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In general terms, for example, there have been no studies of the experience of tutorials, seminars, workshops, simulation exercises or laboratory work.

In specific terms, we need detailed analyses of individual departments to extend the work currently being carried out at the Open University and the action research which provided some of the examples in Chapter 11. A promising start has been made, but much more work is still required. Research as Learning A search for a better understanding of student learning has been the shared enterprise undertaken by all the contributors to this book. We have each been involved in changing our conceptions of some aspects of the world of higher education, and the teaching-learning process more generally.

In terms of our own definition, then, we best site to buy a research paper too have been engaged in a learning task. And that is just what we do have — a j changed conception of research in terms of intentions, processes and outcomes. Do children learn more from j a text they have listened to than one they have read?

Why does 15 pen cent of an age-group fail to learn arithmetic? In the former, what is learned has no meaning beyond itself: it forms a self-contained world of its own, cut off from everyday reality. In the latter, what is learned connects to the world in which we live and work: it enhances our grasp of everyday reality. The outcome of our research is not technical knowledge of the kind which lays down set procedures or prescribes fixed courses of action: it is hermeneutic or interpretative knowledge, but it is also related to a particular range of situations and is thus contextual in nature. In the previous chapter, the emancipatory possibilities of our research findings were suggested in terms of illustrative case studies, while the conceptual analysis in earlier sections was intended to help readers to carry essay writer services out their own interpretation of our ideas more effectively. Looking at the process of research — the research methodology — continues our consideration of research as learning. How do we go about seeking a better understanding of student learning? As we have said, we start by asking the participants to describe their experiences. In the British help writing thesis studies the over-riding concern has been with context in everyday studying — how differences in teaching or assessment affect the processes of studying. This inclusion in the investigation of learning of detailed analyses of both content and context represents a further shift away from accepted research methodology. Again, in describing what influences learning, psychologists traditionally have assembled a formid- able array help writing thesis of concepts to explain differences in learning outcome. These concepts are introduced in the early stages of the research to produce hypothesized explanations. In the majority of the studies reported in this book, the main finding has been a set of categories. Thus what is in conventional research the starting-point becomes in our own work the end-product, as the nature of what is being described is in itself considered to be problematic. Thus the identification, construction, delimitation and refinement of descriptions is at the heart of our research methodology.

The process by which interview transcripts are read and re-read, categorized and recategorized has already been described in detail in Chapter 3. Even the use of extracts from the interviews is rather different from most interview studies. The quotations are not just presented as interesting comments introduced almost incidentally, they exemplify the defining features of the categories identified. Having established these categories, what evidence do we have for their validity and reliability? Do the categories describe important features of psychological or educational reality, help writing thesis and to what extent would other researchers put interview extracts into the same categories?

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It is on such grounds, and on the rediscovery of the main constructs by independent researchers in differing contexts, that our claims for the validity of our findings must rest. The reliability of categorization is more readily checked by the conventional means of inter-judge agreement. In all the studies the level of agreement has exceeded 75 per cent, with a more typical value being above 80 per cent (see, for example, Chapters 3 and 7).

Rather than carrying the argument for validity and reliability further, it would be fairer to point up some of the problems created by this approach to research. It has been suggested that one of the hallmarks of this developing research tradition is its rejection of the conceptual arrays offered by psychologists and sociologists.

It has been stressed that the researcher tackles each study with an open mind and tries to describe either distinctive categories of outcome or salient aspects of the processes of teaching and learning as perceived by the student.

In the early stages of the research this claim was true, but as the powerfulness of the main concepts became recognized their effect on each new study has to be accepted. But in principle, atf least, this methodology should make us more aware of the danger. Another major problem in the methodology is the emphasis on the analysis of specific content. While this approach is essential to grasp how students develop their conceptualizations of subject matter, the multiplic- ity of concepts faced by teachers and student alike necessitates some general guidelines. To force every outcome of learning into one classification system would be counter- productive, given the known differences between areas of knowledge. GIN G CONCEPTIONS OF LEARNING AND RESEARCH 227 of teachers and researchers in together exploring the phenomenography of learning has important side effects. The extension of this research can thus be seen as utilizing the detailed exploration of specific concepts both to develop differing ways of classifying outcome space in a range of disciplines, and also helping teachers to understand the range of understandings and misunder- standings developed by students in the process of learning. There are times, particularly in the sciences, where the initial strategies will necessarily involve the rote learning of terminology, or extended periods of procedural operation learning. Knowledge of facts is an essential part of most disciplines, but it is crucial to recognize that firm knowledge of detail depends on an active engagement in the learning process, which ultimately embeds those facts within a help writing thesis matrix of meaning. Thus the long-term aim of education, in our view, should still be directed to the more fundamental conceptual finished custom writing paper changes which have been repeatedly emphasized in this book. Whether we refer to researcher, teacher or student, each conception of learning will evoke different types of question. The teacher, whether in class or in an examination, will tend to ask essentially closed questions, expecting students to reproduce the facts or ideas previously presented. The student will be anxiously concerned about how to remem- ber the help writing thesis information which, correctly reproduced, will complete the next step in the perceived course requirements. The alternative conception implies the asking of open questions, and the recognition that the answers will have interesting and revealing qualitative, even idiosyncratic, differ- ences. The students are then encouraged to see learning as a reorganiza- tion and transformation of their understanding of aspects of the real world.

For there to be such a change in our conception there is one essential insight required. This insight involves the recognition and acceptance 228 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING of multiple meanings: the realization that our perceptions of the world may be interpreted in a whole range of different ways.

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