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Provide opportunities for students to reflect on childhood playthings, the toys of siblings and how these may have influenced their behaviour and perceptions of employment situations. Have students bring or share for discussion examples of sex-stereotyping in p it and non- print mecia.

Have students organize themselves into small groups and prepare to read a selection to the class and initiate class discussion. Provide opportunities for students to prepare for a job interview. Have students brainstorm questions that may be asked by an employer during a job interview (see Resource 5). Have students list questions that prospective employees may ask during a job interview (see Resource 6).

Prepare the students for the "world of work" by conducting mock job interviews.

Have students role play interview situations and use Resource 8 to evaluate performance. Enlist the help of other teachers, guidance personnel, the work experience coordinator and the ao ministration. The following activities will assist preparing students for the interview. Read or have students role play the situations and characters. Provide opportunities for students to complete the activities. Distribute and have students complete fe forms, compare and include these in their work portfolios. Discuss with students the art of choosing help writing term papers appropriate references.

Provide opportunities for students to role play conversations between the student and the person from whom a reference is sought. The student may wish to request a english paraphrasing help writing term papers letter of reference to keep on file to be used as needed. Encourage students to update addresses and telephone numbers of their references. Refer to Resources 12 and 13, and have students complete a personal r6sum6 using the word processor (if available). Refer to Resource 14, have students select an employment opportunity from a. Have students peer edit, revise and hand in a polished copy for evaluation.

Have students consider volunteer work as an avenue to acquire valuable work experience, tc obtain references and to lead tc full-time employment. Mathematics-bankteller, cashier Science - laboratory assistc. Conferencing with these staff members for direction regarding coaching students through this phase of the job seeking process will be beneficial for both staff and students. Capitalize on this knowledge when students are developing their personal facts sheets. Presentations may focus on clothing, personal habits, possible questions, answering techniques, body language, tone of voke and clarity of speech. Read the following list of characteristics of some jobs. Rank order the eight characteristics you believe to be most important in an ideal job. Compare your views with a snail group of classmates and use decision-making strategies to rank the eight group characteristics of an ideal job. Characteristics Me (A) Group (B) Job security is good. The job is socially meaningful (chance to contribute and be of service to others in some way). Answer the following questions with as much detail as possible and upda e them regularly.

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How can you become involved in this type of work Now? Reference Job Search Information Guide, Special Education Services, Alberta Education, May, 1986, pp. Home: Messages: Social Insurance Number: EDUCATION Dates School Address Start Left Program (e. Use these questions to help you decide who could provide an employer with accurate, positive and honest comments about you.

You may choose to discuss these questions with your referents as well.

Questions for previous employers Would you rehire this person?

Questions for personal references How long have you known this person? What could you say about the character of this person?

Why do you think you might like to work for our company? What qualifications do you have that makes you feel you will be a successful at this job? What personal characteristics are necessary for success in this job? Why do you think you would like this particular type of job? Have you ever ho " 3ny difficulty in getting along with fellow students and teachers?

Is it an effort for you to be tolerant of a person with a background and interests different from your own?

What have you learned from some of the jobs you have held? Can you get recommendations from previous employers. Careful questioning is necessary to avoid the impression that money is the main reason for wanting the job. It was his attitude that put him on the payroll instead of you.

He wanted that job badly enough to shuck the jeans, get a haircut and look in the phone book to find out what this company makes. Look Kid: The oniy time jobs grew on trees was while most of the manpower was wearing uniforms.

You may not believe it, but all around you employers are looking for young men smart enough to go after a job in the old-fashioned way. Reprinted with permission of Glencoe Publishing Company from Succeeding in the World of Work, c 1970, by Kimbrell and Vineyard.

Theme D: World of Work -Getting the Job Resource 8 INTERVIEW CHECKLIST Race the candidates on scale of help writing term papers 1 to 5 in the following areas (5 being the best). Related personal experience to the desired qualifications. From Job Search Information Guide, Special Education Services, Alberta Education, May 1986, pp. Comments: vVhatl liked about this candidate Note: This form has been simplified. Usually employers use a more detailed form and a more complex rating scale during an actual interview.

Students often neglected to take advantage of a question by providing sufficient detail. Although this percentage may be inflated by a specific question asking about extracurricular activities, students often failed to link past volunteer and internship experiences to future job performance. This category included very long delay in responding, not answering the question that was asked, or failure to understand a question. More than one-third of the participants spontaneously criticized their previous employers and their schooling. A number of students spontaneously brought up deficiencies.

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