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A thesis or dissertation provides an opportunity for students to identify a topic and gain deep insights into research work (Swales, 1990).

To find solutions to those matters, approaches of L2 writing teaching and learning have become a great concern since 1980 (Hyland, 2003). More specifically, studies on the effects of the product, process and genre approach have been explored so far.

The findings of those studies showed that each writing teaching approach has its own strengths and limitations. For example, positive points of the product approach emphasized the imitation of input, repetition, controlled writing and accuracy, whereas writing skills are ignoredin this approach. By homework help research paper contast, the process approach concentrates on language skills, whereas no emphasis on linguistic knowledge is given. Thus, a novel writing teaching model named the Process Genre Model (PGM) was then proposed by Badger and White (2000). Just a few years later, the PGA was widely used and supported by a number of researchers (e. Also, in recent years, EFL teachers in Vietnam have been integrating the process genre based and communicative approaches into their writing classes (Tran, 2007). Flowever, previous researchers have paid more attention to different genres (i. Since 2004, the policy of Vietnamese education emphasizes the improvement in Fligher Education (FIE) quality to meet the requirements of the global developments in all fields and demands of well-trained and qualified workforce. It was also indicated that textbook, syllabi and teaching materials must meet the requirements of educational methods. The content therefore must focus on training vocational abilities, moral and physical education as well as improving skills as required by each profession in order to improve educational qualifications. Therefore, CTU, a multidisciplinary university, which is the biggest public university in the Southeast of Vietnam, has a mission of the development of scientific research projects as well as get an homework help research paper access to scientific and technological knowledge for problematic solutions to science, technology, economics, culture and society in the essays service region. In particular, the first phase of CTU program aims to support the main strategic objectives of CTU including: (1) human resource development by supporting grants for Ph.

Meanwhile, the second phase emphasizes the improvement in the quality of teaching and e-courses, multi-disciplinarity, as well as enhances the growth of applied research, networking, and etc.

With such a significant emission, in recent years, CTU has provided FIE for 35,038 undergraduate students, 1,806 master students, and PhD 40 students. Thus, it has currently 77 undergraduates, 28 Master and 8 Doctoral training programs. Especially, English majored students in CTU are taught four skills of English as their major subjects, namely, speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In particular, compulsory academic writing genres such as sentences writing, letters, paragraphs writing, essays writing etc.

In the third academic year, these students are required to attend a RPW course for the preparation of thesis writing in the final year.

As mentioned, RPW is one of the popular genres of academic writing required for university students (Ahn, 2012).

Nevertheless, this perspective has caught less attention of curriculum developers. As Thanh (2006) stated that Vietnamese institutions still use curricula designed to meet the needs of the state-owned economy 10 years ago.

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More specifically, colleges and universities pay less attention to the instruction of RPW skills for university students due to a lack of awareness of its importance in academic success and future reputation. Consequently, today, most university students including Ph. Universities in Vietnam including CTU are facing such problems. Regarding such problems and realistic needs of education, this study aims to determine and propose the core components of the content of a RPW program using PGA to teach the third year university students in academic year (2015-2016), who major in English studies in English Department, at School of Education, in CTU. This paper is, therefore, believed to contribute to practical applications for RPW program developers, lecturers, 20 www.

Likewise and Graves (2009) highlights four factors: (1) who will be taught, (2) what will be taught, (3) how it will be taught, and (4) how what is learned will be evaluated. Therefore, this work considers the content, the form and structure of the RPW program with the role of context for the development of the core content of the program as a need of HE.

Therefore, the following section provides the theoretical foundation for this work through a critical discussion about the conceptualization of the knowledge base of the program and academic writing skills. Lafayette (1993) argued that knowledge of language proficiency, civilization and culture, and language analysis are needed in the program. Day (1993) proposed knowledge base of program including knowledge of content, pedagogy, and support. Knowledge of various disciplines affecting English teaching and learning approaches focuses on knowledge of psycholinguistics, linguistics, L2 acquisition, sociolinguistics, and research methods (Day, 1993, p. Therefore, in this study, to design RPW program, knowledge of content, language proficiency, language analysis and support knowledge regarding the important role of context are taken into considerations. Coherence as an orderly development of homework help research paper ideas, continuity, no irrelevance, an appropriate emphasis on ideas and a sense of completeness is carefully considered. Obviously, he or she needs to follow the accepted textual form depending on a specific genre of writing. Tribble (1996) also claimed that writers need to haveknowledge of a genre regarding: (1) content knowledge (i.

Harmer (2004) also perceived that writersneed to have knowledge of genre, general, socioculture, and topic as a subject to get successful in written communications. Thus, in this study, genre knowledge, context and content knowledge, general world knowledge, topic knowledge, language system knowledge and writing knowledge of RPW is included in RPW module. According to Badger and White (2000), writing in PGA is referred to as creating a situation and providing sufficient supports for learners to determine the purpose and other aspects of social contexts. In this regard, students are provided with sample writing texts, and required to first take into considerations real situations, readers, and then practise language use (vocabulary and grammar) on a specific genre. In this view, Hyland (2003b) also emphasized the text and context, and the role of language in writtencommunication. He also highlighted the processof learning and acquiring genres instead of solely focusingon the end product, or a specificvariety of genre. However, Yan (2005) attempted to introduce a lesson plan for an argumentative writing using PGA.

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