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Sheikha commented: Today, I had submitted a report for my class. It had two tables and was reporting results of our project.

Vocabulary and Grammar Challenges Emirati students indicated vocabulary and grammar difficulties. Zayed commented: Most Arabs students told that not having vocabulary or grammar is difficult. For me, grammar is okay but my difficulty is how to choose the appropriate word for a sentence. Hoor commented: When I write my reports, I have reread my report again because I am sure I will have some grammatical mistakes because English is not my first language. At the end, I try to edit the paper which takes double the help me with my research paper time of writing the report itself because while I am editing I feel that 91 www. Theme 2: Improving Writing Skills Emirati and Saudi students indicated that academic writing is a difficulty they face.

Their past schooling experiences did not prepare them to write academically especially in English.

Their assignments were writing simple paragraphs which they memorize most of the time.

Khaled commented: I wrote a paper about fire safety in 202 C writing class.

Also, I learned how to cite, write and modify our writing only from English 15.

I use Word Document and a website called Easy Citation. I enter the book name, the date of publication, and then I choose MLA, or APA, or Chicago. MLA is free but for other types of citations, 1 have to have register.

Also, at the end of English 15, the teachers told us to go to a website about the citation after we learned how to do that. Honestly, it was good that they did that because I learned how to do it manually. Hassan commented: If anyone wants to write a paragraph or essay, he has to have the basics. What we have learned here is we have to write introduction, body and conclusion because these are basics to write a paragraph. Of course, writing a body in an essay is different from one teacher to another. Hoor commented: I took ESL 15 and other writing courses in the language preparation program, which prepare me to write biology lab reports and other research papers. Writing Center Some Emirati and Saudi students visited the writing center for help editing their papers. However, their expectations might not be met, as Khalifah commented: I go to the writing center to edit my papers.

I have to wait days to get that appointment and get my chance.

When I have the appointment, I read the paper loudly. The editor does not tell us how to correct the mistakes. In ESL 15 course, I was writing a paper when I was on Facebook and I got A. Using dictionaries Emirati and Saudi students use dictionaries for translating the unfamiliar vocabulary. Hassan described his use of the dictionary: The dictionary is necessity for me and I think other help writing an essay for college students as well.

For instance, if a word is in Arabic and I want to know it in English, I will translate it.

Khalifah commented: Oxford Dictionary was my close friend when I am writing to use it for translation from English to Arabic. When the students improve their vocabularies, their academic and social confidences and competencies improve. The students use different strategies for learning vocabulary and its use though writing. Regarding vocabulary use, Zayed commented: In writing, I usually use many words just to explain a meaning of a specific word which I do not know.

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Unique way of learning vocabulary Hassan described his unique way of improving his vocabulary: I am trying to improve my vocabulary. I am using a way to learn vocabulary for a month now approximately. I am trying to write paragraphs which are already written.

If 1 did not understand vocabulary in a paragraph, I translate it because I am sure it will come again in the essay. Discussion and Conclusions The major findings of this study allow discussion of writing challenges. Current study shows that the majority of Emirati and Saudi students prefer to work with English native speakers for class presentations or writing projects. Zayed, an Emirati student, did his work with American students who are proficient in English, so the writing part was their responsibility. The current study shows that some Emirati and Saudi interviewees expressed their linguistic challenges in their writing affect their language socialization process in their classrooms. English vocabulary and grammar are linguistics aspects which Emirati help writing an essay for college and Saudi students emphasized as creating difficulties. Emirati and Saudi students have different opinions regarding writing difficulties.

It had two tables and was reporting results of our project. In the study of academic literacy socialization, scholars examined the rhetorical and linguistic continuum in acquisition of academic English writing skills (e. I learned how to write reports, paraphrase, and cite correctly. Our teachers teach us how to use these databases and guide us on the process help writing an essay for college of using the databases. Before using any program, teachers teach us how to use them.

Also, if we find difficulties in using these programs and databases, teaching assistants help us as well. We help writing an essay for college have to go to the teaching assistants early before the class starts. The study skills model represents the autonomous literacy perspective that emphasizes writing skills and knowledge isolated from any particular context. For me, grammar is okay but my difficulty is how to choose the appropriate word for asentence. At the end, I try to edit the paper, which thesis writing uk takes double the time of writing the report itself because while I am editing 1 feel that some new ideas come up so I want to add them but I do not know how to add them. This criticism led some scholars to investigate the perspective that learning academic writing is a process of academic socialization that includes more than just learning the technical aspects of writing. Since I was child, I used to understand the meaning of the new vocabulary from the context.

Every night, 1 have to watch at least one movie to learn more words. First, Emirati and Saudi students need more coursework in academic writing to prepare them for their academic writingin their disciplines. The purpose was to determine how far this current global approach could be of assistance to the writing skill development of these bilingual speakers of English language. The study employed the pre-test post-test control quasi-experimental research design.

The sample consisted of 80 senior secondary school final year students.

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