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With regard to connections with key partners, LPs reported employer involvement in STC as fairly common, very limited involvement by labor organizations, some involvement with community-based organizations, and significant connections with postsecondary institutions. STC students displayed more positive attitudes about school experiences and the future, better academic performance, and higher postsecondary enrollment help writing research papers rates. Findings did not support sustainability of a comprehensive STC system in California, but some elements are likely to continue. S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCApON Oftice of Educational Research and tmprovemern educational resources information. Helping Students Make Better Choices For Their Future Final Evaluation Report Submitted by: WestEd 730 Harrison Street San Francisco, California 94107 and MPR Associates, Inc. Non-Case Study please help me write my essay LP Director Phone Interview Protocol 3. School Administrator and STC Coordinator Interview Protocol 1 0.

Follow-up Senior Survey Appendix C: CORE and PLUS case study reporting format forms 1. Final Reporting Format Appendix D: Tables from Senior Survey and Follow-Up Senior Survey 7 California School-to-Career: Helping Students Make Better Choices For Their Future EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A.

Beginning in 1996, California was awarded an implementation grant from the National School-to-Work Office. In turn, much of this funding was distributed to local partnerships (LPs) because local STC efforts are seen by the State to be at the heart of a comprehensive and sustainable STC system. This final report is the culmination of the 2-Vz year evaluation study. To help build the STC evaluation capacity at the local level, need help with essay writing LPs were selected through a statewide competitive application process to conduct many evaluation activities. Although the primary focus of this final report is on the 13 LP case studies, the findings of previous reports from this statewide evaluation effort are incorporated into the report as well. Designed for policymakers, educators, parents, students, and business, labor, and community representatives who are interested in STC, this statewide evaluation strives to answer four key research questions: 1. What is the status of STC implementation help writing research papers in California? How has STC affected student preparation for postsecondary education and career entry? To what degree and in what ways has STC contributed to systemic change? Have STC principles penetrated the community deeply enough to be sustainable? This executive summary presents highlights from the extensive final evaluation report. To achieve this goal, the study used a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods.

Several of college term paper writing service the data collection activities cast a broad net by attempting to reach all of the LPs in California that received federal funding for STC activities under the ST WO A (e.

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Other strategies were designed to generate in-depth data about how STC has developed in case study LPs (e. The lAP developed the overall framework for the evaluation. Specifically, the case study research activities for this statewide evaluation were divided into two parts: CORE and PLUS. The CORE research was broad and descriptive, while the PLUS activities addressed more complex issues. Out of 15 LPs that applied for evaluation funding, 13 were selected to conduct CORE case studies.

Five of these 13 LPs were also selected to conduct PLUS studies. The overall aim of these studies was to gather and analyze comparable data on STC activities and participants (e. LPs and their local evaluators had primary responsibility for gathering and comjpiling CORE case study data, using common survey instruments and reporting formats designed by WestEd and MPR Associates.

Unlike the CORE research, the PLUS analyses were under the direction of local evaluators hired by the LPs that were awarded PLUS funding. The PLUS analyses were designed by the local evaluators to answer the question. How has STC participation affected student preparation for postsecondary education and career entry? Each of the 5 LPs awarded PLUS funding used somewhat different statistical models and data to answer the PLUS research question. In order to assist the State in reviewing what would otherwise be help writing research papers five idiosyncratic reports, WestEd and MPR Associates obtained the data files from each of the PLUS sites and compared the results of similar models where possible. In 3 of the 5 PLUS analyses, evaluators were able to link student data from the CORE Senior Survey and Follow-Up Senior Survey to individual outcome measures, such as standardized test scores, cumulative grade point average (GPA), attendance, and completion of the University of California A-G admissions requirements.

The four largest case study LPs (in terms of K-12 student enrollment) include between 1 and 36 school districts and between 293 and 580 K-12 schools. The smaller LPs include between 1 and help writing research papers 33 school districts and between 29 and 186 K-12 schools. Some case study LPs started their STC efforts with federal funds, while others were in existence in some form before these funds became available. A majority of the LPs report representation from county offices of education, K-12 school districts and schools, postsecondaiy institutions, and employers.

Other participants in some LPs include labor organizations, workforce investment agencies, local chambers of commerce, other community-based agencies, and parents.

Generally speaking, the larger the help writing research papers LP, the more complex their organizational structure. MAJOR FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS Described below are the major findings and conclusions from the study, using the key evaluation research questions as a frame for discussion. The findings of this study demonstrate that some key features of STC are being implemented within and across LPs in all regions of the state on a fairly widespread basis.

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