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Bref ly tell the conclusion of this cause and effect presentation. State a question you would like to ask the speaker about the presentation (to clarify a point to expand information). Circle the positive effects listed on the chart above and be prepared to discuss the positive and negative effects. Identify problem-solving strategies that may decrease the number of negative effects. Give an example of one supporting detail that was not factual.

Think of a supporting detail that was not expressed by the speaker. State a question you would like to ask the speaker about the presentation (to clarify a point- to expand information). Do you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed by the speaker?

DEMONSTRATION Presentation title: Name of presents : 1. List the aids used by the presenter during the demonstration. Write a statement that the presenter could have used in the demonstration. State two facts presented that you found interesting or that were new to you. Write a question that you would like to ask the presenter about the demonstration. ISO Listening Strand: Listening Themes A and C LISTENING RESPONSE SHEET Name: Date: Title of the Presentation : Date: 1. Complete the PMI chart below by listing positive, negative and interesting points about the presentation. Found a positive way to handle a negative situation. Allowed others to share and did not monopolize the conversation. List additional listening skills you used during the above communication experience. Name two communication skills you would like to improve. Have students generate discussion helping others essays rules and post these as reminders. Rules may change according to the goals of the group. GROUP SiZE AND SEATING ARRANGEMENTS Small groups of four or five are ideally suited to discussion. A circle formation permits all members to participate equally. MAKING DECISIONS Reinforce the process by which decisions will be made: consensus, majority vote, compromise, minority control, expert or authority in the group. The strongest decisions are those arrived at by group consensus, yet consensus is often difficult to achieve. ROLES Students may require assistance when determining their roles and functions in the c,roup (e. The natural leader of the group may need assistance to avoid replacing the appointed leader. Teachers may assign roles for initial discussion experiences.

GROUP GOAL Clarify for students the specific goal of the group discussion and encourage them to use strategies designed for keeping the discussion directed at reaching the goal (e. EVALUATION Provide opportunities for students to self-evaluate. Peer evaluation may follow when students understand fully the purpose and focus of peer appraisal.

Teachers may circulate and observe group interaction focusing on participation, on-task behaviour, communication skills, etc. Debriefing will include positive behaviours and constructive criticism. The helping others essays following suggestions and examples may assist in implementing "I" messages. If you are annoyed with me, I would like you to tell me that directly. Another skill in sending clear, honest messages is behaviour description. People may provide opinions and judgments about what they see happening, rather than describing what they saw and heard, and how they behaved. Assist students to use specific terms to describe events, using activities such as the following: 1. Make a game out of describing helping others essays actions exactly as they are seen. Then observe to see how closely your listener comes to doing it as you expected. Wallen, Northwest Regional Education Laboratory, Portland, Oregon.

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Complete the third column by imagining and writing down possible outcomes of your "I" message. You are the last to get to use the bathroom in the morning and you are tired of constantly finding it in a mess. You want to make a phone call, but your sibling has Deen on int? You have lent your tool set to a friend who does not look after them and rptiirnc frhpm in nnnr 1 CLUt 1 Ij Li ICIll H 1 fJUwl condition. You have lent some money to a friend who has not repaid you. You pick up a friend on the way to school everyday who routinely keeps you waiting. You have arrived late for school three times this week. You are told you will have a detention -you are asked to explain the problem you have. You are seated in the "No Smoking" section of a restaurant. At an adjacent table, someone lights up and you are bothered by the smoke. At your work study placement (a daycare centre), you catch a youngster writing and colouring on the wall. If it happens again, I will take your crayons away for the day.

They may need instruction in using discussion gambits. Here are some that are useful tools for discussion. GAMBIT EXAMPLES Interrupting May 1 make a comment on that? Copyright by Public Service Commission of Canada and Minister of Supply and Services of Canada. The following checklist can be used to help you evaluate yourself. Instructions: Take a few minutes to reflect honestly on your contributions to the class.

I supported my ideas and remarks with specific details (e.

I encouraged other group members to tell more about their ideas. I asked other group members questions about their iders. I let other members finish speaking without interrupting. I think I might have made someone else change their mind about something as a result of an idea I contributed. Comprehension (Translating, interpreting, and extrapolating) State in your own words Classify Which are facts? Give an example Infer Select the best definition Condense this paragraph Show What would happen if? Tell Explain yvhat is meant What restrictions would you add? Translate Read the graph, table What exceptions are there? Explain Sing this song Represent Show in a graph, table Demonstrate III. Application (to situations that are new, unfamiliar, or have a new slant for students) Predict what would happen if Choose the best statements that apply Select Judge the effects What would result? Implicit in the statement is the idea of What is the function of? What statement is relevant, extraneous to, related to, not applicable? State the point of view of What ideas justify the conclusion? Synthesis (Combining elements into a pattern not cleany there before) Create Tell Make Do Dance Choose Write (according to the following ) How would you test?

Propose an alternative Solve the following Plan Design Makeup Compose Formulate a theory How else would you? State the rule for — Develop Evaluation (according to some set of criteria, and state why) Appraise Judge Criticize Defend Compare What fallacies, consistencies, inconsistencies appear? Find the errors 202 10 Speaking Strand: Speaking Themes A and B FORMING QUESTIONING CHAINS Questioning chains are a series of linked questions that lead students to discover answers. When students succeed with the problem, ask: "How can we check that answer? Instructional Mediation in the Classroom: How Teacher Talk Influences Student Learning. Employers value employees who can communicate effectively and with ease. A series of planned speeches should be part of the English program.

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