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But chance is irrecon- cilable with laws, fate with mind, regulated and fixed order with blind destiny, fortuitous accident, or arbitrary interruption. All rational natural theology advances by tracing Natural theology the immediate mechanical steps and particular pro- strength- ened by the cesses in detail, and the physical causes in which chain of causes. The greater the number and extent of such secondary steps and intermediate pro- cesses through which we can trace it, the greater the complexity and wider the ramifications of the chain of causes, the more powerful and convincing the instruction they convey as to the existence and operation of the Divine wisdom and power. Yet it is a common mode of illustration to speak of Mistaken ideas.

But this is an erro- neous analogy : the maker or designer of a chain help writing essays for college is no more at one end of it than at the other. The length of the chain in no way alters our conviction of its skilful structure, except to enhance it. If the number of links were truly infinite, so much the more infinite the skill of its framer. Newman grounds his religious system, yet in no way dis- credits them. Supreme Mind or an " efficient and intelligent Cause " were really the basis of our belief in the uniformity of nature, instead of the conclusion from it.

Yet if this were so, what would it be but to render the whole proof of help writing essays for college a Deity, an argument in a circle? So, in like manner, some would set out by insisting on the idea of tf a purpose answered" and "an intention" as an essential antecedent part of our conception of an organised being : and then,, from the study of or- ganised beings, would deduce the conclusion of design and intention 1 Thus Coleridge observes, " Assume the existence of God, and then the harmony and fitness of the phy- sical creation may be shown to correspond with, and support, such an assumption: but to set about proving the existence of a God by such means, is a mere circle, a delusion! Again, the same author asks, " How did the Atheist get his idea of that God whom he denies? Mistakes Among some writers of an eminently religious arising from ideas of spirit at the present day, we cannot but notice the causation. Thus Sterling f observes, " Physical results prove nothing but a physical cause. They are fond of speaking of the limits of nature, of a region of inscrutable mystery by which the frontiers of science are on all sides surrounded, im- penetrable to our faculties, and forbidding advance.

To assert an arbitrary condition of things when- ever our inductions fail, is to place such cases be- yond the boundaries of design : to suppose a region of mysterious confusion beyond all law and order, is to discredit the universal influence of Supreme Mind. In accordance with the narrow and unworthy Limited no- tion of "na- notions formerly prevalent on these subjects (per- L 4 "Deity. Then, and not till then, we might exclaim with the poet, " Ergo perfugium. This was ap- plauded as the only satisfactory acknowledgment of a Supreme Power. We merely ask, If this be the true argument) what now becomes of the conclusion? Just in the same way we hear (for example) re- Certain phe- nomena in ligious writers at the present day arguing on certain geology. According to this mode of representation, "nature " In physics. Even learned writers on natural theology have thought it pious to argue in this way.

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To take a single ex- ample : The apparent anomaly that water arrives at its maximum density before freezing, occasions its freezing first at the surface, and other results con- nected with important points in the economy of the globe and the good of its inhabitants : and this argu- ment for design is sometimes represented as if it acquired a peculiar force from the circumstance of the fact being an anomaly, and inexplicable by our theories. And on this ground it is particularly held up to popular acceptance as an instance of special in- tervention, for the benefit of man, traceable to no physical cause.

In truth, so far as the anomalous cha- the evidence of design. In the present state of knowledge, law and order, physical causation and uniformity of action, are the elevated manifestations of Divinity, creation and providence. Interruptions of such order (if for a moment they could be admitted as such) could only produce a sort of temporary concealment of such manifestations, and involve the beautiful light shed over the natural world in a passing cloud. The main point in the system help writing essays for college of order and law is its absolute universality. Exceptions, if real, must pro tanto im- ply a deficiency in the chain of connection, and might, to a sceptical disposition, offer a ground of doubt.

A supreme moral cause manifested through law, order, and physical ESSAY I. He puts the parallel of human contrivances, in which, in proportion to the skill and intelligence employed, such derangements are foreseen and provided for, as e. In earlier stages, even of inductive inquiry, though its higher principles were in some measure recognised, it was yet supposed that limits existed to their dominion.

And even at the present day we cannot say that such a notion has been generally or absolutely exploded. Narrow Among philosophers, though the idea of a limita- views of nature to tion has been slowly dispelled, yet still many are be enlarged. But the more worthy conception looks to a bound- less tfosmos, a universe of order, a grand scheme of ESSAY I. Improved views, increased and accumulating evi- improve- ments in dence of the harmony pervading the material world, science advance na- are attained in proportion to the advance of sound tural theo r logy.

The more close adherence to the spirit of philosophical analogy leads to a more com- manding sense of the uniformity of nature, and the true idea of causation.

It can only be by a thorough insight into the interior principles of the inductive philosophy, and an imbibing of its real spirit, that we can attain adequate perception and sense of the real unity of nature which forms the basis and substance of those more sublime inferences. Leading to In the confined and literal notions, often igno- higher views of rantly entertained, of the sciences of observation, natural theology. The real nature and bearing of the evidence of natural theology as founded on universal order, has ESSAY I. The stupendous phenomena of nature are indeed in ignorant ages all the manifestations of the Supreme Power as well phenomena viewed as to an ignorant, as to a cultivated age and people, supema- though the impression is produced in a very dif- ferent way, and excites a very different tone of feel- ing.

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