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Many who smile at the fancies of a Whiston or a Buffon are scarcely less under the dominion of ideas of very kindred origin. The increasing tendency of all research towards harmony, simplicity, and unity of character, will be recognised as a pledge of its ultimate rea- lisation : and even conjectural hypotheses, confes- sedly a mere indulgence in philosophical romance, provided it be strictly philosophical, will be hailed with satisfaction as helping out the general con- ception and keeping alive the spirit of analogical inquiry. But a pay people to write papers yet more serious question, of the same kind Second al- leged ex- as that referring to geology, has been raised with ception in the science respect to the sciences of organisation and life : which of organisa- tion and are sometimes supposed to involve altogether a new We. Now it will on all hands be allowed that these Peculiar difficulties subjects are as yet but imperfectly understood, and of the sub- ject, a large range of inquiry connected with them still involved in obscurity. And if from external pheno- mena we seek to advance to their causes and princi- ples, it is of course most fully admitted that of the ultimate causes of organisation and life we cannot 64 UNITY OF SCIENCES. Not really Everything doubtless is mysterious till it is made mysterious orinscru- known, but the inductive inquirer will never al- table. Electricity and magnetism, thunder and lightning, were perfect mysteries a century ago. There have not been wanting, indeed, attempts at Proposed hypotheses theorising on the subject : various hypotheses have of the vital principle been started as to the nature of the "vital principle," often falla - cious.

But all this in no way affects the con- viction of the existence of some physical principle, the cause of the vital functions, as yet, indeed, unknown, but which nevertheless will, at some time, become as well determined as the principle of respiration or the circulation of the blood are at present. Again, though chemical analysis has reduced or- ganised products to determinate elements, yet it is made a matter of no small boast by some, that no chemistry can reproduce an organic substance, or invest that organised substance with life : and eager and loud was the triumph of those who conceived they had refuted the alleged results of Messrs. Crosse and Weekes, and bitter the abuse and ridi- ESSAY I. But the truly inductive inquirer can never doubt that there really exists as complete and continuous a relation and connexion of some kind between the manifestations of life and the simplest mechanical or chemical laws evinced in the varied actions of the body in which it resides, as there is between the action of any machine and the laws of motion and equilibrium, the weaving of cloth by a power-loom and the principle of latent heat : and that this connexion and dependence is but one com- ponent portion of the vast chain of physical causa- tion whose essential strength lies in its universal continuity, which extends, without interruption, through the entire world of order, and in which a real disruption of one link would be the destruction of the whole. The principles of inductive science apply to all F 2 68 UNITY OF SCIENCES. All nature physical truth and the investigation of all physical subject to law and causes.

Humboldt observes, "All myths about impon- derable matters and special vital forces history essay writing service inherent in organised beings, only render views of nature per- plexed and indistinct. But there is another plea on which the phy- physiology. It is of course obvious that throughout these F 3 70 UNITY OF SCIENCES.

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The dis- sciences, perpetual instances of such adaptation of tinction not ten- structure to the ends and purposes of life are able. So rapid is the mental operation by which the inference of design in these history essay writing service cases flashes upon us, and so immediate is the impression, that it may seem almost to precede, or at least to go hand in hand with observation, without waiting for formal deduction : so that we may not unnaturally deceive ourselves, and may sometimes mistake it for an intuitive notion, acquired antecedently to the actual examination of organised structures, and may even imagine (as some have even maintained on philosophical grounds) the idea of a purpose, and end and means, is an integral part of our very idea of an organised being.

It is, however, in strictness, not merely from Not essen- tial, but in- observation, but by a considerable exercise of in- cidentai. There is no essential distinction in kind between our conception of the one or the other. It is true we soon come practically and habitually to include these effects in the complex current idea of an organised being, and are unconsciously and involuntarily led as it were to connect these conditions with the idea of plan and intention, and to assume the relation of these as that of ends and means. But we are here con- cerned only with the analysis of our ideas. More en- That a combination of arrangements, perhaps larged views ,. But such instances arising in the contemplation of organised structures do not stand in any way peculiarly distinguished in their nature from other cases of the like adaptation of means to an end in the wider arrangements of un- organised matter.

Reduced to its proper place in history essay writing service the philoso- phical system, the case is simply this : most disco- veries in physical science are originally prompted and suggested by some previous conjecture. Nothing can be more fruitful in furnishing such conjectures than the habitual recourse to instances of adaptation to an end in organisation already known, whence the enlightened physiologist often receives the most valuable hints, and frames the most probable con- jectures as to those which are as yet unknown. The object is not in this place to enter on the Unity of composition general argument of " final causes : " and in re- the true principle of ference to the present subject I will only remark, philosophi- cal physio- that the wider extension of physiology by the intro- lo sy- duction of the more enlarged and modern principle of " unity of composition," besides its proper claims 74 UNITY OF SCIENCES. There is nothing unity of physiology exclusive or peculiar in the study of organised with other sciences. It will, however, hardly be denied that man, con- sidered in his animal nature alone, is very little supe- rior to brutes, and in some respects inferior. In the scale of mere animal organisation, the difference between the lowest human form and the highest monkey is not greater than between one class of monkey and another. To what extent mind and volition, especially in their lower functions, in man are different from the corresponding manifestations in inferior animals, is doubtless a very important question of psychology. To draw the line may be difficult or impracticable. Now on this most important point I would only ob- serve one thing in reference to our present subject: the assertion in its very nature and essence refers wholly to a DIFFERENT ORDER OF THINGS, apart from, and transcending, any material ideas whatso- ever : hence it cannot be affected by any considerations or conclusions belonging to the laws of matter or nature.

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