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Likewise, they report that many of the skills needed for participating in WBL opportunities supported by labor organizations are not developed in some schools (e. Finally, student and school access is limited in some geographic areas due to a lack of labor organization presence.

Available labor organization experiences are often not perceived will someone write my essay for me as suitable or appropriate for college-bound students.

There appears to be a significant communication gap between labor organizations and schools about the mutual benefits of strong connections. In addition, labor organizations have an important presence in sectors that require postsecondary education, such as education, health care, and public and government service. In short, just as schools may need to reach out to more employers, they may need to do the same with labor organizations, in both cases focusing on the diverse ways that these groups can support STC programs.

CBOs are Occasionally LP Leaders, but Often Have Limited Presence There is great variation across case study LPs with respect to the level of current involvement of CBOs in STC activities. All of the 1 3 LPs reported at least some involvement with CBOs. At the low end, participation was limited to board membership and information sharing. Other LPs had relationships with CBOs that involved a high degree of cooperation on a range of STC projects including internships and job shadowing. Overall, CBOs tend to serve three different functions: 64 1. The future of CBO involvement in STC differs by LP. Those LPs that were working with CBOs prior to the STC movement and see their missions as related (i. Newly formed relationships with CBOs that were initiated with STC funds seem a little more precarious (e. Attitudes of Business, CBOs, and Labor Organization Staff Are Generally Positive About Potential STC Effects on Students Employers (as well as CBOs and labor organizations, but these data are limited) seem confident that WBL opportunities help promote work readiness, but are unsure if such opportunities influence academic achievement. Similarly, employers report some sense that high-intensity activities, such as WBL, are more likely to make a difference for students. Many also believe that WBL helps increase the relevance of the high school experience, thereby motivating students to do better in school and perhaps even consider postsecondary education. Interestingly, this confidence in the value of WBL and STC for students is not based on actual student outcome data, since schools do not collect the pertinent STC impact data to report to their business,. Consequently, there appears to be a low level of awareness on the part of employers of the actual impact of STCAVBL opportunities on students. STC Supports Existing Connections Between K-12 and Postsecondary Institutions As was discussed earlier (see Table 9), many LPs report that a significant percentage of high schools in their LPs have connections with postsecondary institutions. Specifically, all 13 LPs reported connections to community colleges, either by reference to a specific community college or to community college-based programs such as articulation agreements and dual credit or enrollment agreements. In help writing grad school essay contrast, connections with four-year colleges are less common. A few LPs, however, specifically referred to connections with four-year institutions, and one reported that a four-year school offered an internship and another provided a thesis statistics summer program.

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Other connections to four-year institutions focused on the LPs facilitating student admission. Box VI below provides several specific examples essay writing service scam of connections between secondary and postsecondary institutions in non-case study LPs. For example, the LP arranged for a group of high school students to visit the aviation department at a local community college to tour the department and hear presentations related to aviation and the aviation-related programs offered by the college. While on campus, students also had the opportunity to visit classrooms and ask college students questions. While there, students attended law classes and had the opportunity to speak with both college students and professors. In addition, law students from UCD mentored high school students. The UCD biotech center placed 22 high school students in internship labs.

In general, these connections tend to reflect pre-STC connections, as opposed to new, innovative strategies, help writing grad school essay such as K-16 curriculum sequencing (see Table 16).

While these different types of connections exist, it is not clear how widespread these activities are or how many students know about or take advantage of these opportunities.

Clearly, obtaining these data should be a focus of further study. Table 16 Percent of high schools in case study LPs reporting various connections to postsecondary education or training institutions in 2000-2001 (Source - Administrator Survey: VIII.

Despite this uncertainty, many note that STC can serve as a catalyst or vehicle for forging connections between secondary and postsecondary education and that STC may be changing student attitudes about going to college (e. Connections Between STC Partners Appear Durable But Can Be Strengthened In summary, all the case study LPs reported that involvement of businesses, labor organizations, CBOs, and postsecondary institutions would likely stay the same or increase. Interestingly, across all types of partners, it appears that the relationships that existed prior to STC are ones that are reported as likely to continue. This is cause for cautious optimism regarding the durability of help writing grad school essay connections.

At the same time, the current relationships are not uniformly strong, particularly the connections to labor organizations or the involvement of CBOs.

Educators need to communicate a clearer message about how employers, labor organizations, and CBOs can contribute to STC, especially through low-intensity activities that do not require large resource investments help writing grad school essay or placement of students in work settings. The findings suggest that much work needs to occur to strengthen and maintain existing connections while also forging new ones. A coordinator familiar with both the business and school culture can help build and 92 68 maintain strong working relationships, can serve as the central line of communication between schools and employers, and can deal with the logistical issues related to maintaining the partnership.

A threat to the durability of the business connection is that employers feel underinformed about STC programs at schools and believe their potential to contribute is underutilized. The very limited involvement of labor organizations in STC point to a need for strategic outreach and communication about mutual benefits. To create stronger connections, STC should be heavily promoted as a key vehicle for improving academic achievement.

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