been made via the content analysis.

At least subjectively, then, we can say that the content analysis succeeded in systematizing and formalizing the major decisions involved in architecture representation, even though it did not itself amount to a comprehensive representation of the architecture. The initial and target architecture of the system are shown in figures 12 and 13. Not shown in these figures are system substructures modeled using Acme representations. For the most part, the finer details of the point-of-sale evolution are not important here, but it will be useful to have a passing acquaintance with the system, so 1 how can i pay someone to write my essay now provide a brief explanation. The core point-of-sale system is within the warehouse. The POS element itself does not appear in these diagrams, because it is inside the controller components. The main goal cheap custom essay writing service of the point-of-sale evolution is to replace the legacy component at the core of the point-of-sale system, an off-the-shelf point-of-sale package, with another, more modern off-the-shelf package. AnAcmeStudio representation of the initial architecture of the point-of-sale system, constructed how can i pay someone to write my essay from the content analysis results. AnAcmeStudio representation of the target architecture of the point-of-sale system, constructed from the content analysis results.

For example, a number of new elements are being introduced how can i pay someone to write my essay to facilitate communication among systems, including a new integration architecture element, an integration hub, and a Master Data Management system. Another significant change is that various legacy systems will eventually be disused (e. Although representing the initial and target architectures based on the results of the content analysis was generally straightforward, there were a few difficulties that did arise. Figures 12 and 13 represent physical boundaries primarily using groupings (e. Flowever, using a deployment view would have permitted us to depict such boundaries more explicitly and precisely. In addition, it would have allowed us to depict which software elements were allocated to which physical devices. However, in this case study we used only one view type so as to simplify the content analysis and permit the use of Acme, which does not support multiple architectural views. I did not receive any information about what it was connected to or about its exact relationship with the point-of-sale system. In fact, it might have been best to omit it from the model, except that I wanted to ensure the model was derived from the content analysis with as few tweaks as possible. There were a number of other elements about which incomplete information was likewise provided.

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